FurPupFor the past twelve (12) years we have rescued and rehomed an amazing 3000+ furkids, many of whom have needed special services or treatments. This amazing breed that we love is also somewhat pre-disposed to having dental issues, juvenile cataracts and luxating patellas (knee caps that move in and out.) We have also seen an increasing number of mammary masses that need to be removed.

Even the precious pups we rescue that have no ‘special needs’ incur basic costs. A ‘typical’ furkid’s spay or neuter, non-anesthetic dental, shots, grooming, microchip and flea/tick preventative, as well as basic medication for spay/neuter, costs Bichon FurKids $360. Our adoption fee for pups over 1 year of age remains $350, which has been the fee for nine (9) years. The adoption fee for our puppies, who require three rounds of shots, de-worming, spay/neuter etc. remains at $500.

To offset the costs of the care they receive, we are establishing a new sponsorship program that provides an opportunity for our amazing bichon-loving community to help us continue to make a difference!

There are five different sponsorship opportunities: Puppy Love…FurKiddo…Hipsters…Golden Oldies…and Snowflakes (our once or twice in a million FurKids). See the descriptions below. You can sponsor a FurKid for an open-ended amount of time (cancel any time) or you can sponsor for a dog only while he or she in foster care, up to the day of adoption.

We are creating a new web page for those sponsors who want to be acknowledged publicly however we are grateful for those that want to contribute anonymously as well. Please reach out for any questions to: finance@bichonfurkids.org or joyce@bichonfurkids.org.
Many thanks from the FurKids!

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