Adoption Stories


Garmin and MurphyHere are our boys! They enjoy each other, and despite their size difference, “power through” and challenge each other when playing. Murphy so enjoys and has learned so much from his older brother, Garmin. He is learning how to socialize when going on walks. Garmin has taught him how to greet new people and other dogs without getting too excitable. Murphy loves his treats, when he behaves well! We remain so grateful for the privilege of having Murphy in his forever family!

– Paul, Jerry, Garmin and Murphy

Coco the Cuddler

Coco's BedHello Judy and Marti,

CocoThanks again for the opportunity to share our story! Coco is excited to be famous 🙂

Coco is the light of our lives. He came to us a few years ago after browsing the Bichon Furkids website. In the sea of cute white pups, we spotted this little brown bundle of joy and immediately fell in love.

We visited him at his foster home, where he was joined by 3 other dogs, all different shapes and sizes. Coco skipped right over to my husband and turned on his back, wagging his tail. We knew he had won our hearts in a matter of seconds, so we took him home that evening.

Coco loves to play, meet new friends, go to the dog park and cuddle up a storm. We discuss often how Coco is one of the top 3 best decisions we’ve ever made and are so lucky to have found him!

Thank you to the Bichon Furkids Rescue Group for all that you do!

Jenna and Eric Farr

Theo the Great Glomsky

Storytime with TheoIt has now been just over 3 months since Theo became a Glomski. He has brought so so so many smiles and joy into our lives. He’s an incredible cuddler, playful, adorable, a master of disguise and quite possibly the best furbaby in the whole wide world. He has adjusted into our family so well. He has traveled with us, spent Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas (each with a fantastic outfit to match).Theo the Bat

Everyone who meets him falls in love with him and we don’t blame them. He has successfully completed obedience 1 and 2 and passed both with flying colors. He no longer shows any leash aggression and in eager to meet other pups at the beach where he plays off leash. He also attends monthly meetups with other dogs and truly enjoys his playtime.The Glomsky Family

Theo is truly our little sunshine and we are so very thankful to you, Marti, Theo’s foster family, BFK and all of the volunteers for saving him (and so many other furkids) from the shelter and bringing Theo into our lives!


Angela, Joaquin, Sophia and Theo The Great Glomski

Charger: A Forever Family Dream Come True

ChargerMy husband was adamantly opposed to getting a dog yet my two kids, who are 14 and 13, and have spent the last 5 years begging for one. I thought it would never happen; But one day I went to Petfinder looking for a rescue dog and there he was…Charger. And I couldn’t get his face out of my head.

I showed Charger’s photo to my husband and he grinned broadly. He started to soften. I contacted Bichon FurKids and they were very thorough in checking us out to make sure we’d provide a good home for Charger.

The day we met him, we knew he was meant for us. He is so sweet and gentle and well behaved. The joy he has brought our family is immeasurable. The kids are just in love with this guy and continuously e-mail me saying, “I cannot believe we got such a perfect dog!”

Just now I looked over and saw him sleeping on my husband’s chest. It’s official: we can’t imagine our life without Charger the Lovebug.

Thank you, Bichon FurKids and Tiffany, for bringing him to us.

— The Rose family


Hi Gang.  Gigi

Thought I’d drop you a note and let you know how I’m doing.  In March of 2010 I was adopted by an old guy named Pops.  He lives in a one bedroom apartment with a very little patio.  The setup didn’t look so great, so in the first month I tried several times to run away.  However, Pops kept track of me so I never got away.  For the first three weeks I never barked.  When I learned his schedule I barked when food was late, time to walk, etc.  In the morning we walk a mile or half a mile depending on how I feel.  Afternoons we go to a big park for a half hour.  At night we walk again for 15 minutes before my bed time.  When I get tired I just stop and Pops picks me up and carries me home.  Boy, have I got him trained!  He sometimes thinks I’m sort of spacey and calls me Gigi Boo.  The apartment is warm, food is good, lots of walks and lots of tummy rubs.  He lets me sleep on his recliner when I want to.  Things are pretty good here, so I am going to stay as long as I can keep Pops trained.  Hope everybody is happy and in a nice home as I am.

Love, GiGi

— Tom & Gigi Wood, California



-1Sometime in July of 2008, we received a phone call from Marti about a little dog who was found wandering the streets of Orange County. From the photo sent to us, she was now in a temporary foster home, just spayed and shaved down to grey skin. She had red bows on her head and a red collar……so cute. Marti had several Bichons that had been adopted by loving families in Arizona and they were on their way to Phoenix in a few days. My husband and I had adopted Sampson from BFK a year before and we’re looking for a young female companion for him. We weren’t sure if this little girl would make a good match, so I offered to foster her. Her name was Deni.

Deni was in our home 5 days and we called Marti and told her we wanted to adopt her. She and Sampson hit if off from the start. Even though Deni had been through a lot in two weeks time, she was playful and sweet. Our grandchildren were visiting us and Deni jumped right in bed with my granddaughter the first night she was here. She also got along great with our toddler grandson. She seemed to be right at home with little children. That was very important to me.

We realized that Deni must have been an outside dog in California. We learned that Deni was very happy outdoors and would have stayed there all day if we let her. Of course we live in the middle mountains of Arizona and there are coyotes up here. We are very protective. Our dogs are only outdoors, in our walled and fenced yard, when we are. Deni was a barker and it looked like it was going to be a problem. I worked gently with her to stop barking as she was somewhat fearful of me if I used a strong voice, she cowled! She wanted to please however and now she stops barking when I ask her to, with her little tail wagging as fast as it can.

Deni has come a long way since we adopted her. She is now more friendly with smaller neighborhood dogs and always walks like a lady. She is a great traveler and she and Sampson enjoy seeing new places and family members. She is so happy here and loves her guy Sampson and being with us. We don’t know how it would be without her. Deni is no longer the Girl on the Streets, she is home, forever.

Thanks BFK and Marti who took in Deni and found her a forever home.

— Loretta, Ira, Sampson & Deni Bresof, Prescott Valley, AZ



We are so fortunate to have found the Bichon Fur Kids Rescue and our new family member Bella! We were so impressed by BFK’s passion for their rescue dogs and their professionalism and commitment to finding the right fit for all of us! We love Bella’s soft and easy going personality. She has captured all of our hearts. She is loving her walks, play time, car rides, and lots and lots of cuddling.

Thank you BFK and we are recommending your organization to everyone!

— Ryan, Sarah, Emilie, Miles and Bella Anderson 





I just wanted to take the time and let everyone know how Sparky, now Indiana(or Indy), is doing. We’ve had him for about two months now and he’s doing great.  It took some time for him to get used to the two legged kids in the house, especially the youngest two, but he loves them all now.  It’s quite a sight seeing us go on our daily walks.  Jakob(9) is usually on his scooter, trailed by Genevieve(6) on her bike and Evelyn and Katelyn(both 4) running behind them, trailed by me and an anxious Indy who wants to catch up to the kids.  

We all just love him so much.  He’s gained a few pounds since we first got him and his fur has grown in as well.  He sleeps in his bed right next to our bed every night and doesn’t get up until I do in the morning.  He loves sun bathing on the slope in our back yard where he can get a great view of the houses and streets below us.  Of course this leads to me picking burrs and weeds out of his fur daily, but I love him none the less.

He has learned to love playing and he runs and jumps like a deer when he plays fetch, it’s the cutest thing.  We bring him with us whenever we can, but when we can’t he has a nice spot on the couch where he sits and looks out the window until we get home.  He is a great addition to our family and I thank each and every person that took part in bringing him into our lives.
We’ve been asked why we chose the name Indiana for him.  The kids named him after Indiana Jones, one of our all time favorite movies. When someone calls him Indy the kids like to use the famous line out of the movie, “Hey lady, you call him Dr. Jones!”and they all think it’s the funniest thing. 🙂

Thanks again for bringing Indy into our lives!

— Indy and the Emilio Family



We bought a travel trailer last summer and have been hitting the road a lot (about 11,000 miles since last August). We are heading to British Columbia and maybe Alaska in couple weeks for a couple months. Fortunately, I can do my business anywhere the phone and wireless let me. We partially bought the trailer because of Dexter, since he cannot go inside the passenger section of airplanes, and we aren’t going to put him in the hole.
The 1st picture attached was in Louisiana with my kids/grandkids. Dexter is always with us. He is at foot of bed right now with 3 of his toys.

The 2nd picture was in Alabama with Phyllis’s brother. They let Dexter ride the golf course with us. This was a Robert Trent Jones course on “The Trail”.


— Fred, Phyllis and Dexter



Bentley02Earlier this year we lost our beloved Bichon mix, Jamie, to a long battle with the gastrointestinal disorder, IBD. He was only 3 1/2 and absolutely the love of our lives. Jamie’s personality really touched us deep down, so we knew that when we were ready, we had to have another Bichon mix.

We started looking at dogs online, just to browse, even though it felt a bit too soon. During our search we came across BFK’s website. We were so impressed by the organization that we thought, “well why not, just fill out the application for now and then play it by ear.”

Not long after, we were contacted by the volunteer assigned to the home check, Bentley’s foster mom – Curtz . Initially we still weren’t sure we were ready, so Curtz suggested just a play date with her dogs and and her newest foster fur kid to help us feel it out. We told her we would think about it.

Later that night she sent us photos of Bentley, and we knew instantly he was the one. That Saturday we met him for a play date and about a week later he was coming home.


Bentley is an absolute angel. He had some trust issues with strangers, mostly men, but has come such a long way, just in the last three weeks. We have Curtz and Russ to thank for part of that, because they really helped him with his fears before he came home with us.

He spends his days with two other dogs that belong to my neighbors, Beauty and Jimmie Mack. This is so great for him and for us, because he loves other dogs so much and he is absolutely exhausted when we get home!

The days ahead are filled with puppy training classes, lots of trips to the park, visits with Bentley’s old foster buddies and lots and lots of sleep!!

Thank you, BFK, for giving wonderful dogs like Bentley the chance at life and love in a forever home!

— Laura, Campbell and Bentley


Emma Marie!

Emmamarie2Yes, my name used to be Maddie while I was being fostered by Bichon FurKids Rescue.  But my Forever-Mom said since I’m only two and she has always wanted a little girl named Emma, I’m it!  I like the name and have had no problem adjusting to it.  Actually my name is Emma Marie.  When Mom uses both names, I’m usually in trouble.

My new digs are to die for.  I have this awesome crate that Mom says she’s going to decorate with ribbons & bows.  Best of all, I can see out and watch everything going on . . .  It’s in Mom and Dad’s bedroom . . . Dad snores and snorts so loud sometimes I’m more tired in the morning than I was at bedtime.  Mom wears earplugs.  She snores but swears she doesn’t.  I know she does.  When the both of them get going at once, my crate rattles.

My day starts and ends with long walks.  Mom says I have a lot to learn about not barking at everyone.  She doesn’t realize she needs protecting.  I also like to start fights with girl dogs and have really gone to town on some of them.  Heck, I’ll even take on 40 & 50 pounders.  Mom says at 9 pounds I don’t possess good sense and one day I’m going to get pummeled.  She also calls me a ‘tart’ because I love all the boy dogs.

The doggie door is my least favorite thing.  I don’t exactly know why but I’d rather go on the carpet.  Mom says she is ready for a sabbatical, whatever that means!  She also said that one of us may not live to see our next birthday if this issue isn’t resolved soon.  Chronologically the odds are in may favor, but she said that has nothing to do with it.

When Mom’s on the computer, she picks me up and puts me on the table beside her.  She tries to type and rub my tummy at the same time but when she needs both hands, I take a nap.Emmamarie1

At night our routine is to retire to the bedroom.  Mom gets her PJ’s on then lays me upside down between her legs while she watches The Dog Whisperer. I just don’t understand her fascination with that show.  It’s about a bunch of no-account dogs being trained to do what they are told – Borrrring!!

My leg is healing.  It’s a slow process but I’m using it more and more.  I’ve been to my new vet.  He took X-rays and said he wants to check the leg again in three months.  All my blood work came back perfect.

Dad is funny.  He says I’m a ‘silly girl’.  If Mom’s not home he rubs my tummy while reading the paper or lets me sit on his lap while he plays cards on the computer, and if he takes a nap, he let’s me share his recliner.  He’s a ‘Keeper’.

I watched the Academy Awards recently.  No one else in the house was interested.  I learned how to say “Thank You” rather eloquently, if I may so myself.  Thank you Bichon FurKids for finding me and taking such good care of me.  Thank you Stonecreek Animal Hospital for fixing my leg. Thank you Hogan Foundation for helping pay for my surgery and that of my other FurKid friends.  And lastly I want to thank my Forever Mom & Dad for adopting me.  If it wasn’t for all of you, I shudder to think where I’d be today.

— Emma & the Rodenbergs



Our sweet Buddy was found wandering the streets of San Diego.  He was taken to the shelter where he stayed for five weeks before Tiffany Wu, a volunteer at Bichon FurKids, spotted him and recognized an ideal adoptee.Buddy_5178_w

We had just lost our precious Bichon, Charley (also a FurKid) to stomach cancer and had asked Marti to keep an eye out for an adult dog.  She and Tiffany were quick to recommend  Buddy and sent us his picture.  We were a bit reluctant to adopt without meeting the adoptee.  With her usual decisiveness, Marti urged us to foster and two days later another volunteer arrived at our house with Buddy.

Buddy bounded out of his crate and into our hearts.  (We were sure Marti knew this would happen).  We hugged his bony body and knew he was part of our family.  We had him treated for a low grade intestinal infection and he has gained three badly needed pounds.  He sleeps with us and has pillow beds in four other rooms.  He enjoys his walks and is wildly happy to ride in the car.  Watching him sunbathe in his favorite window relaxes us.

We are grateful to Bichon FirKids and people like Tiffany, Marti and the young man who delivered Buddy.

We three Thank You

— Buddy, Bob & Marilynn



TinkerforeverWe are excited to announce a new addition to our family, a Bichon mix named Tinker, who arrived on Christmas Eve.  He is two years old and comes from a fabulous Bichon rescue organization called Bichon FurKids based here in San Diego County.

As most of you know we lost our beloved  nineteen year old Bichon Floppy in November.  The Georgens household was pretty somber for the holidays.  We had decided to not rush into getting another dog, but to wait until  we had a “sign” of some sort that it was time was right. Well, it happened!

I was at my final yoga class for the semester and someone mentioned the name of a former classmate who I had not spoken with in some time.  Upon returning home, I gave her a call.  In the course of our conversation, she mentioned that her daughter-in-law was a foster mom for rescued Bichons and gave me her phone number.  I turned to Jerry and asked him if this was the sign we were looking for and he heartily agreed!!

We made phone calls, saw and fell in love with a little bichon named Tinker on the Bichon FurKids website, filled out an application, had a home inspection, and were approved as adoptive parents. It all happened very quickly. We had a new bundle of joy wearing a big red bow for a Christmas present!  And we know that Floppy had a “paw” in this serendipitous gift that has made our home “whole” again.

Tinker’s forever family,

— Karen & Jerry

Max & Giorgio!


I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone from the BichonFurKids for all their help and support. About a year-and-a-half ago when adopted our dream dog from the FurKids, Max. We have been so happy with him!! We can never explain how gratified we are to have him in our lives.

When we first adopted Max Marti told us, “Watch out, you can never stop at one Bichon.” Truth is, she was right. We recently adopted our second baby Giorgio and he is wonderful. We can not express how grateful we are to Marti and the FurKids crew for everything. All four of us, are incredibly happy!!!!

Thank you FurKids. We love you!!!!

— April, Eric, Max & Giorgio




Thank you for allowing us to adopt Domino.  He has made significant and positive contributions in the lives of our daughters and family.  His daily unconditional love speaks volumes and reminds us that love is the most important lesson in life.  His curiosity and playfulness reminds us that we should maintain a child-like outlook on life during our daily experiences.  His loyalty reminds us that we should remain obedient and true to our maker and those that are important to us.  His mostly nonverbal communications reminds us that we should use our eyes and ears more and our mouths less when we communicate with others.  His uber protectiveness and guardianship reminds us that it’s moral courage, not physical size that allows us to face uncertain situations; it also allows us to do the right thing at the right time for the right reason.


Yes, Domino has taught us a lot, but these are only a few of the many things that he has indirectly taught us.  Yes, his is daily presence in our lives has made life more enjoyable.  His little pink tongue, razor sharp teeth, black-and-snow white fur, and nightly Bishon Buzz radiates the essence of life and, somehow, makes life better.  He loves playing with the girls, chewing his toys, smelling new lawns, and taking trips to new places.  He recently enjoyed a trip to Yosemite, CA.  I think he’s still trying to figure out what squirrels, chipmunks, and Canadian Geese are, but that’s another story.

— John, Aime, the Girls, & Domino



Bentley_2eMy daughter Kate and son Jacob have wanted to get a dog for several years. Jacob has allergies to regular dog hair; he has been enduring allergy shots on a weekly basis for the last 2 years just so we could consider getting a dog! I told Kate that if she really wanted a dog, she would need to do all of the research and work in figuring out what kind of dog might work for Jacob’s allergies. Kate did a lot of research into types of breeds and bichon was one of those breeds. Plus, her two best friends (Tess and Sofie) have two bichons and Kate was very familiar with their friendly and wonderful personalities.

After considerable internet research, Kate happened upon the Bichonfurkids website. She filled out the application forms (with my permission, of course), and the process began. She and her friends, Tess and Sofie, would review the website on a daily basis (and sometimes hourly) to see what dogs were available for adoption. If they had their choice, they would adopted them all! After several weeks of many discussions with the wonderful Bichonfurkids coordinators (particularly Jori), we arranged for a visitation with Samuel. Kate and I decided to drive all the way to La Palma, California to meet Samuel at his foster home (about 5 1/2 hours drive from Phoenix].

But the long drive was well worth it! It was love at first sight. Samuel immediately went to Kate and sat on her lap. Everyone knew instantly that it was a perfect match! Kate renamed Samuel “Bentley” because one of Samuel’s foster brothers was named Bentley and she loved that name.

In just a very short time, Bentley has adjusted to our home and neighborhood. He has already had “playdates” with Tess and Sophie’s bichons, Trax and Lucky. The three of them love each other. Bentley also has plenty of other dog friends around our neighborhood that he can visit and play with. He loves to take walks and see everything that is new for him. He also got to take a bike ride with Kate and herBentley1efriends. He is friendly with everyone, and everyone that meets him immediately falls in love with him.

We feel so very fortunate to have found Bichonfurkids and were overwhelmed and amazed at all the time and effort that everyone took in helping us find the perfect match. Bentley’s foster family (Joan, Richard and their 3 dogs, 5 cats and 2 desert tortoises) was absolutely amazing, and I could tell it was bittersweet for them when we decided to adopt Bentley. They were happy that he had found a good Forever home, but also sad to be losing him. Bichonfurkids is a wonderful organization and we will be sure to recommend it to everyone we know. We are thrilled that we helped rescue such a sweet and loving dog such as Bentley and we are so appreciative of everything that Bichonfurkids did for us.

Thank you again for everything!!!

— With love from
Heidi, Bill, Kate, Jacob and Bentley, Phoenix, Arizona

Charlie MacLure!

Charlie_fishing_2eCharlie is such a sweet heart and ball of fun! He has so much personality and is always ready to give anyone love and kisses. He is my little social butterfly and wherever I take him he is the star!

When I first got Charlie we traveled up to Tahoe for a two week vacation. It was perfect because we were able to bond and spend some quality time up at Lake Tahoe.  He loved going to the lake and would do his Bichon Buzz around the other big dogs and then would start digging and stick his head in the sand like a crab! =)  He is a crack up! He also went on several hikes and enjoyed fishing and riding in my boat.Charlie_tahoe_falls_e

Now that we’re back home in San Diego he has made several friends at the park near my house. His favorite friend is a fellow Bichon. He loves all dogs and is really fast at playing chase. My parents live nearby and have a Jack Russell Terrier named Ziggy. Ziggy is a bit older and has not been socialized very much. To my parents surprise, Ziggy has now found friendship with Charlie. When they first started playing my mom started crying because she never thought Ziggy would play with other dogs! Charlie is such a sweetheart that he even does well with Ziggy! This has made everyone so happy!

I am a school counselor and I have been taking Charlie to work with me.  He loves socializing with the students and faculty. He is like my little shadow. Wherever I go, he goes.

Charlie_fishing_eFrom day one Charlie has been doing great! He was very easy to crate train and always wants to please. In one weekend he mastered sit, come and stay! We are now attending doggie training classes and he LOVES it!

I was very impressed with Bichon FurKids professionalism and support throughout the adoption process. Even after adopting Charlie I received e-mail inquiries asking how Charlie was doing. This is a wonderful organization that I am proud to have adopted from BFK. Wherever I go, I spread the word about Bichon FurKids and promote the foster program. I hope this story will inspire others to donate or foster a Bichon. I am so happy with Charlie! He is the best dog I have ever owned.

Thanks again for bringing this little ball of fun into my life!

— Jennifer MacLure and Charlie, San Diego, California


PJ and Little Joe!

These playful puppies went from rescue to near death and were saved by the angels at Bichon FurKids Rescue.  We are thrilled to have been able to adopt them BOTH and give them a FOREVER HOME!

Click here or on our photo to watch their video and learn more about their adventures at BFK Rescue.


— John, Cheryl and Kimberley Fredenburg, Laguna Niguel, California




Our family has never had a puppy before, and we would have never guessed that Lilly would have made such a wonderful difference to our lives! She brings out the best in all 4 of us and she keeps us active and on our best behavior! Since the first day we got her, our house has been such a calm and happy place. My sister and I hardly fight anymore as we don`t want to scare her and just want to spend every moment with her, rather than wasting our time arguing.

Lilly has us going on many walks a day which not only keeps us exercising but gives us more family time to spend together! We have all grown in responsibility, taking care of her, especially my sister and I! She has been a very fun and loving addition to our family and we love her very much!

Lilly is the perfect dog for us!

Thank you Marti and Bichon FurKids Rescue!

— Danielle Kokler and Lilly



Dexter_haPriscilla, our beloved bichon of 17 years, died in June 2008 … sadly, her time just ran out. It was a devastating loss to us and it took several months before we were ready to bring a pet into our lives. We’ve never had a rescue, but have many friends who do, so we decided to give rescue a try. We learned about Bichon FurKids through another rescue organization and, after checking the BFK web site, we saw Dexter. It was love at first sight.

His short (but thick) white coat and funny overbite gave him such charm. Ironically, some new photos of Dexter posted to the web site had generated a lot of interest in him, and people were jockeying for position to meet and adopt him. Since BFK gave us first chance to meet him, we wasted no time and drove from Arizona to California that week to meet him.

By the time we got to OC and met Dexter, we knew he was the one. Dexter355eAfter an hour of watching him play and romp with his three foster brothers, we packed Dexter in the car and headed back to AZ. Phyllis sat in the back seat with Dexter and just fell in love. She couldn’t quit loving him and talking about him. He’s “adorable”, “so well behaved”, “cute the way he snuggles in his bed and blanket,” “always wraps his front legs around her arm,” and on and on. It was special.

We live on a golf course, and Dexter loved his first golf cart ride — like having his head out the window in the car. But when Dexter tried to run from the 1st to the 18th fairway, we realized some leash training was needed before we could turn him loose on the course. He now runs free on the fairways … when no one is golfing … always responding to COME, with a little treat waiting. He’s taken up golf and had a par on his first hole! I’m walking more than I ever have and Dexter will probably add 5 years to my life for lots of reasons.

Phyllis plays tennis, so we play tennis ball with Dexter all the time. Dexter now comes, sits and puts his cute little relaxed paw up to gently shake hands, before he gets his treat. He just looks up with ears back and loving eyes and says it all with his posture. He loves laying in bed while we read the Sunday paper, and seems to love all people he meets. . He watches the Arizona Cardinal games with us and he really loved watching Saturday Night Live Top 100. He liked the Wild and Crazy Guys the best and Roxbury, second. Must be the dancing, because he loved the Blues Brothers, too. Of course, he always brings his tennis ball and drops it several times to dictate play.

His coat finally grew back and we got him his first AZ grooming just before Christmas. He looks wonderful! Our friends and family all love him . Phyllis is beside herself. So am I. Thanks, BFK, for the love you put in our life. We continually have tears with this sweet little Dexter. WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

— Fred and Phyllis Limbocker and Dexter

Danny Boy

Last October during the wildfires, we lost our dog Mia to kidney failure.  Mia had been with us for almost 13 years.  Two years earlier, our dog Kyler had also passed away from kidney failure.  Losing ‘my girls’ was very hard for me, but the following months seemed so quiet.  That is hard to believe considering we have two young children – Gavin, 4 years old, and Ainsley  1.  But after they went to bed, the house seemed so quiet and still.
In college, I had “babysat” a pair of Bichons for some family friends while they traveled — and I loved them.  I started researching Bichons in December and found the Bichon FurKids website.  Both Mia and Kyler were adopted from an animal shelter and I wanted to adopt or rescue again.  A Bichon seemed like a perfect dog for us.
I told my husband I wanted to fill out the application.  “It’s no commitment,” I told him.  “We’ll just see what happens.”  I filled out the application on a Tuesday evening.  The next morning I got a call from BFK and was excited to hear about a sweet dog that was being fDannyboy2ostered less than a mile from my home.  A volunteer came by Wednesday afternoon to inspect our home and then the kids and I were off to meet Emily that same day! Emily was very sweet, but not a fit for our family.  I was very disappointed, but Daria, Emily’s foster mom, assured me that we would meet our perfect Bichon.  “Don’t worry,” she told me, “You’ll just know when you find him.”
That evening, we saw a picture of Danny Boy and  thought he’d be great for us.  We couldn’t meet him until the weekend – so we set up a time for Sunday.  My husband, Matt, the kids and I were excited to be meeting Danny Boy.  Matt and I were trying to figure out what we would call him — as Danny Boy didn’t seem right for us.  We met Danna, his foster mom, at a park andDannyboy3 the kids played with Danny.
Danna told us Danny Boy was very mellow and quiet; he didn’t bark much and loved to go for walks.  He was perfect for us.  We adopted him and took him home.  We kept the name Danny Boy because Gavin said, “That is his name, and you can’t just change it!”
Danny seemed a bit unsure at first and it didn’t help that I had to go out of town that week –  but we took him with us to visit my family in Bakersfield.  My entire family loved him.  I’m sure Danny was confused as to where home was.  He wouldn’t go outside unless someone went with him.   I think he was afraid I would leave him.  He followed me everywhere.  Now my entourage includes two kids and a dog.
Danny has been with us for a little over two months now.  Remember the dog who didn’t bark?  Apparently he found his voice.  He loves to bark at the birds in the backyard and people and dogs walking by in the front.  He has just completed obedience school and we did great.  (Danny probably didn’t need obedience school, but I did.)  We love to practice sitting, lying down, staying and heeling.  Now we’ll probably take a class on tricks or maybe even to become a therapy dog, since Danny loves to cuddle.
Evenings at our home are still quiet — but usually because Danny is so exhausted from playing outside with the kids all afternoon.  He loves to fetch his Kong toy and chase, or be chased by, the kids.  He loves when I brush him at night and tell him how handsome he is.  I think Danny loves his new home and we sure love him.
Thanks, Bichon FurKids, for bringing us together.
Kim, Matt, Gavin and Ainsley… and, of course, Danny


After watching our 8 year old daughter sit for hours loving and playing with my mom’s Bichon, we knew it was time to add a smaller dog to our family.  We also felt our 4 year Golden Retriever was ready for a new friend.  We considered a puppy — and we were ready to pick him up — but I just didn’t feel it was the right decision for us.  I felt rescuing was what we were supposed to do so I started researching different rescue groups.
I saw Bichon FurKids on-line and just knew this was where we nGibson2eeded to adopt from.  I called Marti and she picked up the phone on my first attempt and thoroughly explained the process to me.  We chose a tiny little guy named Gibson who has stolen all of our hearts.  He was very thin and a little frightened when we brought him home.  The first few days Gibson’s favorite thing to do was hide!  Less than 2 weeks later, however, he wasn’t missing a beat — and was the first one to greet people when the doorbell rang.  We fed him small, frequent meals and he quickly put on weight.Gibson3Gibson is truly the sweetest little guy in the world!  He loves to ride in the car and we take him with us to watch our kids’ games on the weekend and he is always the main attraction at the ball field!  We can’t imagine who would ever have let him go because he truly is the “perfect dog.”  Gibson loves people (big and small), dogs, and is eager to please.  He enjoys his walks and is perfect on the leash.  The kids can’t wait to see him when they get home from school and he has learned to wait in the afternoon near the door anticipating their return.

Gibson has really added joy to our life and we feel so blessed to have him.
Thank you Bichon Furkids!Jennifer, Todd, Austin and Madison… and, of course, Gibson


We adopted Spice in January.  My ten-year-old twin daughters (and well as my husband and I) have come to adore him, and he has become good buddies with our other dog, a Cavashon named Miley.
Spice is a funny, sweet little guy who quickly became a member of our family.  Now we can’t imagine life without him.  It makes us feel so good that we were able to rescue him, and give him a happy life filled with doggieImg_0856 treats, walks, games of chase with Miley, and lots of snuggling and play time!

He’s a wonderful addition to our family, and we feel lucky to have found such a nice (not to mention cute!) dog by working with Bichon FurKids.


Dear Bichon FurKids,
We wanted to give you an update on  how our Rollie is doing  – as he is doing so well.  
He is the biggest love bug and is really starting to eat and show us more of his personality every day. There is no doubt that  we just love this boy to death.
Thanks so much for helping us find our forever new addition. 
Reba, Justin, Tonya, Tori, Kaleb and Rollie


I just wanted to let you all know that, ever since I was adopted over 18 months ago , I’ve been a happy happy Bichon! My moms never had a dog before but they sure know how to make me feel like part of the family. The three of us go on boat rides around the lake where I just sit and watch all the wild life. I love riding in the passenger seat of the little blue car and now I ride around in a golf cart. Riding is my exercise of choice.
All these different things are fun and people stop to say hi alot and notice what a cute face I have – especially when I cock my head when they speak. I’m still kinda skittish about people touching me and there are some dogs that I just don’t like. (This is from my past and I’m working on trusting more.) But all in all – I eat well, snore when I sleep, do tricks for treats, enjoy an occasional sleep-over with my new sitter and just am happy. I know I’m lucky and I let them know it when I just look at them. Thanks to Bichon FurKids, my foster Mom, Marci , and Marti – my second half of life is DOGFASTIC!


Dear Bichon FurKids,
I have a wonderful Bichon named Cody because of you. My Corgi, Sara, died in 2005 at 17 and I thought I could never replace her – but Cody has stolen my heart and my husband’s. He is 7 years old and he fit right into our home as if he has always been with us.
Before we got Cody, we had visited my husband’s boss and his family in Phoenix. They have two Bichons which I fell in love with. They showed me the Bichon FurKids web site and I filled out an application around April 4th. Phyllis called me the next day and I had an immediate home check. I passed and picked up Cody on the 7th, Talk about service! I can’t thank BFK and Marti enough. Marti has been wonderful with all my questions. What a great organization.
We will be on vacation and will miss “The Bash” but we will be thinking of you.
Best Wishes to all Bichon lovers,
Melinda Neal – and Cody!



We found Polo through Bichon FurKids. We already had an 18 month old Bichon/Poodle mix named Boots and were looking for a buddy for him, as well as another pet for our two kids, Zoe (6) and Cooper (4). We got a call asking if we would be willing to foster a little guy named Polo who desperately needed to be rescued. We were a little hesitant about fostering since we didn’t have a whole lot of information about the dog, but once we saw a picture of Polo, we couldn’t resist. The poor little guy had wounds to heal and needed a little time and extra love to make him healthy again.
From the moment Polo came into our home he melted our hearts. After that first night with us, we knew we would adopt him! He is such a wonderful dog and has just fit right in with our family – it’s like he’s always been a part of us! Polo and Boots play together perfectly, just like brothers. And the kids absolutely adore him.
We take lots of walks and Polo just loves to cuddle and be loved! He also loves to sleep in a nice warm bed with whoever is willing to share their pillow! We feel so blessed to have found this sweet dog. He truly completes our family!
Wendy, Joe, Zoe and Cooper



My husband and I have been searching for a dog that we would be perfect for and would be perfect for us. We knew from the beginning that we wanted a rescue dog. There are so many animals in shelters with no families and no one to love them, it is heartbreaking. We have looked tirelessly online and searched local shelters, but could never find the perfect kit for us.
It was not until I was contacted by the extremely kind and helpful staff from the Bichon FurKids rescue that we found out dream dog. Max (used to me named Armani) is smart, cute and playful. He is now a part of our family and we could not be happier. Thank you to the Bichon FurKids and thank you to Petfinder for completing our family.
April, Eric and Max (Ruff!)



Lucie has fit right into our family. She’s an adorable little dog. She enjoys walking the kids to and from school and getting showered with attention from all of the kids who come and coo over how cute she is. Even though she’s a little dog, she loves to go on long walks and is always happy to be outdoors. Afterward, she relaxes on the couch with us while we are watching television or reading.

Her favorite place to sleep is with Isabelle in the princess room. (The perfect place for the little princesses!)

We were so happy to find a dog through Bichon FurKids.

When Lucy came to us, she had been abandoned and was recovering from wounds she received from being covered in foxtails—one had even been in her eye! It has made us all even more protective of the little dog that we saved—making a difference in her life has made a difference in ours!

Tonya, Eric, Olivier & Isabelle



Diego – Before
Thirteen years ago we rescued a male bichon we called Pele. One year later we brought home a young female bichon we named Abbie, also a rescue. Abbie calmed Pele, who had been abused, and helped him to be more social. The two of them were a bonded pair, inseparable, comical and beloved members of our family. All was well until last Oct. when Pele died. Over the next few days, Abbie quit eating and drinking, was listless and traumatized. Our vet told us that he feared we might lose Abbie, as we had Pele. The grief that we were experiencing as a family was compounded with the possibility of also losing Abbie! We knew in our hearts that we could never replace Pele – but we were ready to open up our hearts and home again to another rescue so that Abbie could live!
The process that took place with Bichon FurKids was amazing.
Over the next few weeks, we exchanged dozens of e-mails and phone calls and ultimately had an opportunity to meet several fur kids in foster care to determine the best fit for our family, and, in particular, Abbie. When we met Diego he was skinny and had been shaved down due to severe matting. But we fell in love with him instantly – and watched Abbie perk up for the first time in days, interacting with him from the very moment they met. We were so impressed with the wonderful home that Katie, his foster mom, had provided for him – and know that Bichon FurKids is blessed to have people like Katie and Dan to foster and provide interim homes for their rescued bichons. We can’t thank them enough for their gift of love to our little guy!

Diego has adjusted well to his new home and to Abbie. He is a very intelligent little guy! Our entire family has fallen in love with him and is amused by his cute personality, energy and loving nature. The two pups love to cuddle, take walks together, play with toys and chew rawhide bones. Abbie has gained yet another opportunity to love and mold a new companion – and it has made her young again!

We were amazed at the attention to every detail and love that was demonstrated by Marti, Barbara and Katie. I would like to thank Marti and Bichon FurKids for the work they do – and for making a commitment to each dog to find the very best forever home for that dog. We are so grateful that we were chosen to provide a forever home for our little Diego!

Frank, Susan, Abbie and Diego


Ricky and Lucy

Ricky and Lucy are the most gentle and sweet dogs we have ever lived with. When they arrived at our home four months ago, Ricky was immediately full of love and affection due to his wonderful foster parents, Barbara and Paul. Lucy was still healing from her past and hid under the dining room table for the first 3 days. But now she is fully recovered and exhibits warmth, friendliness and joy. They have both become an integral part of our family.

Ricky and Lucy love to play with each other by running at lightning speed through the house and out the doggie door into the back yard where the “Bichon Blitz” takes place. They hunker down and chase each other in a circle or figure eight looking like well trained race horses! Ricky and Lucy are incredibly beautiful. We never know when the “Blitz” will take place, but when it starts, we stop everything and sit on the sidelines to watch and laugh.

One of their favorite ‘hangouts’ is their private sunny massage table located under a window in the front of the house. They have a stair step up and can see up and down the street when we are away. Lucy can watch for her “boyfriend” (aBorder Collie) who lives across the street.

When we took Ricky and Lucy to the local Dog Park for the first time, we were thrilled to see how happy they were. They enjoyed running with the packs and getting to know other breeds. They fit right in and expressed their playful, pleasant personalities with everyone.

They are our family now, our forever dogs. Thanks Bichon FurKids Rescue, Marti Colwell and Barbara Riggs for the work you do with this precious breed and for bringing Ricky and Lucy to our home.

Loretta and Piero



I joined Bichon FurKids in August as a volunteer foster parent. My original intentions were to adopt a little young female puppy for my two year old male Bichon named Cody as a companion. In September I received a call from Marti to help with a group of seven male puppies ranging in age from 6 to 18 months. I agreed to help – thinking that this would be good practice for the female when she arrived. I drove down to Carlsbad on a Tuesday night with the intention of helping to socialize these puppies.
I arrived at her house to find volunteers helping in every way. Some were cleaning the puppies, some were soothing the dogs – and some were there just for moral support. I quickly chose the smallest male I could find that had been shaved and cleaned.

Back to Mission Viejo I drove with this extremely shy, scared little boy who would only hide in the corner of his carrier.

Upon arrival at my home I had to remove the top of the crate in order to get the puppy who we named “Conner” out of his box. He just sat in my lap with his head buried and shook. My family and I continued to hold and snuggle the little guy for the remainder of the week, while working with him on a leash for potty training. We paper trained him in a small environment during the day when we had to leave him – and Cody would sniff him and visit with him thru the fence. After week two Conner would cry when I put him in the kennel at night, as he could see Cody in bed with me. I decided to let him join us and so the “love affair” began.

After several weeks of communicating with Marti on “Conner’s” progress she was starting to talk about what type of family Conner would need. At that point I realized I was in love and hooked – line and sinker. There was no parting with this cute little fur ball. Even with his extremely shy ways we had bonded thru and thru. My boy Cody had completely accepted him as his little brother, taking him in and literally training him on how to use the doggy door, how to walk on a lease and how to trust two legged friends. We are a family now and couldn’t be happier.

Sure, I could have waited for the perfect female puppy for my family but the rewards would not even compare to the wonderful ways in which this little guy has grown and is growing daily. We still have a way to go – but boy is it worth it!! I guess you could say I am a failed foster mother but an extremely lucky adoptive one!!


Life has changed dramatically for sweet little Sasha, our adorable bichon-poodle mix, rescued thanks to the dedication and perseverance of the BichonFurKids volunteers. Only a few weeks ago, “Sasha,” was an emaciated little pooch, wandering the streets, matted and dirty, frightened, and fending for herself. Now she has a forever home where she is loved and pampered not only by us (her human family) but also by her two canine brothers, both of whom were also rescue dogs. The three of them are always together–sleeping on the sofa next to each other and often choosing to sleep in the same dog bed even though we have three identical dog beds.

Sasha and our family are so grateful to Marti Colwell and her network of BichonFurKids volunteers, who not only care deeply about the welfare of animals, but actually do something about it. They drive to animal shelters, saving the lives of countless sweet doggies, such as Sasha. After rescuing the dogs, BichonFurKids carefully screens adoptive parents, who will provide loving forever homes for these precious doggies. The BichonFurKids network of volunteers are also able to place dogs that are being given up, but luckily have not yet been taken to the pound!

As in Sasha’s case, each “doggie” story is different–but all are sad.

Everyone of the dogs saved by BichonFurKids needed a home through no fault of its own. Some are homeless because their owners had died; others lost their homes because their owners got divorced; and still others, like Sasha, were simply dumped! But they all have one thing in common–the sadness in their eyes can easily be replaced with happiness when they find forever homes as a result of the kindness of the BichonFurKids volunteers.

Anyone, who has ever adopted a rescue dog, knows the joys that their companionship brings. They are there for you–all of the time–ready to kiss you, play ball with you, walk with you, or simply watch television with you. (They never argue with you about the channel and will even sit on your lap while you watch reruns of reruns!)

With love and some of our home cooking, Sasha is gaining needed weight. She was about 8 pounds when she was rescued–our vet says she should be about 15 pounds. Sasha has become such an important part of our family–it is hard to believe she has only been with us about a month.

If you want your life brightened by a pet or pets, please think about adoption rescue–it does not matter if a pet is young, old, or in-between–just look into its eyes, see its wagging tail, and know that you have made a love match for life!

Beth W. (Sasha’s mom)


Please meet Pedro, a 3 year old bichon that was abandoned in an apartment when the owner moved. He was rescued by Bichon FurKids and found a wonderful Forever Family who have found him to be the perfect addition to their family.
Here is what his Forever Family has to say: Pedro is everything we were looking for, he’s obedient, loveable, and playful. Our entire family has fallen in love with him and he shows his appreciation by rolling around on his back with joy, and then popping up and looking at us in a way that says, life is good, thank you. Pedro loves to sniff around the neighborhood and check out what is going on. When we first brought him home he got very excited when he saw other dogs and people, and wanted to run up to them and sniff and play. But in training he learned the command “leave it” and can now control his desire and need to be loved and noticed by every person and dog that sees him. We have all adapted well and can’t imagine life without Pedro!

Thanks, Bichon FurKids!

Tara, Steve, Jeremy, Simon and Gabi



Higgins…..that’s my name and my Mom and Dad say I’m the perfect little dog, in fact they call me Higgins the Wonder Dog!! Little did they know my start in life was not so perfect. I lived on the streets of San Diego and had to fend for myself, struggling to find food, and a warm place to sleep each night. Neighbors in the area yelled at me and shooed me away. They told the animal control that I was an aggressive dog and needed to be removed from their neighborhood. Fortunately for me, the humane society called Bichon FurKids Rescue and I was saved by a wonderful volunteer who saw through my so called aggressive behavior and knew I was just a scared little puppy dog.

My foster Mom Jan and her son Patrick took such good care of me and I began to trust people once again. I lived with them and their doggies for several weeks while my “forever” Mom and Dad fostered Lucy and Ricky. When Lucy and Ricky found their forever Mom and Dad, I was then able to meet my sister Lily (she’s a yellow Lab). We hit it off right away and today are the best of friends. We sleep together on doggie pillows next to Mom and Dad’s bed. We also love to chase each other through the house and play wrestle. Lily has taught me how to use the doggie door and also how to sneak on Mom and Dad’s bed in the morning.

My Dad says I’m really part kitty cat because I adore climbing on top of the pillows on the sofa and love to ride in the car on the tops of the seats. I also like to sit on the chair next to our front room window and watch doggies walk by our house. I am a very good watch dog and let my Mom and Dad know each time some one walks by. I’m also terrific at turning in circles on my back legs when Mom gets out the treats. Mom says I’m dancing for treats. Lily does most of the talking for us, she tells Mom when it’s time to get the treats out for us.

I’m so grateful to Bichon FurKids for their dedication to little lost dogs like me. I will always remember my wonderful foster Mom and her son and thank them for being able to give me up to my forever Mom and Dad. I know it was hard for my foster Mom because she cried when we drove away. My forever Mom and Dad and my sister Lily are the best things that ever happened to me……(Mom says Lily and I are the best things that ever happened to them).

Please consider adoption if you’re thinking about bringing a fur kid into your home, or if you’re not certain, foster a little rescued pup. If it wasn’t for Bichon FurKids Rescue, I’m certain my life would not be the wonderful life it is today. We rescued doggies are grateful pups and try to be on our best behavior for our new Moms and Dads. We thank them and Bichon FurKids every day for helping us.

God bless you Bichon FurKids, your wonderful volunteers, and your compassionate foster Moms and Dads.

Love, Higgins…….the wonder dog!!



Dear Foster Mom,
This is Gizmo, and I am writing to say thank you for being my foster Mom and finding my new forever home. I love my new Mom and brother Murphy – well at least my Mom, I’m trying to be a good brother to Murphy. He wants to play and lick me, but I’m not ready just yet. Murphy ‘puts up with my growling at him’ when he gets close to my toy, but also comes running when I bark at something. I have lots of new toys and my favorite is a small red hard rubber ball. I go everywhere with it.
Mom has to watch when I take it on walks because sometimes I lose it.
I also love to bark at the ‘condo cat’ and I want to chase him, but Mom tugs me back and signs to stop it. Mom says I have to learn not to bark at every dog or cat and be quiet like Murphy. I’m trying. I have learned to use the ‘doggie door’ and only had one accident. She is proud of me. Mom also says the hardest part was getting me to settle down to go to sleep at night. I kept her up many nights because all I wanted to do was bounce my ball off her head and have her throw it.
Mom now takes the toy box with all the toys and puts them away when it is bedtime and she gave me a ‘blankee’ to chew and snuggle with. I sleep on one of her pillows with my ‘blankee’ so I don’t chew the comforter anymore.
I’m so good now and sleep all night right next to her. My brother, Murphy, sleeps on the bottom of the bed or under the bed.
Just wanted you to know I am happy and Mom is too!
Gizmo and Family


We just wanted to update you on Sammy’s adoption. Sam has taken over our home and our hearts. He spends his days playing with Bailey, our 9 month old Bichon mix. They love playing tug of war, tag, and “hide the raw hide bone” (a game they invented). We had to buy a Great Dane-size doggy bed so that they could sleep together. Sam is so gentle with her and with our 15 yr old Pekingese Suki. He even is getting use to Trouble the cat who teases him constantly.

He also fits perfectly into our family.

Sam has made it his job to watch our us as we shower in the morning (he peaks around the curtain to make sure we’re okay), monitors meals (just in case something drops!) , and has made the whole left side of our couch his own. Around 8pm, after everyone has had dinner, treats, a run in the 1 acre backyard where we play fetch, the family settles down. Rex (my fiancé) at the right side of the couch with Bailey on his right thigh, Trouble the cat at his shoulder and Sam, with head on the left thigh-stretched over 3/4 of the couch. Dog in heaven- belly being scratched. I swear he grins!

Thank you for the part you have played in making our family complete. We just love him and his tail just keeps wagging!

Valerie Eidson and Rex Bowman
Sam’s Ma & Pa



…Perhaps you remember the movie “Jerry McGuire” where Tom Cruise’s character tells his girlfriend of his love for her by saying “You complete me.” That’s how we feel about sweet Molly – she truly completed our family.

Molly is beautiful both inside and out. She has a woderful temperament, loves to cuddle and kiss, and is very loviing and tolerant towards our little schnoodle, Goldie. We love her dearly and are very grateful to Bichon FurKids for arranging this “marriage made in heaven.”

Jeannie,Kurt, Molly and Goldie


Sara Belle

Our family was very full with two young girls and a 13 year old female, miniature poodle. Yet our youngest daughter continually asked us for her “own” dog. She had already picked out a name – Sara Belle – Sara being her favorite name and Belle after the Disney princess.

After a day or so of looking online, I found Bichon Fur Kids and began talking with Marti about finding a dog. Being surrounded by females, my husband was hoping for a male, but we all fell in love with a little dog named Sara (whom we re-named Sara Belle!)

Sara Belle has been with us four weeks, but it is like she has always been here. She gets along with our poodle, has lots of love and kisses and adores the girls. They fight over who gets to sleep with her so we alternate each night, although Paige seems to be getting more nights lately. Adopting Sara Belle has been a good experience made exceptional in that she has brought so much love to our family and we have helped to save her life. Thank you to Marti and all the volunteers at Bichon Fur Kids for the wonderful work you do!


We would first like to thank Bichon Fur Kids for bringing Jackson into our lives. My husband and I recently got married and we really wanted a dog to keep us company and be apart of our family. We looked at shelters and other rescue foundations, and knew after a while that we wanted a small little fuzzy dog to snuggle and play with – and none of the dogs we met seemed to fit what we were looking for.

A few weeks after applying to Bichon Fur Kids to adopt a dog, they contacted us about being a foster family for a dog they recently rescued from the pound. After Marti described this sweet little dog and how he was so scared in the pound that he hadn’t eaten for four days, we knew we wanted to take care of him.

When we first met Jackson he wasn’t exactly what I had imagined. He was very skinny and dirty and, because he had lots of bites from bugs and from other animals, the shelter had completely shaved him — and he was so scared that he hardly even moved or made a noise. But after a couple days with us and a good bath he started to become more comfortable and began to eat well and run around the house like he owned the place. My husband and I knew then that there was no way that we could give this cute little guy up!

We have had Jackson for about a month now and he is definitely part of the family! He loves to go on walks with us, lie in the sun, go to the beach, chase birds, get belly rubs, run around the backyard, play tug-of-war and curl up with us on the couch while we watch TV. He is extremely smart and was housebroken in only a few days and he responds very well to commands and to his own name. He is so sweet and calm and he has gotten really soft and fluffy (and a little round). He just follows us around the house wagging his tail and he always wants lots of love and attention, which we happily give him!

Thank you so much for the wonderful addition to our family!

Dan, Katie and Jackson Doornink


I put my 15 year old dog to sleep 1 year ago, and I was wanting a new dog, but not sure about getting involved with a rescued dog. I was a bit apprehensive about adopting a new dog, especially one with a questionable past. When I found Bichon Fur Kids, I was very excited about adopting a small, little ball of fur. I saw Riley on the site, and decided he was a custom ordered dog for me. He is only 8 pounds, and I wanted a small dog. His foster mom said he had some issues and that I needed to be very firm with him. He had been turned into the shelters twice. He was an angel from the first moment I saw him. He drove in his crate with me from San Diego to Orange County, and was just as happy as could be the whole way.

On his first day home, we went for a long walk to let him explore and burn off some energy. I practiced making him sit and wait for me as much as possible for him to see I was the “pack leader”. On the first day, he was as comfortable as can be in his new home. He stretched out on the rug in the sun for a good rest while I worked.

He has been the best dog. I named him Milo, and he is already responding well to his name. He comes when called, is housebroken, and will sit nicely while waiting for me to throw him a toy. He loves to play with his toys. He lets me brush him, and he didn’t mind the bath.

He is so cuddly. He loves everyone. He will even sit on my lap while I am working. I have not even had him for 2 weeks, yet it feels like he has been here forever. He sleeps so nicely in his crate every night. He puts himself to bed around 8:30pm. I call out for him, and find him curled up in his crate ready for bed. He can be coaxed out with the lure of some playtime or a walk. We walk every day to make sure he gets his energy out, and he loves it.

Milo loves his backyard. I have planters all along the back wall, and he thinks he is a big shot walking on the tops of the walls.

He is very curious. He loves to stand at the front door and watch people walk down the street. He especially loves standing outside on the upper deck to watch the dog next door. He never barks, and is always on his best behavior. He is a beautiful dog, and I love him more and more each day. Thank you for the work you do. I hope many other people know the pleasure of finding such a wonderful dog.

Kendra and Milo Williams



Jeff and I would like to thank Bichon FurKids for bringing Rosie into our lives! She has fit into our home so well that we can’t imagine we ever lived without her.

We always had a love for dogs, but as young newlyweds and career people, didn’t think we wanted to or could fit one into our schedule. So we decided to help foster dogs through Bichon FurKids. We figured it would be a nice, slow way to spend time with dogs and test things out. Rosie was the first dog brought to us, and within a few hours we were debating whether to keep her or not. We thought we had officially lost our minds! And we’ve definitely failed fostering because we couldn’t give her up!

She’s the cutest dog and I wish pictures could capture her personality because she’s a bundle of energy and kindness. She loves to run around the park and chase birds, helicopters, and other flying objects. Her favorite nighttime activity is snuggling on the couch with us. We can tell when she’s really tired because she turns on her back with her legs wide open and rolls her eyes back into her head. She’s already sent three toys to the toy-graveyard. Apparently fuzzy stuff tastes good.

We’re working with her on leash obedience, and she would prefer to be the only dog in the entire world. We have our work cut out for us, but in the best sense of the term.

As I’m typing this she’s curled up on my lap keeping me warm. Thank you again for this wonderful addition to our family. 
Jeff & Sarah Boyle


Well, it’s day four and all is perfect! Here are some pictures of our sweetie pie. We have christened Ziggy “CALI” which he responds to impressively. Cali sleeps through the night, does tricks for special treats, behaves as if he’s lived here with us for years. He has full access to our home, plus a nice size back patio overlooking the lake. Loves to ride on the boat looking around at all the water fowl. Very, very inquisitive. Walks out to the patio and sits looking out.

He’s so cute. Friendly with neighbors, growls at the man across the lake, loves his new fleeced top bed, not into retrieving yet — but that’s ok. Our families are all so excited for us since they know we’ve been thinking of adding a new family member.

We’ve purchased the suggested line of food … and he licks the bowl. Well it’s time for our 1/2 hour walk around the golf course. He’s become a favorite with the women golfers. 
Thanks for uniting us!
Suzanne, Janet & Cali 



I’m just writing to tell you how pleased I am to have been rescued by Bichon FurKids. You see I was so unhappy in my previous home that I escaped four times. The last time I ended up at the shelter they decided I was an aggressive dog that could not be trained and they scheduled me to ‘go to sleep.’ Bichon FurKids thought I could be rehabilitated… so they sent me to this amazing foster Mom who thought I fit in with her brood right away.

She said it all started with my name… that I was not a ‘Fluffy’ nor did I act like one. She named me Rudy (’cause sometimes I’m not the most sensitive of little guys) and the real me started to come out. I’m now very independent but loving – I like to play and play and play. And I’ve taught all my brothers and sisters a thing or two, Of course Mom flunked fostering – she said I was (and am!) the perfect addition to the family. And I am.

Now, can you find me in the bed? I think I’m hiding pretty well… That’s as much running away as I do any more. I’m so happy that I live here I’ll never run away again. 
All my love,

Rudy (and Mommy Kristin, too!) 



How can I ever thank you enough for Teddy? He is the joy of my life. Since he has been with me, everything is much better.Teddy has taken charge and I’m just here to do his bidding. I understand how hard it was for you to give him up and am so grateful to you for all you did for him — and for trusting me to be his forever mom.

This morning I woke up with a precious little head next to mine on the pillow and thought “It doesn’t get any better than this.” Teddy is able to look right into my heart. Since he came, my blood pressure has stabilized enough that the Dr. thinks I may be able to cut the blood pressure meds in half!

You cannot be around Teddy and be depressed or whatever. He is so much fun! We play games, explore the neighborhood, go for car rides, visit people who have doggies, etc.

I dearly love him and tell him so every day and I really think he knows what I’m saying. We have lots of cuddle time because we both like it. He has brought joy and purpose into my life that I had been missing for a while. I’m even inspired to start writing again!

He is generally such a sweet loving little guy. One day he decided to get snarly when I was trying to get a burr out of his paw. I got right in his face and said, “Don’t you talk to me like that.” The shocked expression on his face was so funny — but he hasn’t done it again since. He does like to push the envelope sometimes – just like you said.

Thanks again. You are truly special.


Teddy and Rosemary 

PS Do you realize that you not only saved a wonderful little dog but you saved a grateful old lady too! Thank you!


We adopted a little bichon who started off as a skinny little guy named Ruffles. Since he didn’t seem to know his name and did a “Rockford” on the coffee table the first day we had him, we thought that Rockford would better suit him better — and that evolved to us calling him Rocky. Rocky is always in action as you can see in the photo with his soccer ball. His signature pose is laying on the floor with his back legs out. He lets me cuddle him whenever I want, which is the most important thing of all!
Rocky is a great addition to our family and is a lot of fun to have around.

Emmalee, Dan and Rocky Hulls



We had been a one dog household for many years and felt that our other dog, a 5 year old English Cocker Spaniel, needed a friend. So, we contacted Mena Thiers, of Bichon FurKids, in the hopes that she might have a small to medium breed dog that would fit in with our family. The dog had to like other dogs and do well with children, so we knew it might be difficult to find a dog to adopt. We were so thrilled to find out that Angel was immediately available foadoption and so the arrangements were made.

The day Angel came home with us, Chester fell in love. The two of them play together, romp around and have a great time. Angel has fit right into our family. She is incredibly patient with our three children, who adore her. Every night, she picks a child’s bed to sleep on and “goes to sleep” with one of the girls. When they fall alseep, she comes downstairs to be with us! She is truly a “people person” and just loves to be with us. She definitely has made a positive impact on our family and we can’t imagine life without her now! Here is a picture of her in her nightly routine with one of our daughters. Thank you, Bichon FurKids, for a fantastic adoption and an amazing addition to our family!

The Spiegel Family
Eric, Lisa, Madison, Jillian, Camryn, Chester and Angel


We had promised my son Riley a dog when we moved into our house – and he, of course remembered. He was getting older and wanted to help with the responsibility of a pet. We had the good fortune of knowing Marti and met Mena and of finding our way to the Bichon FurKids Rescue website.
There were three kid-friendly Bichons that were available in Los Angeles (critical because Riley is 4 1/2 and Kyle is 10 1/2 and many children come in and out of of our home). After a few phone calls, we made an appointment with Jeanine and drove from San Diego to Los Angeles to pick up our new family member. Riley took each dog out for a walk and then decided on Dash who was cute, despite being skinny as could be, and having a cough. He slept all the way home with Riley (who was thrilled!) then went to the vet a few days later for his cough. (One of the nice things about adopting a pet through Bichon FurKids Rescue is you receive a free month of Pet Insurance. Once the nominal deductible has been met, the visit is usually covered. We decided to extend the insurance for Dash the following month for an annual policy.)

Dash is doing very well now. He has gained weight, goes to the groomer (which he loves) is housebroken, leash-trained and crate-trained. He stays in the crate when we leave the house and sleeps – but we don’t leave him for more than 3-4 hours because he would get very lonely (and so would we!)

When we are home he has the run of the place! He even sleeps with mommy and daddy on their feather comforter. Dash has learned to fetch and has about 15 toys to play with, all of which reside in his own toy basket. He even has his own treat jar on the counter next to the kids’ cookie jar. We’ve started dog training classes and found Dash is pretty easy to train and likes to socialize with other dogs.

Dash has moved right into our home and has become one of the family, We appreciate all of the great work that Bichon FurKids Rescue has done in San Diego and Los Angeles. If it wasn’t for their tireless efforts, we would never have met our Dash. Thank you!!

Christina, Kelly, Kyle, Riley and Dash Carter