Adoption Application

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Bichons are wonderful, engaging and entertaining dogs who love and thrive on companionship.¬†They range in size from 6-30 pounds however the average size is 15-17 pounds. We occasionally rescue bichons that are smaller than 15 pounds and some that are larger than 17 pounds.More male bichons come into rescue as more males are born than females; however only a small percentage of males are ‘markers’ and males are generally easier to housebreak. Female bichons sometimes lift their legs – it’s part of the breed.

Tear staining is usually a result of poor nutrition and the use of tap, rather than better quality, distilled water. Most tear staining can also be addressed by eliminating the cause or using products that can be applied topically.

Bichons live, on average, to be 15+ years; so a commitment to a bichon is for many happy, healthy years together. Young bichons require a lot of exercise and socialization. Older bichons still need exercise. We factor in age and lifestyle of the dog and prospective adopter for each and every placement. We are the FurKid’s advocate always — as we are seeking one forever home and family for any bichon that comes into our care. The adoption challenge we have is that many bichons need another bichon or other dog, as well as human companions. Most of our FurKids cannot be ‘only children.’ When you read the bios on the Available Dogs page you will learn which dogs can live happily with only human companions.

Because we want all of our FurKids to become the best representatives of bichons that they can be, we have high standards for them. That includes working with trainers (while in foster care and after being adopted) and experiencing lots of socialization. Many FurKids go on to become service dogs, both emotional support and therapy dogs.

It is important for our puppies to be able to emulate and learn from other dogs. As a result, we do not adopt puppies to homes where there is no other dog. We do, however, adopt two siblings from a litter together. All puppy adopters are asked to do training and socialization with their FurKids with the goal of helping them to be amazing little canine companions.

Bichon FurKids was founded to save lives. Over the past twelve years, we have saved more than 3000 bichons and bichon mixes. We work diligently to rescue as many of these little innocents as we can. If you agree with our philosophy and process – and want to help us save lives- we will be delighted to work with you to find a new member of your family.

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