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Bichon FurKids Rescue needs your help to create a personal bio for the furkid you are fostering or surrendering. ¬†Please complete the form below and we’ll be able to post his/her story on our web site.

We’ll need some pictures too. Ideally, pictures should be taken in natural lighting, like in a well lit room or outdoors. Try to get some pictures while he/she is active, like playing in the yard, riding in the car or playing with a toy. A snuggly shot or two would also be nice. Try to avoid taking pictures looking down at him/her. It’s best to keep your camera at eye level with the dog.

Please send pictures in their original, uncropped resolution via email to Marti.

Please provide AS MUCH information as possible when you complete this form so that we can get to know your foster furkid as well as possible. Please error on the side of giving us too much information. We cannot do much with yes and no answers so please explain.

Thank you.




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