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Here are furkids who are currently in foster care and ready to meet Forever Families. Please note, our foster moms and dads have the ‘first right of adoption’. If you are interested in fostering, please learn why this is so rewarding by visiting our Why Foster page and then complete our volunteer application.

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Hello People, Louie
My name is Likeable Louie and I am a handsome Bichon of six who is attentive, affectionate and mellow. I’m the kind of guy who loves people and wants to be some special person’s one and only (pup that is). And people love me back ‘cause I’m a great companion.

Like to go on walks or rides in the car? Then I’m your guy! I actually LOVE car rides. I think of them as great adventures, and that includes trips to the coffee shop. I’m well behaved but I can also anticipate when you are getting ready to go – and faster than you can say lickety split, I’m ready to go with you. (Mom says that shows how smart I am.)

Did I mention that I’m housebroken? Yessiree, I am indeed! I also know my name and commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay.’ Next on my list of commands to master is ‘come’. (Mom and I are working on that.)

Louie When I first became a furkid I was kind of sickly and didn’t eat very well. I’ve now worked through that and have become quite a ‘foody.’ (That’s because Mom makes really good food for me to eat.) She even gives me these things called organic vegetables. Well I can tell you that they are yummy in the tummy, and that’s for sure! Speaking of food, I LOVE ice cream! As hot as it has been lately, a guy has to cool off, right? Nothing cools me off faster than ice cream!

The reason my Aunties say I need to be an “only” pup is that I love to go everywhere you go – and when you aren’t in the car I can be an amazing couch potato. And when you aren’t on the couch I can hang with you in the garden or wherever you are. And if you like to cook Mom says I’m the best ‘taste tester’ she’s ever met. All I need is to belong to someone and be their bestest and only pup. Companionship is what I crave – but I’m ok by myself when I need to be. Just let me go into my crate and I’ll rest quietly while I wait for you to return.

Another reason I need to be an “only” pup is that while I love my people deeply, I can’t say the same for other dogs. I feel like I have to protect my Mom from other dogs. Now I’m working hard on this, but I would do best with someone who can make me feel safe and secure and set up my boundaries (so I don’t have to!). She calls it an experienced home; I say it’s someone who can keep up my training so I can relax and continue to be the best pup I can be.

So if you are looking for a mellow, affectionate and healthy fellow, want a buddy to go where you go and relax where you relax, well look no further. I’m here and I’m ready to meet you.

Your friend-in-waiting,
Lovable, Likeable and Not-too-Lively Louie
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Hello World, Darcy
My name is Darling Darcy and I’d like to introduce myself because I’m a pretty spectacular pup. I’m absolutely not bragging (I would never, ever do that). However, everyone that meets me says so!

My foster Mom says that I’m an adorable and spunky Bichon mix of two (years, that is) about 16 lbs, who is known for being loyal, attentive, eager to please — and always have a smile on my face. She says I’m great with people, the big ones called adults especially, and I’m also good with children, I’m just a happy and sweet little fluff, with a tad of mischief thrown in. And did I mention I’m especially talented at charming my way onto your lap for a cuddle? I’m masterful at that, too!

Darcy Mom says I’m quite the entertainer and am very smart. I already taught her to give belly rubs, and to play chase. It took her no time at all to get quite good at that, too!. In return, she is teaching me my commands (I am working on sit, come and stay) and I’m nearly housebroken. She also wants you to know that I’m an enthusiastic companion who is ready for any adventure. I love to go on rides in the car. Short rides or long rides – they are all great. But what I really love are my walks!! When I see my harness I can hardly contain myself (yippee!). I just can’t wait to go – long walks over a mile suit me just fine. I greet the dogs I meet on my walks very nicely –but at home, I prefer to be your one and only.

So if you are looking for a little girl who loves life and will brighten every day with her smile. And if you want a companion to play with, cuddle with and go on long walks, oh! And if you are looking for a friend who loves to be
where you are and is happy to be an ‘only’ furkid, then please ask for me. I’ll be waiting.

Tail wags and ears at attention,
Darling, Devoted and Delightful Darcy
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Hi People, Duncan
My name is Darling, Devoted Duncan and I’m both a lover and a keeper! I’m an adorable seven-year-old bichon who is super cuddle sized at around 30 pounds​ (my Dad says I’m a man-sized bichon but Mom says I’m just a cuddle bug!) Mom says bigger is better because there is more of me to love and more love for me to give. (I am very good at that!​) She says I’m a sweet and happy boy who is eager to please and fun to have around. ​(​Aw ​gee, thanks, Mom). I love to go on walks and rides in the car- and am always good natured. Mom​ says I​ look up at you with the most expressive brown eyes and always​ have a smile on my face!

My ​Dad says I’m an​ affectionate little ​guy​ who will follow you from room to room. I like to sit at your feet or in your lap. Being with ​(​and near you​)​ is important to me. I’m very interested in people because I was left alone so much before (more about that later)! And ​Dad​ wants you to know that I am a champion at playing fetch ( I’ll even bring the ball back – you tell me that isn’t special). At night I’m known to sleep as close as I can to my person​ ​- but I’m not intrusive! (Mom says I am a sound sleeper​ who sleeps​ in the ​B​ig ​P​eople​’​s bed all night long​,​ like the very good boy that I am.)

You will find me to be very enthusiastic about life! While I’m not much of a barker, I will let you know something is happening, I get along great with other furkids and people but because I’m a bigger guy, kids over 8 are best. And of course, like a true gentleman, I know how to use the doggie door and am housebroken.

Duncan Mom ​and Dad agree that ​I’m a very sweet boy who deserves a forever home where I can love and be loved. You see, I had a home once, but my first Mom and Dad traveled a lot and were rarely home. I spent many​, many​ many hours alone​–​ or ​was ​boarded at the vet’s office for weeks on end. I was very sad and lonely and didn’t get ​the kind of​ attention​ that a good bichon boy deserves!​ I would hope every day that they would come to see me​. In fact, ​every time someone walked by I would run to the front of my kennel hoping ​my owners​ had come for a visit, but they never did.

Since I became a furkid though, things have ​REALLY​ improved. I have a wonderful foster family who loves me and plays with me and gives me lots of attention. ​They have lots of bichons for me to play with and that’s fun, too!​ ​The ​only thing ​that ​is missing is that I want and deserve a family of my own. Could you be the one I have been looking for? If you are around most of the time​ and want the world’s best companion​ I will be happy to ​apply​​. ​Having a FurKid brother or sister​ (or two)​ would be fine too.

So if you are looking for a love of a guy who is sweet, mellow, ​cuddly​ and affectionate, then look no further. I​ ​​will ​be waiting to meet you ​with a smile on my face and a look that says I love you​!

Love, cuddles and supersized snuggles​,​
Dashing, ​Darling and Devoted​ Duncan​
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Hello People! Spencer
My name is Spencer and I’m a handsome, happy and talkative Bichon boy who loves men! (Women are fine too– but give me a Dad any time and I’m perfectly content!) I’m a sturdy and intelligent pup of eight who has what it takes to be someone’s very best friend!

Dad says I’m a real communicator. I like to ‘talk’ about what I see and share my observations. I also like to cuddle (and am very good at it!), and I LOVE cars. You see, Dad likes to work on them and I like to watch Dad work on them so we’re a great pair. Mom thinks I have fond memories of past rides in the car. When she takes out my harness I’m rarin’ to go – for a long ride or a shorter ride. Just open the door and I settle in instantly!

I’ve recently learned how to play this game called ‘Fetch’. I do a pretty darn good job of running after the ball – and Dad doesn’t have to bring it back either. (Mom says that shows how smart I am!) I’ve also learned to run and chase. Now you might think that those are all things that bichons do – but until recently I didn’t get to do them! Since I became a FurKid, though, life is so much more fun – and every day I have new things that Mom calls ‘experiences.’ (I call them ‘fun’ but for Mom’s sake I can also call them experiences!)

Spencer I’ve also learned the joy of getting body rubs — and will roll over on my back to get one (or more!) I like to also kick out my legs and play around! I’m never aggressive – I just love to play a little harder than some pups. Dad says my play helps me develop a real person connection. And I do like to flop upside down and roll on my back while lying on Dad…. then I will then curl up and sleep net to him completely upside down. He says I’m amazingly happy and trusting – and that I don’t snore. (Now that’s a plus!)

I’m also one of those rare bichons who would like to be an ‘only’. That means while I get along with other dogs, I would be happiest if I could be a person’s bestest canine friend. I could be the one that goes for walks and rides with you or just hangs out at your home and in your yard. If you have a window seat I’m a sleepin’ in the window seat kind of pup, too!

At 19 pounds I’m as sturdy as I am handsome (and not an ounce of fat on me, either.) And I’m ready to be yours. To add to my resume, I’m housebroken, playful and incredibly sweet!

Last but not least, I’m a loyal companion who is very playful and quite an entertainer. What I’m looking for is a companion who likes to go for walks and rides, wants to cuddle and play – and who can give great belly rubs! Mom says I’m a sweetheart who does not have separation anxiety.

So if you are looking for a happy, talkative and handsome boy who wants to be loved and belong, let’s meet.

Tails wags and bichon kisses.
Sociable, Sleek and Expressive Spencer
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Hi People, Bobby
I’m Bobby, a handsome, (dashing, according to my Aunties), adorable, tail-wagging little Bichon boy of about seven. My foster mom says that I’m affectionate, playful and smart- and that I’m a slim, trim 14 pounds of love who appreciates everything life has to offer.

Now that I’m a furkid in a loving foster home, all things are possible. Mom says I’m beginning to blossom – but I tell her I’m not a flower so how can I blossom? I think she means that I’ve learned that I’m safe, live in a warm place, have wonderful food and companionship (both human and canine.) Mom says that I do so many cute things she doesn’t know where to begin. So I’ll help.

First of all, I do a great bichon wave. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s a thing that we bichons do when we want some attention or a treat. This is how it goes. I stand on my hind legs and dance around and put my two front paws together and wave. That always makes Mom smile, and( ta dah!) give me some love or a treat (pretty smart, huh?!).

Another thing that I’m pretty good at is playing. Any toy will do. I like to play tug, or chase a ball or chew on my bone. I’m pretty good at entertaining myself too.

Bobby And like most talented bichons, I can do “the Bichon buzz”. I buzz/run from room to room, sometimes doing circle eights and showing that I am as happy as I can be (I told you that being in a loving home makes all things possible!).

Mom calls me a ‘meeter and a greeter’ because I like all people, big and small. I’m very happy when I can meet people or dogs on my walks. Did I mention that I’m a great walker and can happily go for walks of a mile or more>? Well, that’s true. And Mom says I am a great traveler, too. Riding in the car to visit someone or run errands is great fun! I’m also quite content to sit quietly on the couch next to you, happy to accept as many belly rubs and cuddles as you want to give– and to relax and be with my people.

I’m learning commands (like ‘sit’) and really want to please. There are lots of other things I can learn too…. Do you want to teach me? I’ll be the very best student you’ll ever meet! I’m working very hard on my housebreaking too. And now that I’m living in a great foster home, it should be no time at all.

So if you are looking for a great guy who is waiting to become someone’s most special companion, I’m applying for the job. Please ask for me by name!

Bichon Waving and blissfully Buzzing Bobby

PS Like most of my bichon brethren, I’m more comfortable with pups my own size. So if you have another small fluff, that would be terrific too. No big dogs please!
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