Jr. Volunteers

Bichon FurKids is blessed with a number of volunteers who help our FurKids in many ways. One of the ways that our young dog-loving friends help is by making the soft fleece blankets that our new fur kids receive when they are rescued. Sometimes it is the first thing that they can truly call their own. They snuggle on them, nest on them, often take them wherever they go – and it also helps them when they transition to their Forever Homes.

If you want to join these fellow Junior Volunteers in helping us making blankets or fleece toys, just e-mail us at info@bichonfurkids.org. We would be happy to have you on our team!

You can complete a Volunteer Application here

Kei & Mochi

Kei & Mochi

Kei, a junior volunteer, with her ‘special helper’ Mochi have made blankets for incoming FurKids. With this cold weather, our pups are really grateful for a nice warm blanket to curl up on. We thank both of them for these great blankets.



Sharing Families Care

Sharing Families Care

We are very grateful to an amazing group of families who call themselves ‘Sharing Families Care’ and are committed to giving back to their communities. Both adults and children made blankets for some lucky furkids as their contribution to BFK.

Pictured in the photo are: Emily, Audrey, Caroline, Ben, Braydon, Charlie, Ellyse, Ella, Lucy, Logan and Calvin.

As they finished making the blankets, Mom Jen asked each of the children “Doesn’t your heart feel bigger?” As you can see from the smiles on their faces, they truly understand what giving involves. A bunch of happy furkids will certainly thank the Sharing Families team.

San Diego Brownie Troop 8801

Thank You Girl Scout Troop #8801, Mira Mesa

Our appreciation and gratitude goes out to the Brownie Troop in San Diego for taking the time to learn about the importance of rescuing and also for taking the time to make beautiful fleece blankets for our furkids to snuggle with!

Dear Bichon Fur Kids Rescue-

Troop 8801 Junior Girl Scouts has been working on some warm fuzzy blankets for the sweet dogs. This is our service project for the year 2012-2013. We certainly enjoyed making these fun blankets and filled them with love.

Our troop has supported many areas of our community. We do have a member of our troop who helps foster the Bichon Frise in your organization. Her name is Sofia Ugarte. Our troop definitely has canine enthusiasts. They all love dogs. We hope that each dog will be in a happy home and be extra comfortable in their new blankets!

Our blanket artists are: Kailtyn, Sofia, Alexi, Isabella, Neveah and Becca (not shown).


Barbara Reynolds
Girl Scout Troop 8801

Connor & Kellie Millard

Whittier, CA

Thanks to Connor and Kellie for volunteering their summer vacation time to take care of Bichon Furkids in foster care at the home of Jessica Ley in Anaheim.

In addition to the many furkids she fosters, Jessica also babysits for Kellie and Connor for the summer. Kellie and Connor feed, brush, walk, play, teach, help bathe and clean up after the furkids …  and even try to get people to adopt them! Connor is quite the salesman.  Sometimes the kids get scratched, nipped and growled at, yet nothing detours them from loving and caring for the dogs.  They were a tremendous help preparing Danny, Scooter and Pop Tart  to go their new homes. And there will be more before the summer is over! Jessica says that the giggles she hears when the dogs jump all over them and shower them with kisses is heartwarming.

Thanks, Connor & Kellie! You have made a difference in the lives of several furkids!


Savanna J.

San Diego, CA



Savanna has so kind-heartedly dedicated many hours of her time to help feed, play, walk, socialize, groom, clean-up, snuggle, and love over twenty FurKids in foster care! We cannot thank you enough for being the caring girl that you are! We also want to thank you so much for helping us make over a dozen cozy blankets for our FurKids! We just know they will cherish it forever because you have put so much of your heart and love into making them especially for them! Thank you again!

Troop 190

Thank you so much for helping make these beautiful blankets!

Pacific Rim & Rancho La Costa Chapters of Kids Korps & Brownie Troop 860

Laguna Niguel,CA

Our deep appreciation goes to the moms, dads, and kids of the Pacific Rim and Rancho La Costa Chapters of Kids Korps and Brownie Troop 860 and Breanna, one of our bichon adopters, who get together and make blankets for our fur kids. We thank ALL of them more than words can say (but we think these photos say a lot!)

Brownie Troop 860 — Laguna Niguel

Kids Korps — Rancho La Costa Chapter

Kids Korps — Pacific Rim Chapter



Over Thanksgiving vacation and the first part of December, Breanna gathered together some fleece and some friends and made almost twenty blankets for deserving fur kids. We want to thank her, and her wonderful mom, Shannon and her bichon, Comet (who personally put his paw of approval on each blanket.)

Breanna, we thank you for your generosity!

If you would like to become a volunteer or have your story posted, please send your story and photos to tiffany@bichonfurkids.org