Miley – Coyote Attack Victim


Miley Is Free!!!

November 25

Miley_free 002Tis the season to be thankful and I, Miley, have so much be happy about!! Yesterday, the Animal Control Officer came by to visit and told me that I am now a free girl! I didn’t really know what that meant at first, but mommy took me in my brand new car seat to see the world and oh boy, do I love it out there! I even got a new Christmas dress! Mom wants you to know that when I got back home, I ran straight into my bed with a giant smile on my face!

I really want to thank my foster mom for taking me in for four whole months and providing me with the best possible home filled with lots of love! I also am very thankful for Dr. Glass at Stonecreek for providing me with two months worth of care. Of course, the OC Animal Control for allowing me to become a Bichon FurKid and giving me a second chance at life!

I can’t wait to start off my Thanksgiving day tomorrow with a nice long walk in the morning!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Miley Update

November 2009

Miley boo 001Thanks everyone for asking about me! My foster Mom says to let you know that I’m gaining a bit of weight, my skin is feeling much better and I’m a hapy little girl. She says I’m more relaxed and playful than I was before – and I give her lots of kisses day and night.

The Animal Control lady comes to visit me fairly often. The last time she was here she said my quarrantine will be over by Thanksgiving.

I’ll have a lot to be grateful for!

Since I haven’t had a chance to go out in the world, meet other furkids or people, Mom wants to wait and see how I do once I’m allowed ‘out in the world.’ Of course after caring for me for four months, Mom will have the right of first adoption. If she does not adopt me, you will see my bio and new photos under Available Dogs on our web site.


Unfortunately, I also wasn’t able to go trick-or-treating this year, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the festivities!


Miley Enjoying Her New Life

August 27, 2009

Thank you to everyone who has been following along with Miley’s story. You’ll be happy to know that she is now in a home, still under quarantine, and enjoying her second chance at life. Her foster mom writes that Miley is getting used to being brushed and pampered, and she is always watching you like a hawk, out of the corner of her eye. Miley is also being spoiled with lots of toys and beds, yet prefers to rest on the white wicker chest! She enjoys sitting by the window and gazing at the outside world. We think she is dreaming about the day when she finally gets to go outside for a nice long walk and romp with the other furkids! Hang in there girl!


Miley leaves the Vet & Goes to a Home!

August 18, 2009 · posted by Bichon FurKids Rescue

Miley_head5Miley, one of BFK’s two coyote attack survivors, reached a milestone on July 28th. On that date, and after completing a two month quarantine at Stonecreek Animal Hospital in Irvine, Miley began a four month in-home quarantine in Orange County, A rabies titer test, conducted by the laboratory at Kansas State University, indicated that Miley had five (5) times greater protection from rabies than the minimum required amount. According to Kansas State, this suggests that she was vaccinated previously. This result would also be sufficient documentation to allow a dog to avoid quarantine in Hawaii, England and Taiwan. However, this test is not recognized by the state of California as proof of rabies, so Miley must still complete her remaining four months of quarantine.

Miley’s foster home also had to be pre- approved by the Orange County Rabies Control Officer, as well as BFK. Once this was done, Miley was transported to her foster home by OC Animal Control. And, while Miley must remain in quarantine for four months, she now has the run of her house and yard at her new foster home — and is enjoying both! She will continue to receive checkups by the rabies control officer until her six month quarantine which should end around Thanksgiving. There is no doubt that Miley has much to be thankful for!

Miley gets her first bath!

June 30th, 2009 · posted by Bichon FurKids Rescue

Our little survivor, Miley, was allowed to get her first bath in quarantine today. You can tell how much better she feels – and how much happier she is. Although she still cannot have contact with any other dogs or people, she has taken a real liking to her hero, Dr. Glass. We thank him, Nadine Glass and the staff at Stonecreek for providing a loving place for Miley to heal.

Each day she gets better – (and, according to Dr. Glass, sweeter) however she must still stay in a kennel by herself, waiting (we hope) for her original owner to show up and prove that she was inoculated for rabies. Without that certificate Miley has many more months of quarantine and isolation ahead of her.


Still in quarantine, but much happier!

June 11th, 2009 · posted by Bichon FurKids Rescue

It’s a bummer to not be able to have visitors, but Miley is on her way to recovery and loves her caregivers at Stonecreek Animal Hospital.

What a difference a week can make

June 9th, 2009 · posted by Marti Colwell

As Miley approaches her first week of quarantine, we can tell that she is getting better already. Her wounds from the coyote attack are starting to heal – and she is eating and drinking well. Miley is counting the days, and months, until she can be in a loving home again.

Eye Witness Account of Miley’s Attack

June 5th, 2009, 7:22 pm · posted by Buffy Schnurbusch

I spoke to one of the two gentlemen who saw Miley’s attack and scared the coyote off. According to Zak B., he and his buddy Jeff K. were waiting to chip their golf balls onto the first green at the golf course about 4:30Pm on Sunday, May 24th. Jeff spotted Miley about 50-70 feet away and before they could even finish saying, “Hey, look at that dog on the course,” they saw the coyote approach. At first they thought it was another dog, but within seconds they saw it attack Miley.

Zak said the coyote did a typical behavior, which is to approach its prey as if to befriend it, so the animal doesn’t run off. Then it attacked. The coyote grabbed Miley around her mid-section and she started wiggling. The coyote dropped her and by then Zak & Jeff were running toward them, screaming at the coyote and waiving their golf club (chippers). Miley put up a fight, which kept the coyote from running off with her. Zak and Jeff got closer they threw their golf clubs at the coyote and it dropped Miley and ran back toward the river bed nearby.

She was shaking and bleeding and seemed very traumatized, so they kept vigil but at a distance since they didn’t want to scare her off and have her run right back to the coyote. As they waited for the course manager and crew to arrive in  their carts, the coyote stood by and just watched them … apparently waiting for them to leave so he could reclaim his prize. Once the carts arrived, t he coyote ran off under the riverbed tunnel.

After the carts arrived, Miley laid there about 5 minutes. They were going to wait for animal control to arrive, but Miley jumped into one of the carts, between the legs of the driver (near the foot pedals, as if to say, “Take me away from here!”

Zak was happy to hear that she survived the attack and is doing well. He commented that she was obviously someone’s pet, as she was clean and friendly and it was obvious she had not been away from her owner for long. They thought that since she had a collar and tag on, Animal Control could locate the owners. He was surprised to hear that it wasn’t a tag but just a charm with no information.

Zak did tell me that the park was very crowded that day with a Memorial Day baseball tournament sponsored by Fountain Valley Pony League going on with many teams from out of the area. I did send an email to their organization to see if anyone might have reported losing a dog. However, he also said there were many barbeques and family gatherings occurring that day in addition to the baseball.

So, our little girl is indeed a fighter and she is lucky those two were there when they were to save her.


Dog that survived coyote attack has new lease on life

June 5th, 2009, 12:09 pm · posted by Samantha Gowen
A poodle-bichon frise mix that survived a coyote attack and was found wandering at the Miles Square Park golf course in Fountain Valley has been moved into a foster group’s care.

web-bichon-bittenThe dog, which had been recovering at O.C. Animal Care, will be cared for by  veterinarian Jeff Glass at  Stonecreek Animal Hospital in Irvine for two months, according to Buffy Schnurbusch with Bichon FurKids.

“We are ecstatic!” Buffy Schnurbusch said in an e-mail to me late last night. “After the two months, Miley can be released to a foster home in O.C. where she will be checked monthly by O.C. Animal Control. At the end of the six-month period, she will be available for adoption.”

The nonprofit pet rescue group had requested of Animal Control the opportunity to foster the dog, which will require a six-month quarantine.  Bichon FurKids has named the female mutt “Miley,” after her Wiley Coyote misadventure.

So far, no owner has stepped forward to claim the woebegone little dog. Because she was bitten by a wild animal, the quarantine is a mandatory precaution to ensure she’s not infected with rabies.

Without proof of a rabies vaccine, the law requires a pet be quarantined. The cost associated with such quarantines is often offset by nonprofit pet rescue groups.

Bichon FurKids will be accepting donations from folks who have responded to the group’s to help Miley. Donation can be made at the rescue’s Web site.

“We know this is a lot of energy and effort for one dog when we have so many… but that’s what rescue is about, buffy said. “As we say, “Saving a life, one dog at a time.”


News video about Miley

June 3rd, 2009, · posted by KCAL9 CBS News, Los Angeles, California

Watch this news video of Miley

Bichon mix on death row after coyote attack

June 2nd, 2009, 12:56 pm · posted by Samantha Gowen
A poodle mix was found after an apparent coyote attack and was turned in to O.C. Animal Care Services. The dog had no ID and no proof or rabies vaccine on her turquoise collar, so without contact from her owners, the fate of this cute dog is grim. Here’s the story from  Buffy Schnurbusch at Bichon FurKids:

There is a little female poodle-bichon mix at OC Shelter who was brought in after being attacked by a coyote. She was found at the golf course at Miles Square Park in Fountain Valley and will be euthanized soon if her owners can’t be located with hopes they can show proof of rabies vaccination.

My bichon rescue group is willing to take her and treat her, but she cannot be released to us without rabies vaccination proof. The owners have not come forward to the shelter. They tell us she was relatively clean and recently groomed, so she obviously was someone’s pet. She is wearing a turquoise collar with a small bone charm, but has no id information or microchip.

If anyone recognizes this dog, please contact O.C. Animal Care at: (714) 935-6848 and use this number to identify the dog: A0958516.

You can also contact Buffy Schnurbusch at 714-270-7196.