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Here are furkids who are currently in foster care and ready to meet Forever Families. Please note, our foster moms and dads have the ‘first right of adoption’. If you are interested in fostering, please learn why this is so rewarding by visiting our Why Foster page and then complete our volunteer application.

Since we update this page frequently, please check back for more new bios, photos, and furkid information!

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Hi Everybody, Baxter
My name is Baxter and I’m a darling bichon/maltese mix of about three and a half years who loves people, other dogs and life and I tip the scale at a whopping 9 pounds. My foster mom says I’m just about the cutest kid on the block. I exude cuteness. I personify cuteness. I am the epitome of cuteness. That’s what she says. And that’s despite a bad hair cut! (Can you tell she kind of likes me?)

I love to run and jump and PLAY! Mom says I run like the wind, sit for treats, love to cuddle and did I mention love to go for walks? When I do, I have a certain bounce in my step. (I think that shows I’m really happy, which, since I’m a furkid, I am!) I also like to go for rides in the car (I’m a good co-pilot but not one for crates please. No siree I like the Snoozer lookout seats so I can see the world around me!) I’m also good with children, babies, men and women!

Baxter Dad says I know some commands like sit, stay and come — and I’m eager to learn even more! And he says that when it’s time to go to bed, I can sleep anywhere as long as it’s on top of you, under the covers or next to you. I never like to be too far away. Of course, being a gentleman I’m also housebroken.

Mom says I’m an adorable, eager, energetic, funny and loyal little guy. And happy! Did I mention that I’m almost always smiling and happy to be in a loving home?

So if you are looking for a sweet, cuddly, loyal and very adorable pup who will be your best friend and companion ever, and if you have another furkid or two for me to play with, then please ask for me.

Tail wags and prances
Beloved and Boyish Baxter
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Hello World!​ Sammy
My name is Sammy but you can call me Go With the Flow Sam. Now you might think that’s kind of funny but it really describes the kind of guy I am. Why, I’m the kind of pup who wants to do what you want to do, when you want to do it​, whether that’s taking a walk, going for a ride or chilling in the yard​. That’s what my foster Mom calls ‘the flow.’ And I’m amazingly adaptable and adaptive, too. (I’m quite sure that’s a good thing to be ’cause Mom smiles when she says it! I’m a gentle respectful guy who never takes anything for granted.

Mom calls me Mr. ​Cuteness ​and​ Mr. Adorable! ​Not bragging but ​I​ ​AM an incredibly appealing little guy ​of ​about ​18 months​ and ​cuddle sized at 21 lbs. I have big brown eyes that you can get lost in – and I look at you with ​complete and total​ understanding when you talk with me ​– ​and pay close attention to everything you say.​ Mom says I really want to please – and I go with the flow.

You see, I never really had a Mom and Dad ​who ​truly ​cared about me​ so all this love and affection is still quite new to me.​ I’m making up for all that now​ that I’m a furkid!. I’m learning all about toys and playing and how wonderful it is to be in a loving home where I get pets and cuddles and lots of affection.

Sammy Now you might think that those are all things that pups do – but until recently I didn’t get to do them! Since I became a FurKid, though, life is so much more fun – and every day I have new things that Mom calls ‘experiences.’ (I call them ‘fun’ but for Mom’s sake I can also call them experiences!)

Dad says that Buddy would be a great nickname for me because that is just what I am — and what I am good at. I’m the best buddy you could ask for. I am talented, too, and particularly talented at charming my way ​i​nto your heart. I am content just to be in your presence and be a peaceful, easygoing companion. Are you looking for a friend like me? I am​the world’s very best listener.

Did I mention that I​ love to go for walks​? ​​Mom says I’m an excellent walker and I stay right by her side. ​I also l​ove​​ to zip around town in ​Mom’s​ car. She says I keep very busy looking at everything I can. I tell her I’m happy to be ​her​ companion and to go along for a ride! Life is good when I am with my Mom and Dad. ​They​ also want you to know that I am crate trained and​​ housebroken (​thats not a typo either​!)

​Although I get along famously with big people, I am not so sure about little ones so I would do better in what my BFK aunties call an adult home and ​would do well as an only pup where I can give, and receive, lots of love​. Are you looking for a new best friend? I would like to apply for the job. Just fill out the application and ask for me​. I’ll be watching for it!​

​Tail wags and mellow times await!​
​S​ensational, ​S​pecial and ​S​weet​ ​Sammy
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Hi Everyone, Katie
My name is Kissable Katie and I’m a two-month-old charmer of a puppy. For someone as young and small as I am, I’m amazingly well socialized and pretty darn confident (as well as pretty darn cute!)

Mom says to tell you that I’m a happy, sweet and sometimes silly little puppy. I have a playful personality, my tail wags a lot and I’m about as full of love as any little girl can be. Oh, and did I tell you I like to snuggle about as much as I like to play? Well, I do!

Katie My human sister and doggy foster brother and sisters think I’m pretty adorable. They also think almost everything I do is adorable (well, maybe that’s more of what my sister thinks.) I do like to follow them around and am learning lots of ‘what dogs do’ behaviors. And since I’m smart I will master lots of things very quickly.

Dad says that if you are ready to fall in love with a ​darling little girl who has TONS of promise and lots of charisma (I didn’t know what that was but Dad says it’s a good thing) then please complete our adoption application​.

Please note that I must go to a home with another young pup so I can continue to learn how to be the bestest of all companions.

Tail wags and kisses,
​Kissable and Caressable Katie​
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Hello World! Lacey
My name is ​Ladylike ​Lacey and I’m a darling ​little​ girl of six, weighing ​about 12 or 13​ ​pounds​ and quite masterful at know​ing​ how to love and be loved. You see, I’m ​what you might call​ ​’​a Bond girl​’​. Now you probably think that has something to do with 007 but in my case it simply means I like to bond with my people! I have so much love to give and I truly enjoy getting love in return! I also have a well-deserved reputation for being a champion cuddler and ​your very ​best friend.

Mom says I’m a sensitive girl who is happy, smart, and sweet. (She thinks that’s a great combination.) ​ Dad says​ I’m housebroken (and drum roll please, have had no accidents​,​ ever!​ Why ​I will even go out in the rain!​- and this year that has been amazing!​)​ I​ know a number of commands like ‘sit’, ’shake hands​’​ and ‘come​’ ​( ​W​ell​ I do that​ most of the time) But my happiest time is when I am cuddling close to Mom or going with Mom on adventures.

I like to go for walks and meet and greet people along the way. Want to go for a ride? Yipee! I sit quietly in the car, n​ot ​making any noise or miss​ing​ a thing. ​T​ruly every day is a​n amazing​ adventure​–​ and as long as I’m close to my people, I’m loving every second of my life! When it’s time for bed I wait patiently for Mom to call me, then I jump up on the ​B​ig ​P​eoples bed and cuddle close all night long.

Lacey I’ll bet you think I’m pretty close to perfect (and so do Mom​ and Dad​.) There is one thing that I am working on very hard and wanted you to know. I am a little ​shy and anxious in a new situation​-​ or when left alone at first. ​With​ a little time ​and patience​ I ​become more​ comfortable and ​at ease.

​The challenge in my life is that Mom and Dad have these other young and rambunctious, playful furkids. They take a LOT of their time and energy – and as the little ladylike fluff that I am, I sit quietly back and observe but I also feel left out. I’m too dainty and demure to do play like those other pups do – in fact they are pretty rowdy and loud. ​It’s not that I don’t like them. It’s just that they are overwhelming and I don’t like ​having ​to share Mom​ and Dad​ with ​them​. I would ​much ​prefer to be​ the center of someone’s world and be their​ one and only.

So if you are looking for a darling little companion who is easy going and well behaved, has no needs other than to love and be loved (with lots of cuddles thrown in), please hurry and fill out an application because I’m waiting to meet you.

Tail wags and doggy kisses,
​L​ovable, ​L​oyal and ​L​adylike​ ​Lacey
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Hello People! Teddy
My name is Teddy and I’m a handsome, well behaved and very sweet Bichon boy who is seven years young and weighs 15 pounds. Mom says I’m a happy, playful and well trained little guy who is a great companion- always eager to please! I’m a cheerful pup who loves big people and small people and will always greet you with a big smile, a wagging tail and lots of love.

One of my favorite things to do is play this game called ‘Fetch’. I do a pretty darn good job of running after my toy – and Mom does a pretty darn good job of bringing it back. She says I get this mischievous little look on my face, smile and tease her – then she gets the toy and throws it again. (Mom says that shows how smart I am too!)

Another thing I love to do is go out and walk around town. (Walks are the best!) but that’s not all, I think the happiest I can possibly be is when I get to go for rides in the car. I love the wind in my face and getting to see so many new things and places. I look over to Mom and say ‘Thank you!’ and she just smiles and says I’m her best companion ever. To add to my resume, I come when I’m called, am housebroken (no typo there my friends!), playful and incredibly cute!

Teddy My ‘life story’ as you call it comes down to outlasting my owner. She loved me and loved me and loved me, even when she was sick. And then I lost her. Mom’s daughters have these creatures called ‘cats’ and they don’t like any kind of dog (and I’m one of the best.) So they had to find a place where I could hang out and be the bestest bichon in the world, while I’m waiting for my forever family to find me.

In the meantime I have a great foster Mom, two doggy foster friends to play and snuggle with and I’m not sad any more. Mom swears I am the absolutely very sweetest little guy she has ever, ever fostered – and that says a LOT!

Last but not least, I’m a loyal companion who is gentle and affectionate. I will make you smile at how cute and happy I am! I love other dogs and also love my people! What I’m looking for is a companion who likes to go for walks and rides, wants to cuddle and play – and who can give great belly rubs! I’d be happiest with another FurKid who can do all these things with us! Does that sound like you?

By the way while I get along well with other pups, I would probably also be fine as an ‘only pup’, with people that I can entertain, love and adore.

So if you are looking for a joyful, handsome boy who wants to be loved and belong, let’s meet so we can fall in love.

Tails wags and bichon kisses.
Terrifically and Tremendously Touching Teddy
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Hi Everyone! Maggie
My name is Marvelous Miss Maggie and I’m an amazingly happy Bichon who is as affectionate as I am adorable. (Now, I’m not bragging! That’s what everyone says about me!) I’m a fluffy and sweet girl of 4 or 5 weighing about 17 lbs., with a sweet face to match my sweet spirit! I love to be held, petted and cuddled. And I’m so darn lovable that someone is always ready to do just that, thank goodness! I am a sensitive girl and always know people who love pups like me — and I greet them with lots of doggy kisses.

Speaking of things I love, I LOVE to sit on your lap and LOVE to snuggle (and maybe even catch a few winks.), I LOVE the little people called kids and the big ones called adults. I also LOVE to go for rides in the car and walks. And I love ALL the things that bichons love – like ‘helping’ you do anything you want to do — and keeping you company. I also love to make Mom laugh. I do this thing that she calls the “Copacabana shake”. It starts at the top (of me, that is!), continues down my middle and ends with a shimmy (just like a dancer!) It’s really easy to get Mom’s attention when I do it because she stops whatever she is doing to watch.

Just about the only thing that I don’t love is those strange creatures called cats. Although I do love to chase them, does that count?

Maggie Mom suspects that before I became a FurKid, I probably didn’t have the easiest of lives and no one took the time to teach me ‘the basics’. I definitely want to learn, though, and am happy to show my interest and appreciation. Mom says you can definitely win me over with kindness and praise! That’s why I have already learned to come when I am called and I’m working hard on other commands too!

One important thing you should know is that I am completely housebroken (and that’s no typo!) There is something else that I want to tell you and that makes Mom love me even more. You see I have these funky teeth! When I smile (I am a very happy little girl!) you can see that I was born with teeth that are not quite straight – but I can run, jump, play and eat just fine. Mom says that they are just another endearing trait. (I’m not sure what that means but I think it means another thing she loves about me!)

So if you are looking for a sweet little girl who is quiet, loyal, well-mannered, eager to please, who will snuggle with you for hours on end and be your best companion ever, then please ask for me.

Wags and kisses,
Marvelous and Magnificent Miss Maggie
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Hi People, Georgie
Please allow me to introduce myself: My name is Georgie, or as my BFK aunties call me, Gorgeous Georgie. I’m eleven and a half pounds of sweetness and cuteness in a small black, brown and white package. Well, I’m not really a package, I’m actually a handsome and friendly Havanese boy of five. My foster Mom calls me a precious lovebug and says I’m affectionate and snuggly — a really good boy who loves people, walks and treats.

Mom said to tell you that I am a great companion and a champion cuddler who loves to snuggle up very close, as soon as you sit down. And while I’m a quiet and respectful gentleman in the house, when it’s time to go out, I am ready to go! I should tell you that my most favorite thing to do is to go for walks. I absolutely love my walks. I’m happy to go on long walks (of more than a mile!) or lots of short walks, as long as I can get outside, explore the neighborhood and enjoy the day with my people. Want to go in the car? Yipee, I’m ready! I am happy to be your companion to go around town, the mall or the beach. I sit nicely and enjoy the ride while you go about your daily errands, too.

Georgie And here is where the treat part comes in….I love treats. Mom says I should have a sign that says “will work for treats”. I have already learned to dance on my hind legs and I’m learning other commands too, like sit and wait (those are a little harder) but I’m willing to try even more. Mom thinks that I like treats so much because I may never have had many before. You see, before I became a furkid, I lived with a family who didn’t have much time for me. I lived outside in the yard and came in at night to the garage. I wasn’t even invited into the house with my family. I could see them through the window laughing, and playing and watching TV- but I couldn’t be a part of that and it made me very sad. Sometimes they would come out, and play with me, but then always left me alone. Then one day, they took me for a walk to the car and I was really excited because I thought we were going to go on an adventure, but that’s not where we went at all. They took me to this cold and noisy place called a shelter, dropped me off and drove away.

I was really scared and no one knew how to make me feel better, That was until my Auntie from BFK came by my kennel. She could see that a guy like me deserved a chance at a better life – and I could see that she would give me one, so I climbed in her lap and gave her a big kiss. That sealed the deal! Before I knew it I was out of the shelter and in a great foster home. I didn’t even have to live outside, I came right in the door and climbed up on the couch between two wonderful human brothers and began my new life.

Being in the house is so much fun. I am trying to be the best little guy I can and make Mom and Dad really proud. I’m working hard on my housebreaking because being the good boy I am, I want to please! Dad says I’m crate trained — and will happily go in to take a nap or sleep through the night. When Mom and Dad are busy, I am content to play tug-of-war with a toy or throw it up in the air and play happily by myself.

Like many furkids, I would love to be in a home with a family who will spend lots of time with me and let me love them to pieces. Well, maybe not pieces, but you get the idea. I can either be with other furkids or can be the only pup in the house, as long as I have ‘my people.’

Do I sound like the guy you’ve been looking for? If I do, please fill out an application and ask for Georgie. I can’t wait to meet you!

Love and Snuggles,
Gracious, Genial and Gentlemanly Georgie
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Hi People, Delaney
My name is Delaney! I’m a happy and very sweet little 11-pound bichon mix of one who is a beautiful blend of cinnamon and white. I am exceptionally alert, playful (love chasing the ball) and very active; however, when it’s time to be quiet and rest, I know how to get the job done. Mom says I am the best ever at walking into my kennel at the end of the day, finding a comfortable spot, and resting quietly until she says it’s time to get up in the morning.

Dad says I greet everyone with tremendous enthusiasm, but need to ensure strangers are gentle and kind before I become close friends. Once I know I’m safe, I’ll roll over and let them rub my belly, and I’ll even give them a few kisses to seal the deal. I definitely want to be in the same room with my family, and be a part of the action, so I keep a very close eye on everyone and everything that goes on.

Mom also says I’m as sweet as I am pretty — and my foster sisters (the ones with two legs) say I’m the best cuddler in the universe.

I am eager to learn new things, and honestly, I am completely giddy for those bite-sized, scrumptious training treats Mom hands out when she is teaching me commands such as sit, stay and here.

Delaney Dad says I like to walk and go for rides in the car. Mom says I’m almost housebroken – but, honestly, I have never broken anything in the house! While I love to be loved, I’m also independent and an ‘in charge’ kind of girl.

I think other male furkids are great – but I don’t do as well with other females. I am attracted to bigger dogs (probably because I think I’m a big dog) and I’m not fond of the felines. Mom says I would do well in a home with a slightly older male dog who is willing to help me learn in a nurturing and supportive way.

Dad says I’d be best in a home where there are two-legged kids I can love and adore – and a family that I can love with all my heart.

Mom says I need to be in an environment where everyone is careful about keeping the doors and gates closed when I’m not in a kennel or on a leash, because I love to run and play “catch me if you can”. Mom says I’m really quick on my feet. Dad says I’m an amazingly smart and clever little girl who pays attention to everything.

So if you are looking for a be-ute-ee-ful and loyal little girl who will keep you smiling and warm your heart, then I’m the girl for you.

I’ll be waiting and watching for your adoption application. Please remember to ask for Darling and Dainty Delaney.

Tail wags and Cuddles,
Delightful Delaney
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