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Here are furkids who are currently in foster care and ready to meet Forever Families. Please note, our foster moms and dads have the ‘first right of adoption’. If you are interested in fostering, please learn why this is so rewarding by visiting our Why Foster page and then complete our volunteer application.

Since we update this page frequently, please check back for more new bios, photos, and furkid information!

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Hello World, Ziggy
My name is Ziggy and I’m a sweet, loving and good-natured puppy of six months. I am seven pounds of love with a great personality, a happy smile, and am just a darling little guy who gets along with everyone! Mom says that I am as sweet as can be and a real cuddle bug. (Silly Mom, I’m not a bug at all, I’m a furkid). I love people and am ready to cuddle and kiss at a moment’s notice. Did I mention I like to sit on laps? And​ take naps? And​ explore the yard? ​Whee! I’m just a happy little guy whose tail wags almost all the time. ​

I like to go for rides in the car and walks of a mile or more already. So far there’s just one thing I haven’t been able to figure out: how to get that little puppy in the mirror to play with me. And it’s not for lack of trying ‘cause I do everything I can to engage him!

Ziggy You will know how smart I am when I tell you I’m already housebroken (although I haven’t broken a thing in the process!) I also don’t do that thing called ‘marking’. (And that’s a good thing!) Mom takes me out very often and tells me what a good boy I am. I SO love hearing that and always want to please her! At night, when all the excitement and fun of the day is over, I curl up and sleep quietly in my crate.

Since I’m a puppy and full of energy, I really need to be with another young furkid I can play with. Children who understand that I’m not a toy and AM a little guy might be part of my new family –but they have to be very dog savvy and careful​!

​I’m just a friendly little puppy with great manners and even greater potential! ​So if I sound like the kind of boy you are looking for, please fill out an application and ask for Ziggy. I’ll greet you at the door with a tail wag and a kiss.

Wags and hugs,
Zany, Zesty and Zippy Ziggy
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Hi People! Winky
My name is Winsome Winky, and I’m a little bichon mix of about five weighing not quite 10 pounds, with beautiful hair and a beguiling smile. My Mom says I’m great with other pups, sweet as can be, and that I’m the complete package. I tell her, I’m not a package, Mom. I’m a furkid!

Dad (who is no pushover, no siree!) says I’m an amazingly adaptable and resilient little guy. Although I was a stray on the streets of LA, I am totally loving and forgiving. My people mean the world to me and I show that in every way and everything I do!

Like most pups I like to go for walks and rides in the car. I also like to play ball. Now that’s pretty common for bichons too – but here’s the difference. I ‘see’ with my ears. I listen for the sound of the ball, cock my head and off I go! And I get SO much enjoyment out of playing fetch that I could go on for hours and hours.

Winky In case you are wondering why I see with my ears, well Mom says to tell you that I lost an eye to something called an ‘infection’ but the other one doesn’t see well either. That doesn’t keep me from enjoying life, my humans, doggy companions and everything I do. And most of what I want to do is to cuddle and snuggle (and play fetch!)

Did I mention that my favorite pastime is hanging out with my humans? I especially love to be in my foster mommy’s lap. She says I’m super mellow and very easygoing (That’s a big compliment.) And when you meet me, you can’t tell that I can’t see. I get around like a champ because I figure out my environment really fast and ‘navigate’ really well!

So if you have a loving lap I can climb into, a shoulder I can lean on, and a heart for a special little guy, please complete our adoption application. I promise to be the bestest of companions and look forward to a forever home I can call my own.

Tail wags and more,
Whimsical, Warm-hearted and Wondrous Winky
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Hi People, Benji
My name is Benji and, according to my fosters, I’m a sweetheart who is easy to fall in love with. I love to cuddle and I love to be groomed. (My groomer says I’m one of the best she has ever seen!) And I’m a friendly guy who enjoys meeting people and is quite a gentleman.

When my family decided that they no longer had time for me, off I went to this place called a shelter. Well, believe me, that was no place for an active, playful and loving little guy like me. So I said a lot of prayers and the best thing happened. I was rescued! The good vets checked me out and declared me fit. They said I’m almost a perfect 10. I’m about 2 ½ years old and am a solid 20 pounds. My BFK Aunties agree that I’m very, very puppy-like, as well as curious, lovable and playful!

I have a great foster Mom who says I’m quite the helper at home. I like to go on walks and to play in the yard. I also like to wrestle with my doggy foster sister and snuggle with my human sisters. Did I mention that I love to go for rides in the car (Dad says I’m a great co-pilot), am learning commands (I already know ‘sit’ and my name), am almost housebroken, and I like other dogs. (I’m not good with those creatures called cats though.)

Benji Most of all I’m playful (did I mention that?), learning the joy of toys, am appreciative and loving. Mom says I’m also very sensitive. When my human teenage sister came home from school having had a really rough day, I went right to her and let her know that I understood. I cuddled and comforted her and made her feel a lot better! (That’s what she said!)

Mom and Dad said that I’m learning the rules of the house and learning to not be in charge. (I’m pretty smart so I have gotten away with that in the past.) That’s not always in my best interest though – so in my forever home I need people who are experienced dog owners (Mom says “dog savvy”) and able to create and maintain a structure. (Those are Dad’s words). I’m happy to share my home with another furkid — but no young children, please!

I’m happiest when I know what’s expected of me so I can be the most cuddly and lovable little guy you’d ever meet. Did I mention that I’m a pup who loves to play, rarely barks and likes to have people meet and pet me? That’s the kind of friendly guy that I am!

If I sound like your kind of bichon, I’m applying for the job. I hope we can meet and I’ll show you how special I am!

Bichon wags,
Buoyant, Bright and Brimming (with love) Benji
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Hello people! Elmo
My name is Endearing Elmo — and I’m an adorable and tiny ball of energy with a sweet personality and puppy dog eyes that look at you with love and will make you melt!

I’m a happy, friendly, cuddly and playful bichon mix. I top the scale at 12½ pounds, am about five or six (years that is) and am known for creating fun wherever I go. Dad says I’m an amazing pup who knows how to play fetch and am absolutely masterful at it! Even though the tennis ball is almost bigger than I am, I love parading around with

​the​ ball​ in my mouth​! I persistently bring the ball to either Mom or Dad, set it in their lap then look at them with such a soulful expression that they throw the ball ​(again) ​for me. And I will run and play fetch for as long as they (or you) will let me! Can YOU throw a ball? I hope so!

Like to go for walks? Let’s go! I’m always ready (and love long walks of a mile or more.) That’s how I stay in shape and I can help you stay in shape too! Want to go for a ride in the car? Yippee! Mom says I’m GREAT in the car. I sit nicely in the back and enjoy the ride.

Want to cuddle? Sure, Did I tell you it’s one of my favorite things to do? Mom says I’m particularly good at charming my way into her lap. I just look at her with my puppy dog eyes and presto, there I am! (Don’t tell her but that was my plan all along.

Elmo Are you housebroken? Great, so am I! Can you sit? I can, plus Mom says I am very smart and would love to learn more commands. Will you teach me?

Got another pup like me? Perfect! I LOVE to play with my foster doggy brother, Ollie. He has taught me that I’m safe and life as a furkid is pretty amazing!

Being the great guy that I am, you may think that life has always been easy for me. Sadly that isn’t the case. Once I had a home, but that family didn’t take care of me or give me any training. They didn’t take me for walks or make me a part of their life. Then they took me to the ​shelter.

At the shelter, kind people figured out pretty quickly that I was a sweet little guy who needed to learn to trust. They said I wasn’t used to being on a leash (which is important when a pup goes on a walk.)

My foster Dad and Mom recognized that I would be a bit of a project but wanted to help me overcome my past. While I initially tried to run and hide when they brought out a leash, I’m now more relaxed and confident. I’m learning that people are kind, no one is going to hurt me and that going out on a leash is really fun! In my forever home, I will need a family who will be patient with me and sensitive to what might be new or scary for me. If they will take time to work with me, I can become the very best little pup in the world. Mom wants you to know that my happy personality far outweighs the moments when I am scared.

So if I sound like the pup for you, you have another furkid for me to play with and learn from, and are able to be patient so I can blossom (Silly me. I’m a furkid, not a flower – but you get the idea!) please complete our application and ask for me, Elmo.

Playing Fetch and Waiting to Cuddle,
Engaging, Endearing and Energetic Elmo
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Hello People! Carrie
I’m Carrie the Cuddle Bug and I’m part bichon and part cocker spaniel, six years old with cream and brandy-colored hair and about as adorable as I can be. (That’s what my foster Mom says and she knows me really well!) Speaking of being a cuddle bug, Mom says that any lap that is near is fair game for me. And when a lap isn’t available I settle for laying right next to my humans, big or small. If there is no lap or human available, well I have been known to perch on the back of the couch cushion. (Mom says I make a nice accent pillow blended in with decorative pillows on furniture! Silly, sweet Mom!)

Do I sound like a couch potato? Well, I could be if you’d let me but Mom and Dad don’t sit in one spot for very long! So I’m up and moving to be wherever they are. I’ve mastered the stairs and race up and down all day. (I’m starting to develop quite a waistline as a result.) I love going for walks, though, and know what it means when Mom pulls out her harness and leash! And I jump into the car happily – then get nervous if I think I’m going to the vet. I’d much prefer going to the park or riding to pick up the teens in my home. Mom’s working with me so I know that car rides can be and are for good things too!

Carrie Dad says I was nervous coming to my foster home, but each day I’m more confident! At first, the backyard was big and intimidating! I would go outside to do my business and head straight for the door to the house. Now, I like exploring the backyard and all of the smells. Whee! Being a furkid is lots of fun. Mom says I’m becoming a very happy girl with a tail that constantly wags.

It’s true that I love treats and will sit, shake and come when you offer some. There are lots of other commands that I can learn too. Do you want to teach me some?

My family agrees that I’m a mellow girl who prefers a calm and quiet environment. Running and jumping make me nervous but having an older ‘human sibling’ to snuggle with is lovely. And unlike many of my furkid cousins, I don’t seem to need a canine companion – just a loving home with older children or adults.

Mom says that I have the sweetest disposition in the world — and the most adorable face that will brighten anyone’s day. (Aw gee, Mom. Thanks a bazillion.) So if you are looking for a sweet, adorable, mellow, happy and loyal new friend, please complete our adoption application.

Tail wags and snuggles,
Cuddly, Calm and Charming Carrie
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Hello New Friends, Josie
My Name is Joyful Josie and I’m a sweet, gentle and shy bichon mix of about 8 months who, according to my foster Mom and Dad, is as “big as a minute”. I think they mean that I weigh only 8 pounds and come in a precious little package. (I’m not really a package, Mom, I’m a furkid)!

I think Mom meant to say that I’m a very special puppy with a beautiful white coat and big brown eyes that look at you lovingly. I’m good with big people and little people, am mellow and quiet and I give great doggie kisses! Want to cuddle? That would be my pleasure! Want to go out for a walk? Sure, why not? I’m happy to explore the neighborhood with you and enjoy all the sights and smells. Mom says I’m the best companion you could ever ask for.

While Mom thinks I’m sweet and silly, Dad thinks I’m loveable and smart! I already know my name and am working on learning commands. And I’m already housebroken (that’s because I’m a very good girl!) I love being held and petted– and love belly rubs. Although I’m pretty slender right now I’m trying to gain a little weight. Even so, I’ll never be a really big girl. I do, however, make up for it by being amazingly loving and sweet (also portable!)

Josie Dad says I’m a sponge for affection! I like nothing better than to cuddle with him, help him or Mom read the newspaper or a book – or hang out with my human brothers when they work on their computers or watch TV. Dad also says I want to please!

When I first came to my foster home I was pretty shy and scared. But with the loving care of my foster Mom and the family, as well as my doggy foster sister and brother, I’ve learned that all is good. In fact, I know how to play and to chase (the other pups, that is), I’m actually getting to be the happy-go-lucky pup I was always meant to be.

So if you are looking for a cuddly little puppy who will keep you warm at night and love you forever, and if you have another furkid or two who I can play with and learn from, then I am your girl. You will find me to be the most loyal and loving of pups– and an adorable and adoring little girl who is looking for love in all the right places!

Tail wags and doggie kisses,
Jovial, Joyful and Just-so-sweet Josie
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Hello Everybody! Laddie
My name is Lovable Laddie and my Aunties want you to meet me ​because I’m a pretty spectacular pup. Now I’m absolutely not bragging (I would never, ever do that) however everyone that meets me says​ it’s​ so!

My foster Mom and Dad will tell you that I’m a very handsome and loving mix of either a Bichon and a Doodle or perhaps a Bichon and Cocker Spaniel. Whatever I am, I have silky hair (not fur) and absolutely positively LOVE kids! Whether they are big or small, short or tall, I simply love them ALL! And I show it by being the bestest friend in the world and giving them lots of doggy kisses. (You should hear them giggle when I do that! It makes me smile and love them even more!)

Did I mention that I’m about three years old and cuddle sized at 22 pounds I’m loyal, attentive, eager to please and great with all people (as well as other dogs!) One of my favorite things in the whole world is to cuddle up with my human foster brothers and hang out –or take a nap –or play in the yard—or help them study. Dad says I’m a great influence! And Mom says I’m happiest when I can be close to any kids!

The family agrees that I’m handsome, kind, well- mannered and intelligent (Gee, thanks everyone). I know lots of commands like sit, stay, lay down and shake — and I’m so smart I can easily learn more. Want to teach me? I’m a very good student. I’m also housebroken and that’s not a typo! Mom calls that icing on the cake.

Laddie When the harness comes out, I’m ready to explore. I’m an excellent walker and stay right by your side on the leash. I’m also a natural meter-and-greeter and like to visit with people, kids and other dogs on our walks. And when it’s time to go for an adventure in the car, I’m happy to be your copilot. I sit quietly in the back in my car seat, watching the world go by! After a long day of playing, studying, learning and reading (well I do help the family when they are reading!), I sleep quietly all night long with one of my human brothers. You can say that I’m just about the most content furkid you could ever meet.

I sound pretty special,​ don’t I? I’m also special in another way. I have these little pills that I take every day so I won’t have this thing called a seizure. Now I haven’t had one of those in quite a while, and hopefully won’t have any more, (That’s why I’m so glad I have my medicine.) I play, walk, run and of course cuddle just like any other FurKid. I just need to take my tiny pills every day.

So if you are looking for a new best friend and you are around most of the time, and you have kids for me to play with and love, and most importantly, another furkid or two, please ask for me as I’m looking for my forever family!

Cuddles and tail wags,
Loveable, Likeable and Loyal Laddie
Adopt Me

Hi Everybody, Boomer
My name is Boomer and I’m a darling bichon boy of four who is adorable and weighs about 20 pounds. My foster mom says I’m just about the cutest kid on the block. I exude cuteness. I personify cuteness. I am the epitome of cuteness. That’s what she says. (Can you tell she kind of likes me?)

I love to run and jump and love to go for walks; when I do, I have a certain bounce in my step. (I think that shows I’m really happy, which, since I’m a furkid, I am!) I also like to go for rides in the car (I’m a good co-pilot!), lounge in the sun and cuddle on your lap.

Mom says I know some commands like sit, stay and come and I’m eager to learn even more! And she says I’m very gentle taking treats – but not very gentle with tennis balls. That’s why I’m the champion tennis ball de-fuzzer in our house (and I have a lot of competition!)

When it’s time to go to bed, I can sleep anywhere as long as it’s on top of you, under the covers or next to you. I never like to be too far away. Of course, being a gentleman I’m also housebroken.

Boomer Mom says I’m an adorable, eager, energetic, funny and loyal little guy. I do have one kind of unique way about me. You see I need to be the one to approach people, as opposed to having them come up to me or try to grab and hold me. (As you can imagine, I’m so cute that people always want to hug me and pick me up! That makes me very nervous until I know the people! Once I do, I make up for it with lots of kisses and cuddles.) I am also initially kind of nervous in new situations, but if you give me a little while to take it all in, I go back to being my adorable self.

I really like to be held and petted by big people but I’m unsure with little ones, so my forever home should be just adults. And I really need someone who understands dog behavior and has had lots of that in the past. Mom calls that ‘an experienced home’.

So if you are a savvy dog person, have another furkid to be my companion and are looking for a sweet, cuddly, loyal and very handsome bichon who is willing to be your best friend and companion ever, please ask for me.

Tail wags and prances
Beloved and Bodacious Boomer
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Hello World! Tommy
My name is Tommy – and my Mom says I’m a delightful bichon boy of about four. She says I’m ADORABLE, sweet, happy, cuddly, sometimes a bit shy and eager to please – and that I’m just 12 pounds of cuteness. (You see, I have already worked my charm on her – and I wasn’t even trying very hard!)

When I came to Mom’s house, it wasn’t long before she fell in love. I taught her how to explore (the back yard for starters!) and to go on walks (I really love them and am very good on a leash). Then I taught her how to sleep on the back of the couch and I’m teaching her to come when she’s called (Oh silly me – that’s what I’m learning to do!) Mom taught me to appreciate the value of a good belly rub and that’s a very good thing!

I have a very big doggy foster brother and two my-size doggy foster sisters to hang out with. I like knowing they are around as that’s comforting to me. We don’t exactly play but we get along well. Mom says that I always have a smile on my adorable face to greet her when she comes home.

Tommy As for Dad, he likes me too! He says I LOVE to go for walks and especially for rides in the car. Want to go to beach or run errands? Or want to take a drive to meet friends? Just open the car and in I’ll jump, happy to be your best companion. I’m a bit shy with those people called ‘men’ but Dad is winning me over.

I have a bit of a funky back leg but it doesn’t hold me back. The vets say it doesn’t hurt and will probably heal by itself. If not I may need a surgery which my BFK Aunties will take care of. My human brother and sister say I’m a great little dog who loves to cuddle. Aw gee, thanks! That makes me feel all warm inside!

Mom says to tell you that I’m eager to please, smart and fun to live with – and there’s always a smile on my face. She says I’m adorable, cute and a very special boy!

Besides being special in all the ways I’ve been described, I’m also special in another way. I have these special teeny tiny pills that I have to take every day so that I won’t have this thing called a seizure. Now I’ve only started to take them recently (and I take them well) – and we hope I will not have any again soon. (That’s why I’m so glad I have my medicine.) If you didn’t know I had ever had one you certainly couldn’t tell – I’m just as sweet and happy as my doggy foster brothers and sister.

Mom and Dad are hoping you will see all my cuteness and happiness and want to love me forever. I’ll be happiest if you have another furkid for me to play with. I truly deserve a family to call my own. Will you be the one for me? If you think you are, let’s meet soon.

Bichon waves and wags,
Totally Terrific Tommy
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