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“Making a Difference in a Dog’s Life”

Lucky Irish Fur KidHello Bichon Lovers,

Welcome to our first newsletter of this year! It seems that we just started 2017 and now it’s 2018!

Our cover story is a heartfelt story of an amazing lady and the journey she undertook. Karyn embarked on a 16 hour trip to meet two very deserving FurKids at a time in their lives when all appeared to be lost. It has an amazing ending and photos we’re sure you will enjoy.

We all love our little FurKids from the bottom of our hearts to the tips of their paws. And while all FurKids are special, sometimes life creates situations that make them more so. The second article is a tribute, a memorial, to a very special little guy named Jimmy. The impact that he made in his human family was astounding – and very heartfelt. His tribute appears on pages 4 and 5.

Our goal is to always keep our FurKids safe! Because we are so often asked about providing for our FurKids, should something happen to us, their human guardians, we offer an article on estate planning and charitable gifts. That article begins on page 6. We hope that you will think about your FurKids and make sure that they are provided for.

We will soon be announcing a new program called Sponsor A FurKid. It’s an adjunct to our Forever Foster Program and we are excited to share it with you. For so many of you who ask us what you can do to help some of the precious little ones we rescue, this program will offer you some ways that you can help specific pups you choose to sponsor. Please stay tuned.

While we are working hard to find a location for the Bash we are also working on some other adoption and meeting opportunities. Please check the EVENTS page on our website as we will be posting events, dates, and locations starting at the end of March.

The love, support, and generosity of our Bichon FurKids community are what keep us going. The photos and updates you share with us keep us smiling and working to save more FurKids. Your support helps us over those bumpy roads. Please keep those photos and updates coming as we really DO want to hear from you!

So please sit back and enjoy our newsletter. Click on the link below and read it online — or print it out for reading offline.

March 2018 Newsletter

All the best,
Marti, Judy and the Editorial Team of Bichon FurKids

PS Please like us on Face Book to be in the ‘know’ about the latest news and updates on our FurKids. You will find us at And for those of you who make recurring donations to Bichon FurKids, we appreciate your support and promise you it is used only for the care of our FurKids!


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