In Memoriam

Hugh Stedman: One of a Kind. Beloved Volunteer

Hugh Steadman
Hubert Stedman, known to his friends and family as Hugh, was an amazing Dad, Granddad and dog dad – and a wonderful, devoted BFK volunteer. For more years than he, or we, could believe Hugh was our Home Safety Check Coordinator. He sat at his desk for hours each day, looking across three monitors reviewing and responding to adoption applications and scheduling safety checks.

As an entrepreneur and engineer, Hugh created some unique systems (of course they were quite complex, detailed and ‘uniquely Hugh!) and he lovingly reviewed every word in every sentence. Hugh’s goal was to find the best Moms, Dads and families for incoming FurKids – and he did so devotedly and proudly.

Hugh Steadman Hugh’s home safety check reports, which were descriptive and well thought out, were the final step in the first phase of our adoption process. He labored over them (a labor of love) and often enjoyed a lively conversation with new applicants and fellow volunteers. Hugh also made many friends along the way to these adoptions, friends who honor him and what he stood for.

BFK is indebted to the selfless hours, months and years that Hugh gave to coordinating our safety checks, ensuring that our FurKids were adopted into phenomenal families.

We celebrate and remember Hugh! We know how much he loved his family and his FurKids — and he will be forever in our hearts.

Hugh Stedman: One of a Kind. Beloved Volunteer



Into our lives there come many special pups and special people. That is what keeps those of us called ‘rescuers’ going. And this was never more true than with our precious Buddy and his very special foster mom, Danna!

Buddy was born with an eye issue with a long name (that only Danna could pronounce) and consequently left him blind. He was not ‘handicapped’ though because Buddy truly saw with his heart! He was a joyful, playful and independent guy who loved people. Buddy loved to get dressed up for holidays, go to events (where people ALWAYS admired him) and totally enjoyed chasing his toys with bells and sounds in them.

It was Danna’s dedication to him that enabled Buddy to live a full and rich life. And that he did!

Buddy’s life was cut short last week-end and we lost our beloved pup. He fought a gallant fight, with Danna by his side, but even modern medicine and wonderful veterinary care were not enough to undo the genetics Buddy was born with.

In the short time that Buddy lived on this planet, and in the year that he was a FurKid, Buddy knew love and returned it one hundred fold. We wish that we could have had dozens more years with him – and our hearts ache for Buddy and for Danna. Yet in his name and because of his indomitable spirit, we will continue to rescue.

We are also ‘retiring’ the name Buddy as a final tribute to a little guy who touched our hearts and lives at such a very deep level.


Barney Collage

Barney was sweet, lovable, funny and, most importantly, a very good friend to each of us. The loss of him has affected us deeply but he will be, forever, in our hearts. We will always love you baby Barney.

Debbie and Howard