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“Making a Difference in a Dog’s Life”

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Hello Bichon Lovers,

Welcome to our ‘almost summer’ newsletter! How did that happen (already) and how do you all like June Gloom? (At our house there seems to be some confusion as to what happened to the sun – and why it’s sprinkling so often!)

Our cover article, written by a foster Mom (with some help from her family), is one we hope you will read and appreciate as we have. It talks about how life can change overnight as it did for Jake – not only once but several times. He went from a rough start at the shelter, scared by the sounds and the environment, into a loving foster family – but that was only the start. Jake created some very challenging situations for his Mom, Dad and the kids to overcome. Fortunately for him, they hung in there. What warms us most is the patience and love our fosters show the ‘diamonds in the rough’ that we sometimes rescue – and how they cheer them from the sidelines as they become happy, confident and loving pups. We are so grateful for adopters like Melissa and Drew! We hope that there are more of them (and you) in our community, as there are so MANY bichons in the shelters now. It’s amazing, rewarding and scary at the same time.

The 2017 Bichon Bash is gearing up to be the best one yet. Please circle the date (OCTOBER 21st) and put it on your calendar. We will be sending more information to you in the weeks ahead and look forward to seeing you and your furkid(s) again at Turtle Rock Park in Irvine. We understand that we may be welcoming bichons from as far away as Canada and the East coast, as well as a few from the Midwest and Oklahoma. Please know that wherever you call home ‘usually’, we will pull out all the stops to make you feel at home in Irvine, CA when you join us this October.

Most of you have (I hope) heard the expression Christmas in July. Well, this year we are holding an online auction we are calling the Bichon FurKids Christmas in July Auction. Please read the article on page 4 and contact Lauren Chesley, our Auction Chair, if you have some wonderful items to donate.

We also want to remind you to please indicate Bichon FurKids if you shop with Amazon Smile (! (Email us please if you need more info on how to sign up!) If you are thinking about installing a dog door, please know that Hale Pet Door ( makes a donation to Bichon FurKids whenever you purchase a pet door. And Wag Tail Farms ( does so as well if you order a soft collar. (They call them ‘neck hugs’ and we use them ALL the time. They are a wonderful alternative to those awful ‘cones of shame’ that dogs had to use in the past.

Please also check out the smiles and hard work that Johnny, one of our Junior Volunteers, demonstrated as he made a number of no-sew blankets for FurKids. Johnny had ‘some supervision’ from his very own FurKid, Pippi. We are so very grateful for his hard work and donation.

We have an adoption event in Irvine on June 4th and another one in Carlsbad on July 9th. If you want to join us, please reach out. Email and I’ll put you in touch with the Event Coordinators.

Lastly, we are always looking for volunteers who can help us transport pups from place to place. The trips are usually relatively short and always most appreciated. Mona is our phenomenal Transportation Coordinator. If you are interested in helping, we’ll be happy to put you in touch!

So please sit back and enjoy our newsletter. Click on the link below and read it online — or print it out for reading offline. 

 June 2017 Newsletter

See you at the next event!

Marti, Judy and the Editorial Team of Bichon FurKids 

PS Please like us on Face Book to be in the ‘know’ about the latest news and updates on our FurKids. You will find us at And for those of you who make recurring donations to Bichon FurKids, we appreciate your support and promise you it is used only for the care of our FurKids!