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“Making a Difference in a Dog’s Life”

Fur Kid Playing in LeavesHello Bichon Lovers,

Welcome to our Fall 2018 newsletter and some articles we hope are of interest to our amazing FurKid moms and dads.

While we certainly believe that each and every pup we rescue is special (and they truly are!), some have bigger mountains to climb to succeed. None had a bigger mountain than Chipper who weighed only 2.8 pounds at FIVE months- and was dying at a local shelter. It turned out that Chipper was born with diabetes, which is fairly rare in and of itself. Left undiagnosed, his little body continued to try to sustain him but his organs were shutting down, unable to nourish themselves. It was through a combination of incredible veterinarians, amazing and dedicated fosters, a team of volunteer drivers (who called themselves the Chipper Express), and the indomitable little guy himself that this amazing story has such a delightful ending. The photos tell the story in their own ways as well as the words from his foster mom, Virginia. And Chipper’s adopters have become a very special part of both Virginia and the BFK family!

Every September we also have an opportunity to sign up for the Community Program offered by our local Ralph’s markets. It’s a once a year sign up- and a percentage of every purchase is sent to BFK quarterly. If you shop at Ralph’s frequently – or infrequently- and designate BFK as your charity, you will be participating in the ‘give back’ program. Please read the article on page 5 and DO sign up. You WILL make a difference!

Many of you have asked us if there is some way that you can help us to adopt more FurKids. If you have adopted from us you know that we do Home and Yard Safety Checks (HSCs) as part of our adoption process. On page 6 you can learn more about that program. We need “Checkers” in many areas and counties – and hope that you will join us to make it possible to adopt more pups to amazing homes.

We all love our little FurKids from the bottom of our hearts to the tips of their paws. And meeting other proud FurKid owners, watching our pups interact and have fun, is one of the most fun parts of the Bichon Bash. Please note that our next Bichon Bash is May 19th of 2019. We started our Bash’s originally in the month of May and are now returning to that month again next year.

We have an event on October 13th that is a first timer for BFK. It’s in conjunction with Coldwell Banker Realtors. Please check the EVENTS page on our website for more information. And we will be participating in the Home for the Holidays event at the end of the year, as we do each December.

And please watch for an announcement regarding our 2019 Calendar. It is in production now and will be heading to print shortly, to be available for your holiday giving/gifting.

So please sit back and enjoy our newsletter. Click on the link below and read it online — or print it out for reading offline.

Fall 2018 Newsletter

All the best,
Marti, Judy and the Editorial Team of Bichon FurKids

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