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Here are furkids who are currently in foster care and ready to meet Forever Families. Please note, our foster moms and dads have the ‘first right of adoption’. If you are interested in fostering, please learn why this is so rewarding by visiting our Why Foster page and then complete our volunteer application.

Since we update this page frequently, please check back for more new bios, photos, and furkid information!

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Hi Everyone, Princess
My name is Princess and I’m a darling (and very pretty) little Bichon girl of five who loves to be petted and snuggled. My foster Dad says that I’m sweet, shy, huggable, loveable, calm and a bit flirty. Mom says I love to be carried and watch the world from your arms. When she calls me, I cock my head to the side as if to say “Who me? You want me?” Mom and Dad agree that I’m bichon perfection!

I’m fine with older children (Mom doesn’t have any young ones around) and love to play ball. I wait for you to throw the ball, then run lickity-split to find it– and will kind of bring it back to you (but not always within reach). I also like to play ball by myself.

Princess Did I mention that I love to go for rides in the car (or truck) and that I also like walks (and am great on a leash)? I’m also housebroken but Mom says I’m kind of afraid of the doggy door. (She’s working with me on that, because it has only been a few days.)

Mom says I’m a pretty content and not anxious. I’m happy to hang out in a place of my own, knowing that Mom and Dad are around –and that I’m safe and loved. Basically, I’m a happy little girl who is easy to be around and wants to please. Dad says “to know me is to love me.” Awww, thanks, Dad!

I definitely am a little princess who will nose my way into your arms wherever you are and no matter what you are doing. So if you are looking for a sweet, content and calm little girl will bat her beautiful brown eyes and cock my head to listen to you.. then please fill out an application and ask for Princess. I’ll be waiting!

Hugs and cuddles,
Pretty and Personable Princess
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Hello World, Oliver
My name is Oliver and I’m one year old and as cute as can be. Mom says I have a luxurious white coat, hazel eyes and a cute little pink nose like a bunny. I am a playful, smart (more about that later) and active pup of about 16 lbs, who enjoys attention and lots of long walks.

Dad says I’m a natural entertainer, who brightens every day with my happy smile. On the other hand, I’m aways happy to see him because to me, nothing is better than being with my people. I’m so excited to see Mom or Dad when they get home. In fact, I do this thing called “Oliver’s doggy waltz”. I dance on my hind legs while doing the bichon wave which, according to both Mom and Dad, is completely adorable.

Another thing I enjoy (not just enjoy, LOVE) is a good game of fetch. I will play fetch until I’m too tired to chase the ball, but this brings me to why I am so smart. When I get too tired to chase the ball I just bring Dad my stuffed toy. I can continue the game but Dad can’t throw it as far and it doesn’t bounce away, so that way I don’t have to run so far. Pretty smart, huh?

But life isn’t only just about chasing balls, I also love to play tug of war with my doggy foster sister. Mom says we are hilarious and entertaining to watch – and we can play that way all day long, too. (The size difference never occurred to me. I think we are truly kindred spirits!)

Then there’s this thing called ‘going for a walk.’ Whee! When the harness comes out, I am ready to go. I love my long walks, and if you are up for it, a run is nice too. Need to go somewhere in the car? I love that too. I sit like a gentleman in the back seat watching the world go by. Anywhere you want to go, I want to be there too. Mom calls me her velcro dog.

Oliver After a hard day of playing, I’m content to go to my doggy bed and sleep quietly through the night. But when morning comes, I jump up into the Big People’s bed and dive under the covers. We play this game called “monster under the covers” I, of course, play the monster (that is the fun part) and Mom and Dad try to catch me. Being the gentleman I am though, I always let them win.

Remember how I said I was smart? Well another reason is that I know all my commands including sit, sit-stay, down, down stay, come, heel and up. I catch on very quickly and would love to learn some tricks too! Oh and one more thing. Mom said to tell you that I also don’t mind being with those funny creatures that people call cats.

Mom and Dad want you to know that while I had a rough beginning to my life I have learned that people can be good and kind but need what my aunties call an experienced home and one with no small children. I need a home that includes lots of play and activity, where I will have structure and boundaries – and a big doggy brother or sister would be great too.

Oh yes, before I forget, Mom says that you probably want to know what my name stands for, so here it is: OLIVER = O is for Obedient and Oodles of fun, L is for Loving, I is for Intelligent, V is for Vim and Vigor, E is for Energetic, R is for Remarkable in every way!

So if you are looking for a great buddy, who is active, loves to play and is very, very smart, and have another furkid, then I’m your guy. Just ask for me and I’ll be waiting to meet you.

Tail wags and play time,
Original and One of A Kind, Oliver
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Hi Wonderful People, Sparkle
My name is Sparkle and I’m a little Bichon mix of about two, with a sweet face, gorgeous champagne colored hair and weighing about 15 pounds. I was rescued from a bad situation and, am incredibly happy to be living with my foster Mom. I think she’s just about the best thing that ever happened to me. Mom’s teaching me all kinds of things and I’m learning really fast!

I’ve already got ‘quite’ a reputation! People that know me say I’m smart (more on that later), sweet, playful, cuddly (and more on that, too!) and like to be the center of attention.

I have lots of foster furkid friends but don’t always pay a lot of attention to them. I do one special foster brother, though, that I truly like and enjoy. We go on long walks (over a mile) and that makes me a Fitbit kind of girl. Want a walking companion that you can talk to? I’m signing up for the job!

Sparkle Besides being sweet, affectionate, playful and incredibly cute (!) I’m also SMART and catch on quickly. (Remember I said I was going to tell you about that?) Mom says I’ve mastered lots of commands and have an amazing recall! I know ‘sit’, ‘quiet’, ‘wait’, ‘off’ and, of course ‘come.’ Now you might think that ‘come’ is a natural but it is definitely not – so Mom is happy that I recognize my name and come when I’m called.

Did I mention that I like to be the center of attention and that I liked to be touched? Mom says I can be cuddled and cradled like a baby. Doesn’t that sound great? I think so! While I’m very adaptable (Mom says I can adjust to almost any environment) I do need an experienced adopter who is home a lot. Like most of my bichons brethren, I don’t do well being left alone for hours on end.

I would be happiest in a home with someone who wants an adorable, loving and protective little girlfriend who likes to go for long walks and car rides. We could hang out and do our hair and nails and I would keep my Forever Mom laughing and smiling just to be in her company. That would be just perfect! A young and playful furkid brother or sister could be fun as well. Mom doesn’t think I would do well with young children or too busy a household.

In the meantime, I’ll keep walking and being fit – and will look forward to meeting you and showing you what a great little girl I am,

Tail wags and doggy kisses,
Sweet and Snuggly Sparkle
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Hello New Friends! Nico
My name is Nico and I’m a sweet and gentle little guy who is an amazing companion and supreme snuggler! I’m awesome with children (even the very young ones) and love to be near my people (but am never intrusive). I also love meeting new dogs! My foster Mom says I have puppy dog eyes that look at you with love – and that I have the ability to ‘materialize’ from almost anywhere if I think you have food or a treat.

Dad says I’m a quiet and loving little lap dog – but I’m not a couch potato! I have an endearing and curious nature, like to explore my environment and have bursts of energy and playfulness – but that snuggling is my specialty. Dad and Mom agree; one look at my cute little face and you will fall in love.

Once upon a time, I had a wonderful home with a Mom who loved and took care of me- and I was the happiest pup on earth. But one sad day, Mom went to Heaven and I was taken to the shelter, which was a pretty scary place for a mellow and gentle soul like me. Luckily, my BFK Aunties came and scooped me up, because they could see that I was a great guy who would make a wonderful companion.

Nico Now, I am a little bit older than the average guy you see on our website. In fact, I’m about 10 years young. But I am healthy and loving and cheerful- and little guys like me can have a really long life. Mom says that I like to go on short leash walks and to explore the yard. I also love car rides. Sometimes I curl up and sleep the whole way, and other times, I sit on my Dad’s lap and look out the window and grin.

At home, I’m the perfect buddy for a snuggle in front of the TV, or a little nap on the sofa. I’m a quiet, gentle guy who doesn’t cause any trouble at all. I stick right by my people and will even and will even nudge my little, wet nose against your legs just to make sure you know I am right there next to you! Mom says that having me around is like having a visit from an old friend, who fits right in.

So now I’m hoping that somebody out there is looking for a loving, gentle guy like me, to “fit right in” at their home. Do you think you and your family might have a place for me in your hearts? Do you have children or grandchildren you want to teach about unconditional love? I’m happy to help you do that! Could you help me write a happy ending to my story? If so, please write, just as soon as you can, and ask for Nico. I’ll be waiting with a smile and a loving look in my eyes.

Tail wags and bichon kisses,
Never-failing and Nobel Nico
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Hi Everybody, Rascal
My name is Rascal and I am an affectionate little guy of one, very puppy-like and adorable. I weigh about 15 pounds and I’m known for my beautiful cream and brandy colored coat and gorgeous soulful dark eyes that make Mom melt. (I’ve never actually seen her melt, but that’s what she says!​) I’m a very happy, handsome, loving and lucky boy. Let’s start with why I am so lucky.

Until a few weeks ago, I was living in the shelter with lots of other dogs in my ‘cage’ and I was doing everything I could think of to get out. I smiled a lot and licked hands a lot and did whatever tricks I knew – and, guess what? It worked! Now I have a foster Mom who is great, a doggy foster brother who kind of looks like me (and thinks I’m a really ​terrific guy) and ​I get to cuddle. (​Mom​ says I’m the one who likes to cuddle but I tell h​er​ it takes two!)

Mom says I’m a sweet and lovable little guy who is well-mannered, smart and learns quickly. She says I’m a very playful and active companion ​– ​and ​that I ​love to run and play with my doggie foster brother. We play so much that I take little power naps so I can be refreshed and ready to go.

Rascal I’m not ​only about ​running and playing though​!​ ​N​o siree, I like to relax and chew my toys ( I am still a puppy, after all​.​) And when I want attention, I just look Mom right in the eyes so she will pick me up then we can snuggle (​F​or all we are worth!)

I really like to go on my walks. I​’​m very well mannered and ​stay​ right ​by Mom’s​ side. The other thing I like to do is ride in the car! I​n fact I​ just LOVE to ride in the car! The minute someone goes into the garage​, there I am – ready to jump in the car and go for a ride. Initially, I like to look outside while we are riding, then I sit down and let the world go by. Mom says you simply couldn’t find a better companion to do whatever you want to do, wherever you want to do it!

After entertaining my family throughout the day, I get to sleep in the ​B​ig P​eople’s bed​. ​And I sleep quietly all through the night​. ​As soon as Mom makes eye contact with me, I know it’s time to get up and start the day.) And of course, ​being the true​ gentleman​ that I am​, I​’​m housebroken.

Oops I almost forgot to tell you: I am learning commands, and already know my name, “come”, “sit”, and my favorite, “Let’s go!”. Mom says I’m smart and want to please so there’s lots more that I can learn.

I enjoy the company of ​both ​people and other​ pups​ so my Forever Home ​needs​ to have both: people to play and snuggle with, and a doggie sister or brother​!​ ​T​hat would ​make me smile even more!​

So if you are looking for a lovebug of a guy who is playful, active, intelligent and special in many ways​,​ please ask for me.

Tails wags and bichon kisses,
Remarkable​, Resilient​ and ​R​eceptive​ Rascal​
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Hi People, Duncan
My name is Darling, Devoted Duncan and I’m both a lover and a keeper! I’m an adorable seven year old bichon​ who is​ super cuddle sized at around 30 pounds​ (my Dad says I’m a man-sized bichon but Mom says I’m just a cuddle bug!) Mom says bigger is better because there is more of me to love and more love for me to give. (I am very good at that!​) She says I’m a sweet and happy boy who is eager to please and fun to have around. ​(​Aw ​gee, thanks, Mom). I love to go on walks and rides in the car- and am always good natured. Mom​ says I​ look up at you with the most expressive brown eyes and always​ have a smile on my face!

My ​Dad says I’m an​ affectionate little ​guy​ who will follow you from room to room. I like to sit at your feet or in your lap. Being with ​(​and near you​)​ is important to me. I’m very interested in people because I was left alone so much before (more about that later)! And ​Dad​ wants you to know that I am a champion at playing fetch ( I’ll even bring the ball back – you tell me that isn’t special). At night I’m known to sleep as close as I can to my person​ ​- but I’m not intrusive! (Mom says I am a sound sleeper​ who sleeps​ in the ​B​ig ​P​eople​’​s bed all night long​,​ like the very good boy that I am.)

You will find me to be very enthusiastic about life! While I’m not much of a barker, I will let you know something is happening, I get along great with other furkids and people but because I’m a bigger guy, kids over 8 are best. And of course, like a true gentleman, I know how to use the doggie door and am housebroken.

Duncan Mom ​and Dad agree that ​I’m a very sweet boy who deserves a forever home where I can love and be loved. You see, I had a home once, but my first Mom and Dad traveled a lot and were rarely home. I spent many​, many​ many hours alone​–​ or ​was ​boarded at the vet’s office for weeks on end. I was very sad and lonely and didn’t get ​the kind of​ attention​ that a good bichon boy deserves!​ I would hope every day that they would come to see me​. In fact, ​every time someone walked by I would run to the front of my kennel hoping ​my owners​ had come for a visit, but they never did.

Since I became a furkid though, things have ​REALLY​ improved. I have a wonderful foster family who loves me and plays with me and gives me lots of attention. ​They have lots of bichons for me to play with and that’s fun, too!​ ​The ​only thing ​that ​is missing is that I want and deserve a family of my own. Could you be the one I have been looking for? If you are around most of the time​ and want the world’s best companion​ I will be happy to ​apply​​. ​Having a FurKid brother or sister​ (or two)​ would be fine too.

So if you are looking for a love of a guy who is sweet, mellow, ​cuddly​ and affectionate, then look no further. I​ ​​will ​be waiting to meet you ​with a smile on my face and a look that says I love you​!

Love, cuddles and supersized snuggles​,​
Dashing, ​Darling and Devoted​ Duncan​

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Hello Everyone, Munchkin
I’m Munchkin and I’m an ‘honorary bichon’ and a total FurKid! I’m 14 pounds of love and cuddles in a cute white and caramel body. I love to do all the things that bichons love to do like go for long walks (I do a mile without breaking a sweat), rides in the car (I’m an amazing passenger) cuddles on the couch and with the kids. (Did I mention that I’m gentle and loving with kids?) And I’m amazingly lovable. Why Mom and Dad can hold me upside down like a baby and I’m content to lie there for as long as I can!

My foster doggy brothers and sisters think I’m a very mellow and sweet little girl – and that’s true. I like to hang out with them and enjoy their company. Mom says I’m a very special little spirit and that I touch the heart of everyone that meets me, especially when they know my story.

You see before I became a FurKid my life was pretty hard. I came into the shelter as a stray with purple dye all over my face and body. It was pretty clear, given how cute I am, that I was used as a breeder dog for about six years, left outside and neglected. Rather than ruin my spirit though, I remained a sweet, loving little girl. I guess I hoped in my heart that there would be a guardian angel who would recognize my sweetness and change my life story. And guess what! That happened!

Munchkin One day at the shelter one of my BFK Aunties came to visit. She spent time with me and, even after she left, could not forget the sweetness in my face and my spirit. Well a couple of days passed and she and Aunt Marti came to visit again. This time I was my most convincing self! The next thing I knew I was on my way to an amazing foster family who has embraced me totally! Mom and Dad have made me feel loved and secure. My human brother and sister have helped me master the art of cuddling (truth be told I didn’t need too much practice) and well I told you about my doggy foster brothers and sisters already. I’m one of a pack and get to feel love and human compassion all day and night.

Speaking of night, I get to sleep on an ottoman in Mom and Dad’s bedroom (the bed is filled with the other furkids) but someday in my forever family I would LOVE to sleep in the Big People’s bed. Did I mention that I’m housebroken, working on a few commands and grateful for a second chance at what is now a wonderful life?

So if you have a home with other furkids and a heart as big as mine, please reach out and let’s meet.

Tail wags and snuggles galore,
Magnificent and aMazing Munchkin
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Hello World!​ Sammy
My name is Sammy but you can call me Go With the Flow Sam. Now you might think that’s kind of funny but it really describes the kind of guy I am. Why, I’m the kind of pup who wants to do what you want to do, when you want to do it​, whether that’s taking a walk, going for a ride or chilling in the yard​. That’s what my foster Mom calls ‘the flow.’ And I’m amazingly adaptable and adaptive, too. (I’m quite sure that’s a good thing to be ’cause Mom smiles when she says it! I’m a gentle respectful guy who never takes anything for granted.

Mom calls me Mr. ​Cuteness ​and​ Mr. Adorable! ​Not bragging but ​I​ ​AM an incredibly appealing little guy ​of ​about ​18 months​ and ​cuddle sized at 21 lbs. I have big brown eyes that you can get lost in – and I look at you with ​complete and total​ understanding when you talk with me ​– ​and pay close attention to everything you say.​ Mom says I really want to please – and I go with the flow.

You see, I never really had a Mom and Dad ​who ​truly ​cared about me​ so all this love and affection is still quite new to me.​ I’m making up for all that now​ that I’m a furkid!. I’m learning all about toys and playing and how wonderful it is to be in a loving home where I get pets and cuddles and lots of affection.

Sammy Now you might think that those are all things that pups do – but until recently I didn’t get to do them! Since I became a FurKid, though, life is so much more fun – and every day I have new things that Mom calls ‘experiences.’ (I call them ‘fun’ but for Mom’s sake I can also call them experiences!)

Dad says that Buddy would be a great nickname for me because that is just what I am — and what I am good at. I’m the best buddy you could ask for. I am talented, too, and particularly talented at charming my way ​i​nto your heart. I am content just to be in your presence and be a peaceful, easygoing companion. Are you looking for a friend like me? I am​the world’s very best listener.

Did I mention that I​ love to go for walks​? ​​Mom says I’m an excellent walker and I stay right by her side. ​I also l​ove​​ to zip around town in ​Mom’s​ car. She says I keep very busy looking at everything I can. I tell her I’m happy to be ​her​ companion and to go along for a ride! Life is good when I am with my Mom and Dad. ​They​ also want you to know that I am crate trained and​​ housebroken (​thats not a typo either​!)

​Although I get along famously with big people, I am not so sure about little ones so I would do better in what my BFK aunties call an adult home and ​would do well as an only pup where I can give, and receive, lots of love​. Are you looking for a new best friend? I would like to apply for the job. Just fill out the application and ask for me​. I’ll be watching for it!​

​Tail wags and mellow times await!​
​S​ensational, ​S​pecial and ​S​weet​ ​Sammy
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