Applications and Forms

As part of our application process, we complete home and yard safety checks, conducted by volunteers within specific geographic areas. As a result, we adopt our bichons primarily within California, as well as Arizona, Nevada and Washington. If you live outside of Southern California and are willing to drive or fly to Southern California to meet a fur kid or two, we would be happy to work with you. For those of you who live beyond the area we serve and love bichons, we are happy to refer to other bichon rescue organizations.

Contact information:

Corporate Phone: 858-408-1937
General Email:
Mailing Address: 6965 El Camino Real, #105-425, La Costa, CA 92009

Marti Colwell
Contact for Applications, Fosters, Placements and general inquiries


Microchip information and registration forms:

What do I do if my pet is lost?
Contact the appropriate chip company immediately to report your pet as lost.
— AVID 800-336-2843 or 951-371-7505
— HomeAgain   888-466-3242

What happens if I’m on vacation and my pet is found?
Anyone finding a stray pet can take it to a local vet or shelter and they will scan the pet at no charge.  They will give you the chip manufacturer and ID and the finder can call in to report a found pet.  Both chip manufacturer’s maintain a database and will provide the owner information when you provide the chip number.  They will ask the finder to provide details including their name, where the dog was found and how the owner can get the dog from them.  If they choose to take the dog to a shelter, the shelter can do these steps.

How do I register my dog’s microchip so the listing has my name and address?
With either microchip service, any change of ownership requires a new owner registration.  BFK adopters are considered new owners and will need to pay registration fees charged by the microchip companies.  When registering their microchip, the new owner should send a copy of their BFK Adoption Contract with their microchip registration form so there will be no question about the change of ownership

Their registry is called PETtrac.
What is the cost to register with PETtrac?
You pay a one-time fee of $18.50 (soon to be $19.50) for a single pet or $50.00 for all your pets (up to 5 pets). There are no annual fees but there is a $6.00 charge for information changes.
Get an AVID PeTrac change form 
888-HOMEAGAIN (888-466-3242)
What is the cost to register with HomeAgain?
You pay a one-time fee of $14.99 for a single pet for an annual Full Service.  After that, you have FREE lifetime limited (tracking) services.
Get HomeAgain change form