We’re Ready for our Forever Homes!

Here are furkids who are currently in foster care and ready to meet Forever Families. Please note, our foster moms and dads have the ‘first right of adoption’. If you are interested in fostering, please learn why this is so rewarding by visiting our Why Foster page and then complete our volunteer application.

Since we update this page frequently, please check back for more new bios, photos, and furkid information!

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Hello World, Kiwi
We are Kiwi and Keegan, two three year old pups who are a bonded pair of fluffs. Our foster parents said to tell you that I, Keegan, am a ‘bit’ more in charge (of Kiwi, that is) and that I’m a grateful, attentive, gentle and responsible big brother, while Kiwi is a sweet, little ‘bit of a boy.’ We weigh about 12 and 9 pounds now and are fully grown – but we have big hearts and lots of love to give.

I’m happy sitting (actually it’s more like lying) around with my Mom or my doggy brother. Dad says sometimes it looks like a giant sleepover at our house. He says that he and Mom call me the ‘cute little couch potato’ ‘cause I try cuddle in their laps whenever I have the chance! Unless, of course, I have my favorite new bone to chew on. Then I’m happy to find a quiet place to enjoy the first-of-its-kind treat I’ve ever had. Mom says that you will want to snuggle with me any chance you get as I’m just that cute. (Can you tell she likes me?)

Now for my brother, Kiwi. Mom says he is a sweet, happy, playful little angel with the biggest brown eyes who loves to snuggle in your arms and around your lap whenever he gets the chance. (We also like to lie on top of one another, wherever we are, whether that’s on a lap, in our bed or on the couch.) Kiwi also loves his little pillow. When he’s not sleeping on it he’s likely to carry it around from place to place. Kiwi is pretty smart and really good at figuring out how to get more attention — but Mom says I am an adoring and gentle big brother with soft brown eyes who watches over him and makes his world a safe place.

KeeganNow back to the snuggling part, we love to be cuddled separately of course, but we really love to be held together so we can snuggle with each other and our foster mom. (Oh and don’t tell Mom this, but we just love to be held and snuggled by any human.) We personally don’t understand, other than feeding or walking us, why Mom and Dad would want to do anything other than snuggle with us all day long.

We are both becoming potty trained and also crate trained. (Dad calls it our ‘man cave’ and we enjoy going in there.) We are also very curious about the world and how things work. Every day is another opportunity to learn more ways to make the humans around us smile.

Our foster parents are working very hard to help us learn that we are safe and to build our confidence. We are practicing not being afraid and learning that we don’t have to bark for attention. You see we came to our foster home through something called a ‘hoarder situation.’ There we were, surrounded by more than 70 pups that looked somewhat like us but we only had one human to care for us. As a result we didn’t get to experience a lot of things – but are making up for that now that we’re furkids. Kiwi & Keegan

Our Ideal Home:
* Someone home most of the time
* Someone who likes to read, watch TV and cuddle
* A willingness to work with two pups who need more socialization
* Recent dog or rescue dog experience
* Adults or adults and older children

So if you are interested in meeting the two of us, (please know that we will only be adopted together) complete our adoption application — and we’ll be in touch soon.

Snuggles and tail wags,
Kind-hearted Keegan and Kissable Kiwi
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Hi Peoples! Checkers & Trixie
Happy to meet you! We are Checkers and Trixie, a bonded pair of pups that are often called the Dynamic Duo! Our foster Mom and Dad say that we are young, playful and loving, as well as adorable – and have become the bestest of friends since arriving at our foster home. That’s where we got over our initial shyness and found each other!

I’m Checkers and I’m the ‘man of the house’ (well kind of.) I’m about three years old, black and white and probably a malti-poo (that’s a maltese and poodle mix). Mom says I’m very playful, loving, LOYAL and friendly– and have a very sweet personality! My little friend Trixie is a tiny girl of one (years that is) with white and caramel colored hair and beautiful blue eyes. She weighs about 10 pounds and I’m a few pounds bigger at about 13. Dad says it’s obvious that Trixie counts on me to make her world safe – as well as fun. Together we are active, almost housebroken, playful, curious about the world, eager to please – and learn.

Although we were both rescued our backgrounds are very, very different. We both lost our homes and families but in very distinct ways. I was part of a hoarding situation and had little attention from the man with whom I and dozens of other pups were living. When Animal Control swooped in, we had to quickly leave and find new homes. Trixie and her brother, on the other hand, lived with a Mom and Dad who loved and adored them – but could no longer care for them. Even worse their Mom often ‘forgot’ to close the door and gate to their home — so they wandered out onto busy streets several times, barely avoiding being hit by cars. Not too long after that Trixie and her brother ended up at the shelter together– but then he was adopted and Trixie was left to sit shaking in her cage. And it wasn’t until she became a FurKid and learned she was safe (with people) that she began to relax. And then she met (drum roll please!) ME! Checkers & Trixie

With the love of our wonderful foster family we are blossoming once again. Every day we have new experiences. We get to go on walks and rides in the car and to learn commands. Dad says we are truly diamonds in the rough who, with patience and understanding, structure and consistency, will flourish and become the best little four-legged pups you will ever see.

We are a delightful, fun-loving pair who are friendly, affectionate and will keep you entertained. We love each other — and the company of people we know! Mom and Dad are working on our socialization skills so that we will become more comfortable around new people as well. Continued training will help us become more confident and comfortable- but there is no doubt that we are resilient and adaptable!

Our Ideal Home:
*Patient, gentle people who are home most of the time
*Adopters willing to continue our socialization and training
*Adults or adults with older children (teens) ok
*Rescue experience a plus!

Tail wags and Snuggles,
Charismatic and Captivating Checkers and Tiny, Treasured Trixie
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Hello Everyone, Phoebe
My name is Precious Phoebe and I’m a shy and sweet pup of 19 months who tips the scales at 20 lbs. I have beautiful soft white hair, expressive brown eyes and look lovingly at the people I know and trust. My foster Dad, whom I adore and love, says that I’m a very pretty girl who is a true diamond in the rough and when you hear my story you will understand why. 

You see, I used to have a family that included a doggy sister and two human brothers and a human Mom. Our home was very busy and the human brothers were something called ‘neglectful and harsh’. They made a lot of noise and were pretty scary for me being the shy girl that I am. I didn’t get much attention – and did my best to stay away from them. I never got to go out on walks, see much of the world or even have a toy. Then the Mom decided to take me to the shelter. It was a really scary place for me and my sister. Then she and I got separated and my entire world changed.

Fortunately, I came to a loving foster home with a Mom, Dad and college-aged human sister. There are also other pups in the home but they are bonded to each other. Fortunately for me, my foster Dad understood my needs and helped me to feel safe. I have learned to trust and love him. Sometimes I’m a bit over-the-top with how much I love him — but I’m learning about that too. I get excited when Dad comes home and ask for a lot of attention initially, then I settle down contentedly for hours. You see once I get to know you, I am a cuddler and a lover.

PhoebeI’m potty trained and like to zip around with Dad in his car. (I’m happy to be the world’s best companion and enjoy going along for a ride – short or long, it doesn’t matter!) While I haven’t yet learned to love my walks yet that’s something we are working on. And I’m also learning about these things called ‘commands.’

In my foster home I’ve experienced people who are kind and loving! My foster parents are working hard to help me to overcome my shyness and to learn that the world can be a safe and kind place after all. They know that I respond with 1000% of me to human kindness and appreciate every (good) thing that happens for and to me. I have learned to trust — and can transfer that trust to a gentle, loving and patient Dad and/or Mom. It will take a bit of time but that’s why Dad says I’m a diamond in the rough.

So if you have a quieter home and a loving heart, are looking for a beautiful bichon who is a blank slate and looking to become your best friend– and if are able to be patient with me so that I can become the confident and joyful pup I was meant to be – then I would like to meet. I can be your one and only and your bestest companion.

Please ask for me and know that there are lots of good things we can be thankful for together!
Tail wags and doggie kisses,
Precious and Plucky Phoebe
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Hello New Friends,Kipper
My name is Kipper but you can call me Munchkin, Cuteness or Mr. Adorable.! I’m an incredibly appealing little maltipoo around a year old who tips the scales at only 9 pounds. I’m a darling, friendly and playful pup with good looks and a big personality. I like the big people called adults and the smaller people called children (over 7 years, please). I’m also “cat friendly”. (Of course I am because the cats are all friendly to me!)

My foster Mom calls me “Super Glue” because I bonded with her in about two seconds. She says I am a happy, sweet, and social little love bug and that I am a pretty typical puppy in many ways. So you will not be surprised to know that I like to play… and play and play! For me that means gathering all my toys and putting them in each of the doggy beds around the house (so I will always have one nearby to play with.)

KipperMom says I’m definitely a social pup and she is right. I love everyone I meet. But that’s not all I love to do, I love to run (Mom says it’s more like a prance) and of course play. When the day is done, though, I like to snuggle close to Mom cause I also love to be held and rocked like a baby. (I also like to lay my head on Mom to be snuggled– and give her sweet doggy kisses.)

Since I’m a puppy, there are a lot of things that are new to me. I’m learning to go for rides in the car and to be housebroken. I already learned to go for walks in the great outdoors. (I really enjoy my walks of over 1 mile). Mom is teaching me commands like stay, come and “go potty”. There is no question that I am an incredibly happy little guy who loves life as a furkid.

So if you are looking for a friendly pup, with lots of promise, and you are willing to continue my training (I want to become the best little guy that I can be), and if you are home most of the time to give me the attention and play times that I need, then what are you waiting for? Please fill out the application and ask for me, Kipper. I can’t wait to meet you!

My Ideal Home:

*Active people who are home most of the time
*Adopters willing to continue my training
*Another playful furkid
*Older children or teens are ok

Puppy nuzzles,
Kool, Kind and Kissable Kipper
Adopt Me

Hello Everybody,Kirby
My name is Kirby and I’m a sweet, quiet and unassuming little maltipoo boy about two years old and not even ten pounds (but getting close!). I’m a darling, quiet pup who, according to my foster Mom, is a gentle soul. Because of what I’ve been through (more on that later) I need a calm and orderly forever home without a lot of activity or loud talking.

You see I came to my foster home through something called a ‘hoarder situation.’ There I was, surrounded by more than 70 pups that looked somewhat like me but only one human to care for us. As a result, I didn’t get to experience a lot of things – but I’m making up for that now that I’m a furkid.

I’m learning to go for rides in the car and am housebroken. I already learned to go for walks in the great outdoors. Mom is teaching me these things called commands. She is very patient with me because I haven’t had a lot of human contact or any previous training. But I’m so sweet and gentle that she says I’m worth the time it takes! (Thanks Mom.)Kirby

In my foster home I have a special little furkid friend. Her name is Molly and she’s practically my own size (but a lot more confident.) I like to cuddle with her as that makes me feel safe. Having another small pup to ‘show me the ropes’ and with whom I can cuddle has really helped me in my transition. (And if it’s a darling female furkid so much the better!)

So if you are looking for a sweet, smart yet pretty shy pup, with lots of promise, and are willing to continue my training, if you are home most of the time to give me the attention that I need AND if you have another small young pup like me, then please complete our application and ask for me so we can meet.

My Ideal Home:

*Quiet people who are home most of the time
*Not too much activity or noise
*Adopters willing to continue my training
*Another small, young furkid
*Older children or teens are ok

Cuddles and kisses,
Kind-hearted and Cute-as-they-Come Kirby
Adopt Me

Hi People,Georgie
Please allow me to introduce myself: I’m Georgie and I’m a handsome and playful cuddlebug of four (years that is) weighing 15 pounds and coming in a cute apricot and white package. Well, I’m not really a package! I’m actually a happy maltipoo mix who is affectionate, snuggly and a really good boy!

Mom says that when I first met her I was a little shy and slow to approach. Well once I got to know her that changed really fast and she got to see the real me: an affectionate, loving, friendly and good-tempered little guy! Now that I’m comfortable I can’t resist the opportunity to get a caress or a pat on the head. She wants you to know that while it took a little time to gain my trust once that happened I became the best companion ever.

In my foster home, I have a canine doggy foster brother. He knows about a LOT of things and I’m learning from him all the time. For example, I’m just beginning to learn about toys. My favorite is a chew toy that fits nicely in my mouth and I love carrying it around. (My doggy foster brother is teaching me other things I can do with toys!) Mom is also teaching me commands – and I already know ‘sit’. I rarely bark, pretty much know to go outside to do ‘my business’ and best of all, I’m a master of new experiences. I’m good in the car (want to go for a ride? I’m ready) and I’m especially happy to go on walks of a mile or more! So if you need a walking and riding partner, I’m applying for the job!

GeorgieBefore I became a furkid I had a family — but they were not always nice to me nor did they give me the attention a guy like me needs. Then, one day, the moving truck came and away they went. I was left outside to fend for myself. Soon I found myself in a shelter where I was shaved to the bone and was pretty scared. I was there for a very long time, and because I was so scared, I hid in the back of my kennel so no one stopped to greet me and see what a great guy I actually was.

Then one day my BFK Aunties came in and scooped me up, so I could start my life over as a FurKid. That was the beginning of my happy life!

Like many furkids, I would love to be in a home with a patient and loving family who will spend lots of time with me and let me love them to pieces. Well, maybe not pieces, but you get the idea. I would also like another playful furkid to show me the ropes and also to have some fun! Do I sound like the pup you’ve been looking for? If so, please fill out an application and ask for Georgie. I can’t wait to meet you!

My Ideal Home will include:

*Experienced Adopters
*Another furkid
*Daily walks of 1 mile or more
*Adult home or adults and teens

Love and Snuggles,
Genial, Gentle and Gorgeous Georgie
Adopt Me

Hello People! Sunny
My name is Sunny and I’m an adorable, silly, energetic, and often goofy Bichon pup of four (years that is) who is an athletic (and lean) 19 pounds. Mom says I’m a sweet, playful and loving little boy who is eager to learn – and eager to please!

For example, I’ve recently learned to play a game called ‘Fetch’ and another one called ‘tug-of-war’. I’ve also learned to run and chase. (My doggy foster brothers are great teachers!) And I’ve learned the ‘joy of toys.’

Around my home I’m known as Sunny the Collector. You see I bring my blankie and stuffed toys into my crate for company. Mom says I think they are my buddies and she’s right. Of course, I also recognize that they are also toys. And what are toys good for? Why, tossing in the air and catching them (of course!) I can entertain myself for hours playing with my toys.

Now you might think that those are all things that bichons do – but until recently I didn’t get to do them! Since I became a FurKid life is so much more fun – and every day I have new things that Mom calls ‘experiences.’ (I call them ‘fun’ but for Mom’s sake I can also call them experiences!)

One of my new experiences is getting to walk on a leash. (Walks are the best!) I’ve also learned about rides in the car (we get to see so many things and places and I’m so well behaved) learning commands (more on that in a minute) and this thing called playing. (It comes in many flavors.) And I’ve discovered the joy of belly rubs and being petted. To add to my resume I’m housebroken and fun to have around!

SunnyI’m also a pup who has overcome a difficult start in my life. My BFK Aunties believe I spent most of my ‘before-I-became-a-FurKid’ time being left in a crate outside in a yard. I didn’t have much attention from people. Then, when they got too busy even for a little bit of time, my family left me at a shelter where I became really scared. When anyone came by I would grab on to whatever part of that person I could, clinging for human comfort. Since I’m strong though my clinging could feel overwhelming to that person. So I needed to learn to not be so nervous and that good people (like my foster Mom) would be there for me so I didn’t need to worry.

I’m doing so much better now! Instead of clinging for all I’m worth, I just put my front paws around you in a ‘Sunny hug’. And since I want to please and show you how smart I am, when you ask me to sit I do so immediately –and get this ginormous smile on my face because we both know that I’m being the bestest pup ever!

Last but not least, I’m a loyal, playful companion and quite the entertainer. I will make you smile at how cute and happy I am! I love other dogs and also love my people! What I’m looking for is a companion who likes to go for walks and rides, wants to cuddle and play, will maintain a schedule (so I know what to expect!) and who will be patient with me in the beginning. Oh and another important thing: someone who can give great belly rubs!

My Ideal Home will include:

*Someone who is home most of the time
*Another dog around my age and size
*An active, playful dog
*Adults or adults with kids over 10

Experience level:
*Had dogs as an adult
*Recent or current dog experience
*(Rescue dog experience a plus)

So if you are looking for a joyful boy who wants to be loved and belong, let’s meet so we can fall in love.

Tails wags and bichon kisses.
Silly and Sweet Sunny
Adopt Me