We’re Ready for our Forever Homes!

Here are furkids who are currently in foster care and ready to meet Forever Families. Please note, our foster moms and dads have the ‘first right of adoption’. If you are interested in fostering, please learn why this is so rewarding by visiting our Why Foster page and then complete our volunteer application.

Since we update this page frequently, please check back for more new bios, photos, and furkid information!

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Hello People! Lulu
My name is Lovely Lulu and I’m a very sweet and fun-loving bichon of about one (year old that is!). My foster Mom says I am ten pounds of love and adorableness, with some energy thrown in. While I can be a bit shy when I first get to know you – I quickly warm up and will show you how very cute, loving and smart I am.

Mom says I’m as ‘big as a minute’. Then she says I’m a little cuddle bunny. Silly Mom! I’m not very big and I’m not a bunny at all: I’m a furkid!

In my foster home, I have a Mom, Dad, Grandma, big teen-aged brother, smaller 8-year-old brother, a tiny doggy foster sister and a BIG doggy foster brother. All of them love me and I love all of them. My doggy foster sister is teaching me lots of things (she calls them experiences) and my doggy foster brother is teaching me ‘patience’. (I have to be patient since he tries to ignore me but I out-last him, then he comes around. You see it’s hard to resist such a loveable and adorable little pup …I mean me!)

LuluGrandma says I’m housebroken, learn new things very quickly, love dogs, adults and children – why I love practically everything and everyone except giraffes… She says I don’t like giraffes!)

My BFK Aunties say I am smart, loveable, cute, have great manners and am a joy to have around. I really just love life!

Mom knows that there is a special family looking for a sweet and loving little girl like me who has another furkid or two – and some human children- and who will be able to be with me most of the time. If that sounds like you, please ask for Lulu– and I will be waiting.

Tail wags and bichon kisses
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Hello Everyone! Maggie
I’m Miss Maggie Mae. Please allow me to introduce myself because I’m a pretty spectacular pup. Now I’m absolutely not bragging (I would never, ever do that) however everyone that meets me says so! I’m a darling girl of around 12 months who knows how to love and be loved. You see, I’m known as a Bond girl. Now you probably think that has something to do with 007 but in my case, it simply means I like to bond with people! I like people of all sizes, shapes and ages. I have so much love to give and I truly enjoy getting love in return.

Now you might observe that I don’t look like the average FurKid, but my AAuntiesat BFK say that underneath my beautiful shiny silver coat and my gorgeous big dark eyes (Thanks, Aunties) I’m a friendly, loving, happy FurKid through and through. They will tell you that I’m an adorable and loving schnoodle, tipping the scales at just around 20 lbs. who is smart, attentive, and very active.

MaggieMom says I’d be a great family dog since I love all people (and dogs!) I’m also very entertaining. I like to have you throw the ball for me – then chase me! She says that’s one of my very favorite games to play. I also like to play this game called tug-of-war (and I’m quite good at it if I do say so myself!) and when Mom decides to rest, I’ll pass the time by tossing the ball myself, relaxing with my chew bone or, my favorite, running around with my foster dog brother Cody.

Before I became a furkid, I didn’t have much training so Mom is working hard on teaching me all the things that a good puppy like me should know. I already know how to sit and I’m learning to go for walks,( I can go for more than a mile!) ride in a car and working hard on my housebreaking. Besides being sweet, affectionate and eager to please I am also very SMART, so she says that it shouldn’t be any time at all till I get the hang of it.

Mom says to tell you that I’m crate trained (but would love to sleep in the Big People’s bed), eager to please, in great health, very smart and waiting to be part of a family. She says I’m fun to live with because I’m also doing something entertaining — and there’s always a smile on my face and something new to experience on my mind. Mom says EVERYTHING I do is SOOO adorable and cute– and I’m a very happy girl!

So if you’re looking for a fun loving, adorable, happy and active little girl, with long legs and a heart full of love, have another active pup for me to play with, and you are willing continue to train me so I can be the bestest schnoodle, I can be, then just ask for me. I’ll be waiting to meet you.

Tail wags and cuddles,
Marvelous, Magnetic and a little Mischievous Maggie Mae
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Hello Friends, Petey
My name is Precious Petey and, as you can probably see, I’m a very handsome pup but not your ‘average bichon,’Actually I’m either a very handsome and happy schnoodle (a schnauser/poodle mix) (Makes you want to say gesundheit, doesn’t it?) Or a handsome and happy Havapoo. (That’s a Bichon Havanese/poodle mix.) Bet you want to say gesundheit again!)

I’m all of 12 months old and weigh about 18 pounds and I’m quite the looker. There’s a lot more to me than just a pretty face though. You see I’m an enthusiastic, affectionate energetic and adorable pup. Mom says I’m “personality plus”, super friendly with everyone and very puppy-like. That means I’m curious about my surroundings and very playful. I have never met a stranger because everyone is my new best friend! I like those big people called adults and the small people called children and everyone in between. I also like other dogs, both the big ones and the ones that are smaller, like me! Come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever met anyone that I didn’t like.

While I love to go on walks (I do a mile every day and could go for more!) and rides in the car, and while I also love my toys (well I am a puppy after all!) I also do my best to find a lap to crawl into whenever possible. Dad says I’m an incredible lap dog — and that I do my best to snuggle as close as possible. All I have to do is look at him with my big brown eyes, and presto, I am there: ready, willing and able to cuddle for as long as he would like. I also like to snuggle with my human brother and sister (and their teen-age friends are fine, too!)

PeteyDid I mention that I’m house broken and learning to use the doggy door? (Mom’s pretty happy about that). I also know how to “sit” and am working on learning other commands too. I don’t have that thing called ‘separation anxiety’ because I have two little doggy foster sisters and a great big doggy foster brother. We hang out when Mom and the family are gone and I don’t bark when they leave. (I am happy when they come home, though, and greet them with a tail wag and a kiss.

After a full day of playing, cuddling, walking, playing and cuddling again, I sleep quietly in the Big People’s Bed all night long and don’t make a sound.

If you are looking for a happy, cuddly, adorable, handsome and very friendly guy who will continue to learn more about the world every day, who likes to be where you are and is playful, energetic and ‘incredibly fun’, and if you have another furkid or two for me to play with and entertain, then please ask for me. I can’t wait to meet you.

Tail wags and puppy kisses,
Personable, Precious and Playful Petey
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Hi Everybody, Boomer
My name is Boomer and I’m a darling bichon boy of four who is adorable and weighs about 20 pounds. My foster mom says I’m just about the cutest kid on the block. I exude cuteness. I personify cuteness. I am the epitome of cuteness. That’s what she says. (Can you tell she kind of likes me?)

I love to run and jump and love to go for walks; when I do, I have a certain bounce in my step. (I think that shows I’m really happy, which, since I’m a furkid, I am!) I also like to go for rides in the car (I’m a good co-pilot!), lounge in the sun and cuddle on your lap.

Mom says I know some commands like sit, stay and come and I’m eager to learn even more! And she says I’m very gentle taking treats – but not very gentle with tennis balls. That’s why I’m the champion tennis ball de-fuzzer in our house (and I have a lot of competition!)

When it’s time to go to bed, I can sleep anywhere as long as it’s on top of you, under the covers or next to you. I never like to be too far away. Of course, being a gentleman I’m also housebroken.

Boomer Mom says I’m an adorable, eager, energetic, funny and loyal little guy. I do have one kind of unique way about me. You see I need to be the one to approach people, as opposed to having them come up to me or try to grab and hold me. (As you can imagine, I’m so cute that people always want to hug me and pick me up! That makes me very nervous until I know the people! Once I do, I make up for it with lots of kisses and cuddles.) I am also initially kind of nervous in new situations, but if you give me a little while to take it all in, I go back to being my adorable self.

I really like to be held and petted by big people but I’m unsure with little ones, so my forever home should be just adults. And I really need someone who understands dog behavior and has had lots of that in the past. Mom calls that ‘an experienced home’.

So if you are a savvy dog person, have another furkid to be my companion and are looking for a sweet, cuddly, loyal and very handsome bichon who is willing to be your best friend and companion ever, please ask for me.

Tail wags and prances
Beloved and Bodacious Boomer
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