We’re Ready for our Forever Homes!

Here are furkids who are currently in foster care and ready to meet Forever Families. Please note, our foster moms and dads have the ‘first right of adoption’. If you are interested in fostering, please learn why this is so rewarding by visiting our Why Foster page and then complete our volunteer application.

Since we update this page frequently, please check back for more new bios, photos, and furkid information!

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Hi New Friends! Mikey
My name is Magical and Magnetic Mikey and I’m a cute little guy of two who, according to my foster mom, is a very smart and cuddly furkid with a smile that lights up the room. Since I’m always smiling Mom says she has to wear sunglasses inside and out!

Dad describes me as a super social guy who loves everybody. You see I love to hang out — with my doggy foster brothers and sisters or, especially, my people. I love meeting new people and oh my gosh how I love meeting other furkids. Lucky for me there are lots of opportunities for me to do so – on my walks, rides and, of course, in my amazing foster home!

I’m 14 pounds of love and snuggles… and a master at communicating. When Mom or Dad talk to me I cock my head and listen very intently. I want to be sure to do everything I can to be the bestest little pup I can be – and to steal your heart along the way.

MikeyMy favorite thing in the whole world is to be with people, You see, I know that most pups my age like to spend a lot of time running and playing. Well, I can do that too, but then I want to hang out with people and…cuddle. I figured out this neat trick that I can do. Well, maybe it’s not a trick. I do this thing called a ‘hug’ where I lay my head on Mom’s shoulder, (She says that’s endearing! I don’t know exactly what that means but I think it’s a good thing.)

Dad says to tell you that I’m good in the car, housebroken (that is NOT a typo!) And I learned my name in one day. He says I want to please so learning new things is something I specialize in! Dad also says (and Mom agrees!) that I deserve someone who will be with me each day to return my love, give lots of cuddles, talk to me and pet me. (Did I mention that I just love being petted and gazing into your eyes?) I’m a perfect and obedient little guy who deserves the best home possible.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a cuddly, snuggly, smart, obedient, loving, happy, smiley and loyal pup and have another furkid or two that can be my companion, then you’ve come to the right place! Just complete our application and ask for Mikey.

Kisses and tail wags,
Magnetic and Marvelous Mikey
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Hi Everybody! Coco
My name is Crowd-Pleasing, Cuddly and Congenial Coco — and I’m a friendly, affectionate and fun-loving guy of about five who is as sweet as sugar and as lively as can be. Mom says I’m the best little guy (10 pounds soaking wet) she knows. Dad says I have confidence and spirit plus I’m smart, loyal and a great companion. (Did I mention handsome and charismatic?)

And if you are wondering about my name, Mom says to tell you that I’m the color of cocoa, with some light browns, some darker browns and some creamy white hairs blended in. (It’s hard to capture my handsome-ness in a photo though she tries!) I also have hazel eyes and a smile that will light up a room! And I do like to smile a lot!

I have tons of energy to burn and tons of love to give. When it comes to doggie goodness, Mom says I’m the complete package! I have lots of puppy in me – so my favorite thing to do is play! I love my tennis ball and my toys and I’m so smart that I taught myself how to fetch. My doggie foster brother and sister taught me to play chase – and we have a great time in the yard (and sometimes, only sometimes, in the house.)

CocoMom says I want to please and make people happy! I know a few commands and like to show you how well behaved I am. If you tell me to “sit,” or “come” why I know just what to do! When I’m playing Fetch I also know the ‘drop it’ command. Most of the time when you tell me to do that I will – because I want you to throw the ball again (and again!) I also like the game called tug-of-war. I’m so smart that I often win at that too!

I’m pretty much housebroken, use the doggy door, love walks and ride beautifully in the car! At night, when all the playing is over, I curl up in my crate and sleep quietly all night long.

Because I am such a smart, talented and playful guy (those are Mom’s words so who am I to argue?) I am looking for a forever family who will play with me and appreciate what a fun-loving pup I am! A home with kids and another furkid or two would be ideal for an active and happy guy like me. If there’s enough activity in your home I ‘might’ be ok as an ‘only’ pup too. Most of all, I need a family who will love and appreciate the lively, cuddly, funny and playful little guy I am.

If I sound like the guy for you, please fill out our application and ask for me. I’ll be waiting!

Hugs, kisses and tennis balls,
Crowd-Pleasing, Cuddly, Charismatic and Congenial Coco
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Hello World, Rascal & Remmington
We are Remmington and Rascal, a loving pair of Cavachons, who are adorable, playful and sweet. We are inseparable, get along well with other dogs, and love people. Mom calls us the “good time boys” because we are always ready for some fun and we are pretty much happy all the time.

First, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Remmington and I’m around 6 or 7 and the man of the house. My foster mom says I’m easy going, sweet and give lots of kisses. I’m also the big brother of Rascal – who is only 4. He is a little shyer at first, but warms up pretty quickly, We are both around 17 lbs…17 lbs of love, says Mom ( who are we to disagree?)

Mom says I also love (and share!) my toys- Squeaky toys, or stuffed toys or chew bones, you name it. Rascal and I play with it. But our bestest toys are each other because where ever we are there is a party. We love to play chase around the house and back and forth. I jump over him and he jumps over me. Yippee! we have so much fun and just about the only time we aren’t happy is if we are separated ( we hope that never ever happens and our BFK aunties have promised us that)

Rascal & RemmingtonYou see our life wasn’t always great. We lived outside and didn’t get alot of attention, one day there was an open gate and…. off we went to find adventure. We wandered the streets for a while, It was scary at times but we always had each other. I took care of Rascal and he took care of me and never left each other’s side and somehow we ended up at a scary place called a shelter But even there, we made the best of it. We stayed positive and hopeful and one day our prayers were answered when our BFK auntie came to visit us. We did our best to show her what great fun guys we were and guess what, it worked! The next thing we knew we were officially Furkids and on our way to a wonderful foster home.

Life is not all partying though, we have a serious side to us too. Yes, we are serious cuddlers. We have a trick, we just look at Mom with our soulful eyes and somehow we get our pets and belly rubs (Mom says that we are so convincing that she has to give in!) We are also very friendly to visitors and other dogs – and love to go for rides in the car. (I like to see what is going on and take in the views, Rascal just enjoys the ride.)

Mom says that although we are well behaved guys, we would do best with a little more training but we are really smart and have already learned to sit and wait and are learning to be crate trained. She says to let you know that we are very food motivated and that we have extensive “conversations’ about what she is preparing and when we can try some!

So if you are looking for a couple of new best friends who are fun to be around and are serious cuddlers and you have a yard to play in and a comfortable lap to lay in, then what are you waiting for? Fill out the application and ask for us, Remmington and Rascal and remember, the party comes with us.

Nothing would make us happier than to be in our Forever Home where we can cuddle, snuggle and entertain you.

Tail wags and Snuggles,
Romping Remmington & Rockin’ Rascal
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Hi Everybody, Boomer
My name is Boomer and I’m a darling bichon boy of four who is adorable and weighs about 20 pounds. My foster mom says I’m just about the cutest kid on the block. I exude cuteness. I personify cuteness. I am the epitome of cuteness. That’s what she says. (Can you tell she kind of likes me?)

I love to run and jump and love to go for walks; when I do, I have a certain bounce in my step. (I think that shows I’m really happy, which, since I’m a furkid, I am!) I also like to go for rides in the car (I’m a good co-pilot!), lounge in the sun and cuddle on your lap.

Mom says I know some commands like sit, stay and come and I’m eager to learn even more! And she says I’m very gentle taking treats – but not very gentle with tennis balls. That’s why I’m the champion tennis ball de-fuzzer in our house (and I have a lot of competition!)

When it’s time to go to bed, I can sleep anywhere as long as it’s on top of you, under the covers or next to you. I never like to be too far away. Of course, being a gentleman I’m also housebroken.

Boomer Mom says I’m an adorable, eager, energetic, funny and loyal little guy. I do have one kind of unique way about me. You see I need to be the one to approach people, as opposed to having them come up to me or try to grab and hold me. (As you can imagine, I’m so cute that people always want to hug me and pick me up! That makes me very nervous until I know the people! Once I do, I make up for it with lots of kisses and cuddles.) I am also initially kind of nervous in new situations, but if you give me a little while to take it all in, I go back to being my adorable self.

I really like to be held and petted by big people but I’m unsure with little ones, so my forever home should be just adults. And I really need someone who understands dog behavior and has had lots of that in the past. Mom calls that ‘an experienced home’.

So if you are a savvy dog person, have another furkid to be my companion and are looking for a sweet, cuddly, loyal and very handsome bichon who is willing to be your best friend and companion ever, please ask for me.

Tail wags and prances
Beloved and Bodacious Boomer
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