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Here are furkids who are currently in foster care and ready to meet Forever Families. Please note, our foster moms and dads have the ‘first right of adoption’. If you are interested in fostering, please learn why this is so rewarding by visiting our Why Foster page and then complete our volunteer application.

Since we update this page frequently, please check back for more new bios, photos, and furkid information!

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Hello People,Katie
My name is Kissy Katie and I’m a tiny, precious, adorable little girl of about seven or eight with quite a story to tell. I’m 8 pounds of love and affection in a cute little package. Mom says good things come in small packages – and that’s precisely what I am!

Dad says to tell you that I’m a little girl who deserves to have a big bunch of good luck coming her way! You see, I became a FurKid in July, got a new hairdo (it’s called grooming) and had a dental (I smile a lot more now too!) and was adopted by a nice lady. Life was starting to turn around for me and I was really excited.

Then something that should never happen happened to me. My new Mom died in her sleep (the housekeeper found her) and I ended up being taken to the Humane Society. It was all very, very confusing and scary. I didn’t know what to think – or do!

KatieThe good news, though, is that I had this ‘tag’ that said I was a FurKid – so my BFK Aunties were called and I was picked up and brought to a new foster home, where I found love all over again. Then, out of the blue, I developed this issue with my eyes. Well, my BFK Aunties swooped in once again. I went to this very special vet (he’s called a specialist!) who helped me to see and feel better. Right now I’m taking three different eye drops but Mom and Dad said they are really helping. Maybe in the future, I won’t need all of them every day but we don’t know that for sure at the moment.

I’m hoping that little tiny affectionate me can find someone who wants a Bond girl (Mom calls me that because I will bond to you in minutes) who will share whatever you want to do in your life – whether it’s going for rides, enjoy walks, reading books together or watching TV, Of course I’m pretty good on the computer too (well actually I just add ‘encouragement’ to what anyone is doing and lie unobtrusively in my doggy bed sharing my gentle persona).

My Ideal Home:
* Loving, gentle people who are home most of the time
* Patient adopters who will give me my eye drops every day
* Kids over 10

Experience level:
* Recent/current dog experience
* Rescue dog experience a plus

If you want a ‘pocket pal’ who wants to shower you with love and kisses, is good with older kids and other dogs but is also happy to be an only pup and be the center of your world, please, please ask for me. I deserve something my Aunties call ‘permanence’ in my life and to be with people who will love me as I love them forever – and be there for me.

Tail wags and doggy kisses,
Kind-hearted, Kissy and Kissable Katie
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Hello Everyone, Abbie Rose
My name is Abbie Rose and I’m an incredibly appealing Cavachon (that’s a Bichon/King Charles Cavalier mix) of about four or five (years old that is) and 20 pounds. Everyone who meets me comments on my pretty face and expressive brown eyes that look deeply into your soul (and will touch your heart.)

My foster Mom says I’m a “girly girl” who loves to be held, petted and cuddled. I think she means I appreciate attention – and I do. Mom says I can always recognize people who love pups like me! I can sometimes be a bit shy at first but once I feel secure and comfortable I give lots of doggy kisses that will make you feel very special.

But I’m not just another pretty face, nor am I a couch potato. No siree! When Mom brings out the harness and leash, I know immediately what that means (a walk!!! Yippee!) I simply cannot contain myself! I reward her in advance by letting her know how excited I am and by doing my happy dance – and off we go! I want and need lots of exercise, so if you are a walker or hiker, then I’m the gal for you. I just get so excited from the sights and smells of the great outdoors — and everything in it.

Before I became a Furkid, I was left alone a lot and no one paid much attention to me. Now, of course, things are very different and so much better! I’m learning that people (even men!) are kind and there is so much that I need to learn. Thank goodness Mom is here to help.

Another fun thing I like to do is to zip around town in the car with Mom. She says I keep very busy looking at everything I can. I tell her I’m happy to be a companion and to go along for a ride!

Abbie RoseI’m housebroken (and use the doggy door), love to cuddle and play. I am particularly partial to male dogs about my size and age. And I will initiate play practically every chance I get. Why I’ve even taught my doggy foster brother how to play so he is no longer a couch potato. Of course, we do relax in between! Mom says I’m a master at relaxing (on the sofa and close to Mom, of course) She is teaching me these things called ‘commands’ like how to sit and stay and I’m learning quickly and I’m hoping that my new family can continue with my training. I’ve also learned that there will always be good food and a warm bed all the time. Speaking of beds, you know where one of my favorite places to be is? In the Big People’s bed, cuddling close to Mom and my doggy foster brother and sister all night long.

I’m generally more comfortable with women at least at first, but a gentle man is OK too.

My Ideal Home:
*Someone home most of the time
*Another active, playful male dog around my age
* Patient and willing to continue my training
*Like to go on walks
*Kids over 10

Experience level:
* Recent/current dog experience
* Rescue dog experience

So if you are looking for an exuberant, active, playful, sometimes shy, and most of all lovable companion — and you are patient and loving and willing to continue my training, then I will look forward to meeting you.

Cuddles and kisses,
Adorable, Amiable and Agreeable Abbie Rose
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Hello New Friends,Kipper
My name is Kipper but you can call me Munchkin, Cuteness or Mr. Adorable.! I’m an incredibly appealing little maltipoo around a year old who tips the scales at only 9 pounds. I’m a darling, friendly and playful pup with good looks and a big personality. I like the big people called adults and the smaller people called children (over 7 years, please). I’m also “cat friendly”.  (Of course I am because the cats are all friendly to me!)
My foster Mom calls me “Super Glue” because I bonded with her in about two seconds. She says I am a happy, sweet, and social little love bug and that I am a pretty typical puppy in many ways. So you will not be surprised to know that I like to play… and play and play! For me that means gathering all my toys and putting them in each of the doggy beds around the house (so I will always have one nearby to play with.)

Kipper Mom says I’m definitely a social pup and she is right. I love everyone I meet. But that’s not all I love to do, I love to run (Mom says it’s more like a prance) and of course play. When the day is done, though, I like to snuggle close to Mom in the Big People’s Bed. I also love to be held and rocked like a baby- and to lay my head on Mom to be snuggled– and give her sweet doggy kisses.

Since I’m a puppy, there were a lot of things that were new to me.  I love going for rides in the car and long walks (of over 1 mile) in the great outdoors. I’m housebroken (and that’s no typo!) Mom is teaching me commands like stay, come and “go potty”. There is no question that I am an incredibly happy little guy who loves life as a furkid.

So if you are looking for a friendly pup, with lots of promise, are willing to continue my training (I want to become the best little guy that I can be), have another furkid or two (or even kitties) and if you are home most of the time to give me the attention and play time that I need, then what are you waiting for?  Please fill out the application and ask for me, Kipper.  I can’t wait to meet you!

My Ideal Home:
*Active people who are home most of the time
*Adopters willing to continue my training
*Another playful furkid
*Older children or teens are ok

Puppy nuzzles,
Kool, Kind and Kissable Kipper
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Hi Peoples! Checkers
Happy to meet you! We are Checkers and Trixie, a bonded pair of pups that are often called the Dynamic Duo! Our foster Mom and Dad say that we are young, playful and loving, as well as adorable – and have become the bestest of friends since arriving at our foster home. That’s where we got over our initial shyness and found each other!

I’m Checkers and I’m the ‘man of the house’ (well kind of.) I’m about three years old, black and white and probably a malti-poo (that’s a maltese and poodle mix). Mom says I’m very playful, loving, LOYAL and friendly– and have a very sweet personality! My little friend Trixie is a tiny girl of one (years that is) with white and caramel colored hair and beautiful blue eyes. She weighs about 10 pounds and I’m a few pounds bigger at about 13. Dad says it’s obvious that Trixie counts on me to make her world safe – as well as fun. Together we are active, almost housebroken, playful, curious about the world, eager to please – and learn.

TrixieAlthough we were both rescued our backgrounds are very, very different. We both lost our homes and families but in very distinct ways. I was part of a hoarding situation and had little attention from the man with whom I and dozens of other pups were living. When Animal Control swooped in, we had to quickly leave and find new homes. Trixie and her brother, on the other hand, lived with a Mom and Dad who loved and adored them – but could no longer care for them. Even worse their Mom often ‘forgot’ to close the door and gate to their home — so they wandered out onto busy streets several times, barely avoiding being hit by cars. Not too long after that Trixie and her brother ended up at the shelter together– but then he was adopted and Trixie was left to sit shaking in her cage. And it wasn’t until she became a FurKid and learned she was safe (with people) that she began to relax. And then she met (drum roll please!) ME!

Checkers & TrixieWith the love of our wonderful foster family we are blossoming once again. Every day we have new experiences. We get to go on walks and rides in the car and to learn commands. Dad says we are truly diamonds in the rough who, with patience and understanding, structure and consistency, will flourish and become the best little four-legged pups you will ever see.

We are a delightful, fun-loving pair who are friendly, affectionate and will keep you entertained. We love each other — and the company of people we know! Mom and Dad are working on our socialization skills so that we will become more comfortable around new people as well. Continued training will help us become more confident and comfortable- but there is no doubt that we are resilient and adaptable!

Our Ideal Home:
*Patient, gentle people who are home most of the time
*Adopters willing to continue our socialization and training
*Adults or adults with older children (teens) ok
*Rescue experience a plus!

Tail wags and Snuggles,
Charismatic and Captivating Checkers and Tiny, Treasured Trixie
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