We’re Ready for our Forever Homes!

Here are furkids who are currently in foster care and ready to meet Forever Families. Please note, our foster moms and dads have the ‘first right of adoption’. If you are interested in fostering, please learn why this is so rewarding by visiting our Why Foster page and then complete our volunteer application.

Since we update this page frequently, please check back for more new bios, photos, and furkid information!

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Hello Everyone, Lonnie
My name is Lovable Lonnie and I’m a shy and very sweet pup of 15 months who tips the scales at 16 lbs. I have beautiful caramel colored hair, expressive brown eyes and look lovingly at people I know and trust. My foster Mom says that I’m as sweet as I am adorable (You see I have already worked my charm on her – and I wasn’t even trying very hard!)

But there’s a lot more to my story than just a cute face. You see, I used to have a family that included a dominant doggy sister and several human brothers and sisters. Our home was a very busy place and unfortunately, being the shy and quiet guy that I am, I didn’t get much attention. I never got to go out on walks, or see much of the world or even have a toy. Then the family decided to move so they took me to the shelter and left me there. It was a really scary place for a quiet guy like me. Fortunately, though, my BFK Aunties swooped in and brought me to my foster home.

With my foster Mom and Dad I’m getting to experience what it’s like to be with people who are kind and loving! My foster parents are helping me to overcome my shyness and watching my personality blossom. Dad also wants you to know that I am blossoming more and more every day (Silly Dad! I’m not a flower! – I’m a furkid!) and that I respond with 1000% of me to human kindness. I appreciate every (good) thing that happens for and to me.

LonnieI love my walks and I’m learning about the great outdoors and am getting used to the sounds and activity of the neighborhood. I love the smells and those green things he calls ‘bushes.’ Well to a little guy like me they look like pretty trees! I also like to zip around town with Mom in her car. She says I keep very busy looking at everything I can. I tell her I’m happy to be the world’s best companion and that I enjoy going along for a ride – short or long, it doesn’t matter!

But that’s not all! Once I get to know you, I am a cuddler and a lover and give the best doggy kisses you will ever know. I’m almost housebroken and am learning about these new things called toys. They are GREAT! I have my favorite stuffed ones that I carry around.

Mom says that I want to please – and am very curious about the world. She says I’ve had to fend for myself in the big world so I’m now learning that there will be food and a warm bed for me all the time — and that I can trust people to be kind and gentle with me.

So if you have a quieter home and a loving heart, are looking for an adorable and happy little guy to be your best friend, and are able to be patient with me so that I can become the confident and joyful pup I was meant to be – then I would like to meet. I can be your one and only and be your bestest companion. If you have a calm and respectful furkid my size who could show me ‘the ropes’, that would be icing on my cake.

Please ask for me and know that there are lots of good things we can be thankful for together!

Tail wags and doggie kisses
Loveable, Loyal and low-key Lonnie
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Hello New Friends, Riley
My name is Remarkable Riley and I’m a gorgeous Bichon Havanese of about 4 (years that is!) with a luxurious apricot coat and big brown eyes that will touch your soul. My foster Mom says I’m a ‘keeper’ who is affectionate, sweet, loving — and a pleasure to have around. I think Mom knows me pretty well- and she likes me a lot!

Mom says wherever I go I have a smile on my face – and people want to stop her to get to know me. We go on mile-long walks every day so there are lots of people for me to meet and greet!

My human sister says I’m a mellow guy, around 11 lbs, who is a little shy at first– but once I get to know you I’m a very friendly pup. And my human brother agrees! (Of course, that’s because I love all people, big and small!)

Dad wants you to know that I’m amazingly calm and good in the car, so I’m a great companion whether you want to run on the beach or run errands. And did I mention that I’ll do almost anything for a cuddle? Since I’m so smart and trainable (not to mention convincing!) I usually get my fair share of cuddles.

Riley But there’s more to me than just a pretty face. I like to go on one mile walks, for rides in the car and I’m a great helper when anyone is working on the computer. (Just kidding but I do lie quietly nearby and give encouragement!) I’m working hard on learning my commands and already mastered ‘sit’. I’m also mastering being housebroken (Honestly I haven’t broken a thing!) After a day of walking, riding and of course, cuddling, I sleep soundly with Mom and Dad in the Big Peoples bed.

My family says that I’m always good company and only the bestest home will be the right one for me. I would be happiest in a home with people who are home most of the time so I can entertain, love and snuggle with them. Another FurKid would be good for me, so I don’t ever have to be alone. So if you want a loving companion, like to go on walks, take rides and, of course, snuggle, please ask for me. I’ll be waiting to meet and adore you.

Snuggles and tail wags,
Radiant, Remarkable and Ravishing Riley
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Hi new friends,Davey
My name is Davey but you can call me cuteness, cuddle bug or Mr. Adorable! I’m an incredibly appealing and shy little bichon of about two who weighs 10 ½pounds and comes in an incredibly cute package! I have a sweet face to match my sweet spirit and, according to my foster Mom, the most beautiful and expressive brown eyes she has ever seen.

Dad says I’m pretty much housebroken and I’m very gentle. I like to go for walks and am learning about riding in the car. Dad also wants you to know that I am blossoming more and more every day (Silly Dad! I’m not a flower!) and that I respond 1000% to human kindness. I appreciate every (good) thing that happens for and to me. Although I can be a little cautious at first when I meet people I soon warm up and will be the best of friends. I love other dogs and even those funny creatures called cats (and that’s pretty unusual for a bichon! – and that makes me special!)

DaveyEvery day is filled with new experiences for me. You see, I’ve never had a real home until now. Before I became a furkid I was kept outside and didn’t get the human attention or food that a guy like me needs to thrive. I was covered with painful mats and was very sad. When people did come out to see me, they weren’t very kind — so when the gate was left open, I decided to try my luck in the big world. Life on the street was hard and to make a long story short, I found myself at a loud, scary shelter.

Thank goodness, My Aunties at Bichon Furkids came to the rescue. Those painful mats were shaved off (but that’s OK, because my beautiful white coat is already starting to grow back!) and I now live in a loving foster home with people who care for me and teach me all sorts of new things. I have a warm bed and get all the food I need. Life as a furkid is GREAT!

My very favorite thing in the world is to be with my people. Mom says I am a sweet and happy guy who just yearns for attention. Dad says in a gentle and loving home, I will become the best little pup in the world. (I especially appreciate all the nice things Mom and Dad say about me and how kind they are!) I need somebody to give me lots of love – and I give it right back too. I’m a special and loyal bichon who is longing to make someone very happy.

So if you are an adult home or one with older children looking for a happy, sweet, playful (and most of all lovable!) little guy, and if you are patient and gentle and have another furkid or two to show me the ropes, then I may be your new best friend. Please ask for me so we can meet.

Love and tail wags,
Dear, Darling, and Devoted Davey
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Hello People, Nico
I’m Nico, a thoroughly sweet and tender-hearted guy of about twelve with big brown eyes that will touch your soul – and a gentle and loving spirit. My Mom says I’m a ‘chill guy’ who is a great companion known for cuddling, loving, and hanging out! Oh! And riding in the car, too!

I’m what you would call a ‘navigator.’ I sit in the back but put my front legs on the console and ”help” us get where we are going. I’m so good at it, too!

Mom says I’m in good health and like to go on walks every day. I get to meet all kinds of new friends, both four-legged and two-legged. She says I’m fine with almost every pup, unless that dog is really bossy. (Mom said that’s called being an alpha.)

Nico I’m also well known for having extremely good ears. That means I pay attention to everything someone says – and that I have a distinct skill. You see if she or my human brother opens a bag of Doritos, well I hear that from anywhere I am in the house and presto! I’m right there looking at them and asking for one or two. (I’m really well-mannered though and know I can only have a maximum of two!). I enjoy having people pet me (I’m always friendly) and have a special way of showing my appreciation. I’m also housebroken, knows some commands and, most of all, want to please!

Recently, though, my life changed – and so did Mom’s. She and Dad got this thing called a ‘divorce’ and we had to move from a house with a big yard to a small apartment. My doggy brother was killed by a coyote, leaving me with only the cat for companionship. Mom had to go back to work and is now traveling (a lot). She has to leave us home more than she would like. That makes her very sad – and makes me even sadder!

There is no doubt that I am a friendly guy who is always happy to be with people of plus I’m good with other pups. I’m also available for a hug, cuddle or pet any time you’d like. And I give them back, too!

Mom says when you meet me you will see my gentle, beautiful spirit and will know why I am such a love! So if you are looking for an appreciative little guy with a ‘chill’ and loving spirit who loves to walk and ride and is affectionate, then look no further. I’m applying for the position of lifelong companion.

Sending gentle kisses.
Nifty, Nimble and Nice-as-they-come Nico
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Hi Everybody, Boomer
My name is Boomer and I’m a darling bichon boy of four who is adorable and weighs about 20 pounds. My foster mom says I’m just about the cutest kid on the block. I exude cuteness. I personify cuteness. I am the epitome of cuteness. That’s what she says. (Can you tell she kind of likes me?)

I love to run and jump and love to go for walks; when I do, I have a certain bounce in my step. (I think that shows I’m really happy, which, since I’m a furkid, I am!) I also like to go for rides in the car (I’m a good co-pilot!), lounge in the sun and cuddle on your lap.

Mom says I know some commands like sit, stay and come and I’m eager to learn even more! And she says I’m very gentle taking treats – but not very gentle with tennis balls. That’s why I’m the champion tennis ball de-fuzzer in our house (and I have a lot of competition!)

When it’s time to go to bed, I can sleep anywhere as long as it’s on top of you, under the covers or next to you. I never like to be too far away. Of course, being a gentleman I’m also housebroken.

Boomer Mom says I’m an adorable, eager, energetic, funny and loyal little guy. I do have one kind of unique way about me. You see I need to be the one to approach people, as opposed to having them come up to me or try to grab and hold me. (As you can imagine, I’m so cute that people always want to hug me and pick me up! That makes me very nervous until I know the people! Once I do, I make up for it with lots of kisses and cuddles.) I am also initially kind of nervous in new situations, but if you give me a little while to take it all in, I go back to being my adorable self.

I really like to be held and petted by big people but I’m unsure with little ones, so my forever home should be just adults. And I really need someone who understands dog behavior and has had lots of that in the past. Mom calls that ‘an experienced home’.

So if you are a savvy dog person, have another furkid to be my companion and are looking for a sweet, cuddly, loyal and very handsome bichon who is willing to be your best friend and companion ever, please ask for me.

Tail wags and prances
Beloved and Bodacious Boomer
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