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Here are furkids who are currently in foster care and ready to meet Forever Families. Please note, our foster moms and dads have the ‘first right of adoption’. If you are interested in fostering, please learn why this is so rewarding by visiting our Why Foster page and then complete our volunteer application.

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Hello World, Bobbi
My name is Bobbi and I’m a one-year-old Bichon who is as cute as I can be. (Now I’m not saying that. I’m just repeating what people tell me and I sure do appreciate that!) Mom says I have a luxurious white coat, love to cuddle, enjoy attention and enjoy my walks. I also love to go for rides in the car. There are so many things that are new experiences for me and I’m excited about learning and exploring.

You might say I’m an independent pup, however, I’m also a cuddle bug. I’m good with adults and older children (I think they’re called teens) and am almost housebroken. Mom says I’m working hard to get to sleep in the Big People’s Bed because being next to my person is important to me.

I’m very puppy-like and tend to play a little rough. I’ve just discovered these things called ‘toys’ and I like to squeak and shake them. Whee, that’s fun! I also do what Mom calls ‘playing with my mouth.’ She is working on that – and that’s why little kids would not be good for me, as I still need to learn about ‘the right touch’ and a ‘soft mouth.’

Bobbi My Aunties say I’m smart, happy and want to please. I’m not a barker but I don’t like when Mom asks me to go into my crate (so I have to tell her about that, you know.) I do settle down pretty quickly when Mom has to leave though and I’m always very happy when she returns. When I’m allowed to stay in a confined space, I do much better with no barking or crying.

My doggy foster brothers are older than I am so we don’t interact a lot. That’s ok because I’m still a very young and active little girl who can entertain herself quite easily– and I’m learning new things to do all the time.

After a day filled with walks and rides, training and treats, play and snuggling, I settle in and sleep quietly all night long.

Mom wants you to know that while I had a rough beginning to my life (you may have read about my emergency life-saving surgery on Facebook. If not I can tell you about it sometime.) I have learned that people can be good and kind. I need a controlled environment, someone who is patient and who will give me structure. I am fine ok as an only FurKid with someone to love and adore me – and I, of course, would love and adore them to the Moon and back.

So if that sounds like you let’s meet. In the meantime, I’m practicing all the things Mom has shown me and getting ready for my forever family and home.

Tail wags and bichon kisses,
Beautiful and Breezy Bobbi
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Hello World, Johnny
My name is Joyous Johnny – and I’m a very cute Bichon boy of six or seven with a beautiful face, a happy smile and a very gentle way about me. Besides being sweet, affectionate and eager to please I am also very SMART. I’m a quick learner and now know all my commands (I’m also happy to learn more- and maybe even some tricks!). I’m a lover who is good with children as well as adults, am crate trained and completely housebroken (and that’s no typo) and of course, being the gentleman that I am, I have perfect manners.

Dad says to tell you that I’m gentle and patient with kids and other dogs (I love to be petted and receive attention. Oh, he means petted by the kids, of course​!)​ I’m never needy​ though.​ I happily greet anyone I meet on our walks. Mom says I’ve never, ever met a stranger ’cause I think everyone is my new best friend.

I love to chase balls in the yard (and ​I actually bring ​them​ back​! How’s that for being fun to play with?​) ​I also​ play chase and tug​-of-war​ with my doggy​​ foster sister. Mom calls me an excellent role model because my puppy sister can be a bit of a brat. I’m very tolerant though because I am a very good boy and want to make ​M​om proud.

I like to ride in the car but what I really enjoy​ most​ are my walks​!​ (​T​he minute Mom gets the harness and leash out I know that we will soon be on our way – and I like that a lot! I love long walks, but lots of short ones are OK too. I’m happy to go anywhere or do anything as long as I am with my people. Big people called adults or small people called kids, I love them all.

I weigh in at 19 pounds soaking wet (and about the same when I’m dry, too!) Mom says that good things come in cuddle​-​sized packages and I’m an incredibly cute ‘package.’ (I’m not sure what that means but she smiles when she says it!) ​Mom and Dad agree​ that I have a peaceful, calm way about me which makes me very easy to be around​ -​and ​I’m ​the best companion that you will ever find.

Johnny As the day winds to a close you will often find me on the bed, waiting for Mom​, ​Dad​ or one of the (human) boys​ to join me. (I kind of figure if I go there and they come to find me that they might decide I’m just too adorable to leave on the bed by myself – so they’ll hop in.) Needless to say, I sleep contentedly in the Big People’s bed all night long, with a smile on my face!

​While I’m just about perfect​ and pretty darn special​, I ​also​ have one little thing that my Mom said I should tell you, ​I see 20/20 out of one of my eyes but the other one doesn’t see​ very well​. ​Since​ I have two ​I manage beautifully and it doesn’t affect my activities or my love of life and people.

​Everyone agrees that I deserve a great person, couple or family ​who is ready for a very best buddy​. I’m looking for someone who will​ spend time with me and make me part of their world. ​While I can happily and quietly sit on the couch or in my bed ​while​ you are busy​,​ I’m truly happiest being with my people​,​ loving​ them to pieces. Well, maybe not pieces, but you get the idea. I can either be with other furkids or can be the only pup in the house, as long as I have ‘my people.’

So if you’re looking for a sweet, patient, gentle and very cute little guy, who has a heart full of love, just ask for me. I’ll be waiting to meet you.

​Tail wags and lots of love,​

Jovial and Joyous and Genteel ​Johnny
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Hello People, Jiggs
My name is Jiggs and I’m a sweet, energetic, loving and good natured puppy of six months, weighing six and a half pounds with a sweet personality and a happy smile. My foster Mom says I’m a smart, affectionate, alert, playful, loving and all-around great guy who little guy who loves other dogs, cats and people! (Can you tell she kind of likes me?)

I’m playful and active (of course, Mom, I’m a puppy!) and I entertain myself already. You see, I have these special things called ‘toys’ that I am very fond of. I like to bring them all together in a pile (or a circle) where I can ‘test’ them out one at a time. I’m so cute that people gather around me to see what I’m doing. They just watch, though, and think I’m adorable (I’m not bragging… that’s what everyone says!)

Even though I’m just a puppy I’m already learning to be housebroken (Mom says I’m about 80% there) and to walk on a leash. I’m a bit of an explorer too. I don’t get to wander off in search of new adventures by myself though (something I probably did before.) Instead, I get to put my harness on and go for walks with Mom! And that’s a good thing! Jiggs

I also answer to my name and am learning some commands. Because I’m super smart and want to please, I will master them in no time at all!

Mom wants you to know that I have just recovered from this thing called a surgery. (It had something to do with my leg and hip.) The surgery barely slowed me down (of course ‘cause I’m a puppy) but I’m all healed now and ready to race like the wind. (And ready to make up for lost time.) And at night, when all the excitement and fun of the day is over, I curl up like the good puppy that I am and sleep quietly in my crate.

Mom and my BFK Aunties all agree that I’m a great little guy with a lot of potential! (Aww, thanks people!) I would be happy in any family situation and would love it if there was another furkid or two in my forever home.

If I sound like the kind of pup you are looking for, please fill out an application and ask for me. I’d love to share my walks and fun times with you – and I promise to make you smile!.

Wags and hugs,
Joyous and Jubilant Jiggs
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Hi People, Ricky
We are Ricky and Lucy, a dynamic duo of about two who are happy, sweet and loving . I’m Ricky and I’m a darling little Havanese who thinks of himself as the man of the house. My foster mom says I’m sweet and loving — and a bit of a character. I weigh about 11 pounds and am a lover — great with kids and people of all sizes and shapes.

Lucy My kid sister Lucy is a little bichon ballerina who can stand on her hind legs and never lose her balance, She’s a bit more shy and reserved than I am initially — but once Lucy bonds with you, you’ll get to see her more playful side. (On the other hand she thinks of me as her ‘responsibility’ and is always checking on what I’m doing. Isn’t that funny?)

We like to play wrestle with each other (Dad calls it tormenting each other in a good way. Silly Dad!) and we like to go for walks and rides. Being outside on a leash is still rather new to us and we think it is really neat! Mom says we need a lot of practice, though, so she is showing us how to walk properly. She’s also teaching us some ‘basic commands’ Those are also new to us but we want to please and are eager to learn so it should be a ‘snap’ for us to learn to “speak the language”.

Lucy & Ricky Mom says that Lucy is not as brave or outgoing as I am but she loves to be petted and held once she’s comfortable. Dad says I’m a master kisser and “belly rub requester” – as well as a bit of a ham. (I think Dad likes that a lot, actually!) We are very playful with one another and inseparable. In fact we are happiest when we can snuggle together. (We even like to share the same crate – but have our own beds!)

Lucy and I get along well with other small dogs and we love people. We are good with older kids (we are used to be around the ones called ‘teens’ currently) but Mom and Dad don’t know how we would be with cats or younger children (as there aren’t any in our foster home.)

What we want most of all is a Forever Family ….and a home where we can be together, love and be loved (and where we can entertain you, too!)

If we sound like your kind of pups, please complete an application for us because we’d love to meet you. We’re looking forward to being in our Forever Home very soon.

Kisses and tail wags,
Irrepressible Ricky and Lovable Lucy (aka the Dynamic Duo!)
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Hello everybody! Precious
My name is Precious and, according to my foster mom, I live up to my name. I’m a personable, pleasant and dainty little bichon who is both demure and sweet (more on that in a minute) and very easy to have around.

Like many of my furkid brothers and sisters, I have a special story to tell. And it is being told by a pretty little girl who is pushing 12 pounds, is 12 years old and ready to spend the rest of her life as your loving companion.

You see, once upon a time I had a wonderful home with a Mom who loved and took care of me. But one day my Mom passed away and I was brought to a shelter by someone who didn’t understand what that would be like for a delicate little girl like me. You might have read about me because there were a lot of people saying that ‘somebody’ better get me out of that place. Luckily, my BFK Aunties heard about me and scooped me up, thank goodness! (They could see that I was a darling little girl who would make a wonderful friend.)

Now, I am a little bit older than the average furkid you see on the website, but I’m all bichon. I love the things that bichons love like going on walks, (I move really fast when I see the leashes come out! and going for rides (I sit on the seat with my paws on the window and look out) And I also love to watch TV, cook or ​read a book (Oh, silly me! That’s what Mom and Dad do but I’m happy to participate.)

Precious Besides enjoying my walks and rides, I ​love doing anything I can with my people. I’m a mellow little girl who loves to walk around the yard and sniff flowers.​ I might follow Mom or Dad from room to room then go to my little bed or the couch and curl up and take a nap. Dad says I’m not intrusive and always nice to have around ​– ​and that I don’t bark very much (​H​e says that’s really a plus!) and​ that​ my being so mellow is really​ nice.​

If you have to leave for a while, I’m happy to hang out. Mom says I can relax and sleep now (now that I don’t have to worry about something happening to me at that shelter) and I’m healing inside. I also saw a very nice man called a Veterinary Specialist. He gave me a shot to help my eye because the pressure was building up.​ Whew! I’m feeling better now and my eye isn’t hurting. I don’t see very well out of it but get around fine and am so happy to be pain-free.

So I’m looking for someone who wants a sweet, demure and loving little girl who is demure, agreeable and will help write a happy ending to my story. I’ll be waiting for you to let my Aunties know- then we can go for a nice walk or ride and take a nap together.

Tail wags and smiles,
Petite, Poised and Pretty Precious
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Hello New Friends! Nico
My name is Nico and I’m a sweet and gentle little guy who is an amazing companion and supreme snuggler! I’m awesome with children (even the very young ones) and love to be near my people (but am never intrusive). I also love meeting new dogs! My foster Mom says I have puppy dog eyes that look at you with love – and that I have the ability to ‘materialize’ from almost anywhere if I think you have food or a treat.

Dad says I’m a quiet and loving little lap dog – but I’m not a couch potato! I have an endearing and curious nature, like to explore my environment and have bursts of energy and playfulness – but that snuggling is my specialty. Dad and Mom agree; one look at my cute little face and you will fall in love.

Once upon a time, I had a wonderful home with a Mom who loved and took care of me- and I was the happiest pup on earth. But one sad day, Mom went to Heaven and I was taken to the shelter, which was a pretty scary place for a mellow and gentle soul like me. Luckily, my BFK Aunties came and scooped me up, because they could see that I was a great guy who would make a wonderful companion.

Nico Now, I am a little bit older than the average guy you see on our website. In fact, I’m about 10 years young. But I am healthy and loving and cheerful- and little guys like me can have a really long life. Mom says that I like to go on short leash walks and to explore the yard. I also love car rides. Sometimes I curl up and sleep the whole way, and other times, I sit on my Dad’s lap and look out the window and grin.

At home, I’m the perfect buddy for a snuggle in front of the TV, or a little nap on the sofa. I’m a quiet, gentle guy who doesn’t cause any trouble at all. I stick right by my people and will even and will even nudge my little, wet nose against your legs just to make sure you know I am right there next to you! Mom says that having me around is like having a visit from an old friend, who fits right in.

So now I’m hoping that somebody out there is looking for a loving, gentle guy like me, to “fit right in” at their home. Do you think you and your family might have a place for me in your hearts? Do you have children or grandchildren you want to teach about unconditional love? I’m happy to help you do that! Could you help me write a happy ending to my story? If so, please write, just as soon as you can, and ask for Nico. I’ll be waiting with a smile and a loving look in my eyes.

Tail wags and bichon kisses,
Never-failing and Nobel Nico
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Hi People, Duncan
My name is Darling, Devoted Duncan and I’m both a lover and a keeper! I’m an adorable seven year old bichon​ who is​ super cuddle sized at around 30 pounds​ (my Dad says I’m a man-sized bichon but Mom says I’m just a cuddle bug!) Mom says bigger is better because there is more of me to love and more love for me to give. (I am very good at that!​) She says I’m a sweet and happy boy who is eager to please and fun to have around. ​(​Aw ​gee, thanks, Mom). I love to go on walks and rides in the car- and am always good natured. Mom​ says I​ look up at you with the most expressive brown eyes and always​ have a smile on my face!

My ​Dad says I’m an​ affectionate little ​guy​ who will follow you from room to room. I like to sit at your feet or in your lap. Being with ​(​and near you​)​ is important to me. I’m very interested in people because I was left alone so much before (more about that later)! And ​Dad​ wants you to know that I am a champion at playing fetch ( I’ll even bring the ball back – you tell me that isn’t special). At night I’m known to sleep as close as I can to my person​ ​- but I’m not intrusive! (Mom says I am a sound sleeper​ who sleeps​ in the ​B​ig ​P​eople​’​s bed all night long​,​ like the very good boy that I am.)

You will find me to be very enthusiastic about life! While I’m not much of a barker, I will let you know something is happening, I get along great with other furkids and people but because I’m a bigger guy, kids over 8 are best. And of course, like a true gentleman, I know how to use the doggie door and am housebroken.

Duncan Mom ​and Dad agree that ​I’m a very sweet boy who deserves a forever home where I can love and be loved. You see, I had a home once, but my first Mom and Dad traveled a lot and were rarely home. I spent many​, many​ many hours alone​–​ or ​was ​boarded at the vet’s office for weeks on end. I was very sad and lonely and didn’t get ​the kind of​ attention​ that a good bichon boy deserves!​ I would hope every day that they would come to see me​. In fact, ​every time someone walked by I would run to the front of my kennel hoping ​my owners​ had come for a visit, but they never did.

Since I became a furkid though, things have ​REALLY​ improved. I have a wonderful foster family who loves me and plays with me and gives me lots of attention. ​They have lots of bichons for me to play with and that’s fun, too!​ ​The ​only thing ​that ​is missing is that I want and deserve a family of my own. Could you be the one I have been looking for? If you are around most of the time​ and want the world’s best companion​ I will be happy to ​apply​​. ​Having a FurKid brother or sister​ (or two)​ would be fine too.

So if you are looking for a love of a guy who is sweet, mellow, ​cuddly​ and affectionate, then look no further. I​ ​​will ​be waiting to meet you ​with a smile on my face and a look that says I love you​!

Love, cuddles and supersized snuggles​,​
Dashing, ​Darling and Devoted​ Duncan​

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