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Here are furkids who are currently in foster care and ready to meet Forever Families. Please note, our foster moms and dads have the ‘first right of adoption’. If you are interested in fostering, please learn why this is so rewarding by visiting our Why Foster page and then complete our volunteer application.

Since we update this page frequently, please check back for more new bios, photos, and furkid information!

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Hello new friends, Gigi
My name is Gigi or, as my dad refers to me, “Miss Congeniality”. I’m a sweet and loving 3 year old cuddle-sized mix of about 20 lbs and probably the friendliest girl you will ever meet! ( I’m not bragging, everyone says that is so!). I’m not just a friendly, sweet and happy pup. No siree! I also LOVE to play. Stuffed toys, bring them on! A ball? Sure, (and I may even bring it back.) A one mile walk, I’m in! And don’t even mention the car because I can’t wait to go on any and every adventure.

There are some other important things Dad wants you to know. (He thinks they are pretty great and hopes you will too!) You see, I love ALL people, big and small, it doesn’t matter. I love them all. In fact, I can’t wait to play with kids, go to soccer games, walk or drive to school, play in the park –you get the idea. All of those things would be a dream come true for this loving little girl.

Gigi I’m also housebroken (I rarely have what is called an accident and Dad thinks that is very important), I rarely bark (unless there is something really important to say). You see my Dad works from home and I would never want to disturb him. I lay quietly at his feet all day but am always on call to cuddle.

When I’m out and about I love to play with other dogs, and I greet everyone nicely at the park or on our walks. At home, however, I’d prefer to be the center of my family’s attention.

And after a busy day of walking, riding and playing, there is nothing better than curling close to Mom and Dad, watching TV and sleeping in the Big People’s Bed. It’s really important to me to be as close to my family as possible!

So if you are looking for a very special pup to join your family, if you have some human kids who like to play, and if you promise to love and treasure me forever, then please ask for me! I’m Gigi and I’ll be waiting to meet you.

Tail wags and sweet doggy kisses,
Gregarious, Genial and Good-natured Gigi

PS Please remember to bring a ball so we can play.
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Hello People, Brianna
My name is Brianna and I’m a sweet, silly and very adorable little bichon mix. I’m almost four months old and am a pretty black and white puppy who is as smart as I am playful! (I’m not bragging ‘cause that’s what my foster Mom says!) I’m a typical loving little pup who has already shown that I am smart (I said that twice so you know I mean it!), brave and playful.

I’m one of the most active puppies and quick to learn to do just about anything (and everything!) Why I’ve already learned about the sun and grass and how to walk and play. Whee! Being a puppy is such fun!

Brianna When people meet me they also talk about how cute I am and that my coloring is simply amazing. And I’m a pretty typical puppy in all the ways that you would expect. While I am learning new things every day, I’m still very young and pretty silly. I will need training as I grow up (so I can be the very best canine companion)

Please be sure to complete an adoption application so we can meet and get to know one another. My forever home must have another young, playful pup for me to relate to. In the meantime, I will continue to learn things from Mom, Dad, my doggy foster brothers and sisters – and to keep practicing ‘cuteness’.

Tail wags and puppy kisses,
Beautiful and Bouncy Brianna
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Hi Everybody! Dickens
I’m Dickens and I’m a darling 8 month bichon boy with big black eyes and a happy smile. My ‘aunties’ at Bichon FurKids say my first name should be “Cute As and my middle name ‘The’ (Cute As The Dickens.) My foster Dad called me “Super Glue” because I bonded with him in about two seconds.

Dad says I am a happy, happy love bug. And he is right. I love every one, love to ride in the car, go for long walks, take naps, sit on laps, go to the park and hang out. You name it. I love it! Dad also said that I am great times ten!

Dickens I am house-trained, crate trained, very eager to please and fit in. I like other dogs and I like to play! I also just love people – big ones, little ones and all those in between! Mom says I do this kind of dance when I’m happy; she says that I’m really cute.

Dad also says that I’m a delightful and loving pup. I love to cuddle and love being with a family. Did I mention that I’m very friendly and loving (and I know that everyone I meet is going to be my new friend.)

If I sound like the kind of furkid you are looking for, and if you have another young active pup that I can play with, please complete our application as I’m waiting to meet, and greet, you.

Tail wags and cuddles,
Darling and Delightful Dickens
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Hi Everyone, Brandy
My name is Bashful Brandy and I’m a beautiful brandy-colored cockachon of about six years old and nineteen pounds with big brown eyes (that will melt your heart!), amazing eyelashes and a very gentle nature. I’m kind and loving — and devoted to my family, just a mellow girl who is waiting for a quiet, loving home where I can shine.

Although I’m somewhat shy, at first, I warm up when I’m loved – and am so well-mannered that I ask permission to snuggle (then reward you with the best snuggle experience you’ll ever have!)

Mom says that you could call me Sugar (because I am so sweet) and that I’m as cute as can be, from my big and expressive eyes to my fluffy tail. Speaking of which, Dad says I must have an ever-ready battery in my tail because it never stops wagging. He also says I can tell time because I know when it’s time to eat. But I am SO well- mannered that I never beg!

Brandy I‘m housebroken, crate trained, learning a lot of commands. I like my walks and ride really well in the car! (Mom says I’d prefer to drive however I’m not old enough yet!) I’m well-mannered, rarely ask to go on the furniture, am ok with other dogs and I ignore the cats. Dad says that I’m a diamond in the rough. I tell him I’m not a diamond at all, I’m a furkid! (He says that means with love and attention I will shine brilliantly!)

Most of all, I’m the kind of girl who loves and depends on her people! Mom thinks I would do best in a family with people who will adore me and help me feel safe. In return, I promise to be the most loving companion – and we can be the bestest of friends, too!

So if I sound like the little girl you have been looking for, please fill out an application and ask for me. I’ll be waiting.

Love and snuggles,
Beautiful and Bashful Brandy
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Hello World! Tommy
My name is Tommy – and my Mom says I’m a delightful bichon boy of about four. She says I’m ADORABLE, sweet, happy, cuddly, sometimes a bit shy and eager to please – and that I’m just 12 pounds of cuteness. (You see, I have already worked my charm on her – and I wasn’t even trying very hard!)

When I came to Mom’s house, it wasn’t long before she fell in love. I taught her how to explore (the back yard for starters!) and to go on walks (I really love them and am very good on a leash). Then I taught her how to sleep on the back of the couch and I’m teaching her to come when she’s called (Oh silly me – that’s what I’m learning to do!) Mom taught me to appreciate the value of a good belly rub and that’s a very good thing!

I have a very big doggy foster brother and two my-size doggy foster sisters to hang out with. I like knowing they are around as that’s comforting to me. We don’t exactly play but we get along well. Mom says that I always have a smile on my adorable face to greet her when she comes home.

Tommy As for Dad, he likes me too! He says I LOVE to go for walks and especially for rides in the car. Want to go to beach or run errands? Or want to take a drive to meet friends? Just open the car and in I’ll jump, happy to be your best companion. I’m a bit shy with those people called ‘men’ but Dad is winning me over.

I have a bit of a funky back leg but it doesn’t hold me back. The vets say it doesn’t hurt and will probably heal by itself. If not I may need a surgery which my BFK Aunties will take care of. My human brother and sister say I’m a great little dog who loves to cuddle. Aw gee, thanks! That makes me feel all warm inside!

Mom says to tell you that I’m eager to please, smart and fun to live with – and there’s always a smile on my face. She says I’m adorable, cute and a very special boy!

Besides being special in all the ways I’ve been described, I’m also special in another way. I have these special teeny tiny pills that I have to take every day so that I won’t have this thing called a seizure. Now I’ve only started to take them recently (and I take them well) – and we hope I will not have any again soon. (That’s why I’m so glad I have my medicine.) If you didn’t know I had ever had one you certainly couldn’t tell – I’m just as sweet and happy as my doggy foster brothers and sister.

Mom and Dad are hoping you will see all my cuteness and happiness and want to love me forever. I’ll be happiest if you have another furkid for me to play with. I truly deserve a family to call my own. Will you be the one for me? If you think you are, let’s meet soon.

Bichon waves and wags,
Totally Terrific Tommy
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Hi People, Chelsea
My name is Chelsea and I am a darling little bichon mix of about two with enormous brown eyes and a cute and slightly goofy smile. While I’m a little on the shy side my foster Mom says I’m beginning to blossom more and more each day. (Silly Mom! I’m a furkid not a flower!)

Mom says that I’m very smart, very loving and very playful. That’s a lot of ‘very’s’ but Dad agrees that they all apply. You see, in the beginning I was pretty quiet and subdued. As the days have gone by I’ve become more confident (and even a bit silly.) I love to play ‘Chase and Run’ with my doggy foster sister. (Playing is really kind of new to be but I’m learning very fast!) We have the bestest of times together — and she has helped me to overcome my initial shyness.

With people I know, I love to give and receive affection. That’s something I really do well. That applies to dogs I know, too. Well, not the affection part exactly but the getting along and having fun part with pups I know still applies.

There are lots of things in my life that are very new to me. And every day is filled with new experiences. Like going for walks and rides in the car. When something is new to me and I’m unsure, I come up to Mom and put my paws on her knee and ask her to let me know that it’s ok and that I’m safe. Mom is helping me to become more confident and self-assured. Oh! And I also want to please so that makes me willing to try new things, too.

Chelsea Did I mention that Mom and Dad agree that I’m very sweet, housebroken, and mellow, too? I don’t have separation anxiety (which is a real plus) and they say I’m adept at stealing hearts (I told my them I’m a good girl and would never steal anything.)

I need someone who will be patient and gentle with me initially until we connect at the heart level. My new person or family will be rewarded with my undying affection and appreciation. Gosh I hope that’s you ‘cause having a special person or two would be my idea of heaven!

So, if you are looking for a cute little lovebug who is a bit of a diamond-in-the-rough yet would love to share your home and lap, and if you have another young furkid that I can play with, please ask for me. I’ll be waiting to meet you and show you how loving and sweet I am.

Tail wags and gentle kisses,
Cuddly Chelsea
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Hello Friends, PeeWee
I’m a pint-sized gent named Pee Wee ​who is a portable fella of around 10 or 11, tipping the scales at only five pounds! I have a beautiful white coat, big brown eyes and all I wish for in life is a comfortable lap to lay on, a quiet home and​ the chance​ to be the center of someone​’​s world.

I’m an amazingly sweet and gentle boy who is learning that the world can be a safe and kind place after all. Mom says I bring out ‘maternal instincts’ in her and other people. She says I’m so little that she wants to hold me close to her heart. (I think that’s a pretty good place to be, too!) There is no doubt that I’m an adoring, tiny and gentle little guy – and one who is very appreciative, too.

Before I came to Mom’s house, I was lonely and ​afraid​! My hair was a tangled mess, with stickers scratching my skin and I was very, very thin. I had not been well cared for during the first eight or nine years of my life but Bichon FurKids could see the sweetness in my soul – and knew that I deserved a second chance. Now my hair is soft, shiny and white, I have nutritious food to eat and I’m clean, safe and warm.

PeeWee It’s true that I love nothing more than to cuddle with my special person but I’m definitely not a couch potato​.​ ​N​o siree​!​ You should see me play with toys. I shake them and shake them until​ ​my whole body radiates joy! I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my walks (and trot along very happily on a leash.) I’m also a perfect passenger in the car (ready to start a new adventure when we arrive.) I guess you’d say I’m a natural when it comes to going for walks or rides and as Dad says, a champ at cuddling.

Did I mention that I’m housebroken (and go to the door to let Mom know to let me out), eager to please and sensitive to direction and tone. My Aunties think I may not have had a lot of lovin’ in my life before now so it takes me a little while to warm up and trust. Once I do, though, I am willing to be your shadow and bestest friend in the universe. I only ask that you are gentle with me and help me to feel safe. Mom says I respond to kindness and trust and bond very quickly.

Best of all I love to snuggle in bed or on the couch, under the covers or anywhere I can be close to my special person. Oh and when I want to be picked up, I stand on my hind legs and do a great little dance to let Mom know I’m ready to be in her arms!

What I really need now is a forever Mom or Dad looking for a senior gentleman who is loving, cuddly, smart and cute. Oh​!​ and with big brown eyes that smile and look deeply into your soul.

Because I am so small, children may think I’m a toy, so I prefer to be only with adults. ​So if you are a single or a couple, ready for a great little guy who wants to be your one and only, then please ask for me – I’m portable, playful and ready to be yours!

Wags and Kisses,
Perceptive and Persuasive Pee Wee
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Hi everybody! Timmy
I’m Tiny Timmy, tipping the scale at only about 10 lb – I’m a cute, affectionate, funny and very happy little one-year-old Bichon mix who is brimming with life, love and play. Everything in my life is so great that I can hardly contain myself! I am having so much fun in my foster home. Mom says I smile all the time and make her and Dad laugh daily with what she calls my “antics”. I say I’m just a happy guy who loves to have fun. How do I have fun you ask?

Well, first of all, I love to play with my foster doggy sister. She is much bigger than I am, but I don’t care. I can run and chase her all day. But sometimes she can get tired, so I just keep on running myself. Mom says I do a mean bichon buzz. And when there isn’t a doggy friend to play with, I am happy to play all by myself. If I can get Mom or Dad in the game, all the better. One of my favorite games is called “ Monster under the bed”. I hide under the bed, roll over and try to get someone to play. Usually, Mom is willing to oblige, thank goodness. But life is not all fun and games, no siree. After a long day of play, I just can’t wait to snuggle up in the big peoples’ bed all night long.

Things are great now, but they weren’t always that way. I used to have a home, but I really didn’t get the attention or love that I deserved. I was out in the yard most of the time. One day someone left the gate open so I decided to explore the world outside. As you can imagine, that’s where all my troubles began. I got lost and it was cold and dark and very scary to a tiny guy like me. I was so sick and so hungry I just didn’t know what I was to do. To make a long story short, after some time on the street I lucked out and became a furkid.

Timmy Now I’m all better and all my troubles are behind me. The only thing is that now that I have a home, I don’t want to leave. I like the car but when we go for walks I can’t help but remember how scary it was before and want to run right back to the safety of my home. Dad says that I will get over this, and I hope I can, but I will need a very understanding family to help me along the way. In the meantime, I am as happy as I can be in the house and yard.

My aunties say that everyone who meets me thinks I’m awfully cute and oh-so-friendly! I like big people and small people and everyone in between. I’m also cute, smart and very affectionate. I’m a great little guy who loves to be with people, is eager to please and ready to learn – I’m just about housebroken and am working hard on my commands, and did I mention bubbling over with love and joy!

The one thing you should know is that I’m very puppy-like and need to have some training so I can become the best little guy that I can be. Oh! and I really don’t care much for cats.

So if you have a furkid, big or small, a nice yard for me to run in and are around most of the time, just ask for T (tiny) I (intelligent) M (merrymaking monkey) M (marvelous) Y (youthful), that’s me. I can’t wait to meet you!

Tail wags and kisses,
Terrific, Talented and Totally adorable Timmy
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