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At Bichon FurKids we are often asked how you can help us – and we’d like to make it easy for you to help AND to ‘spread the word’ about our Rescue. In addition to the clothing and accessories we offer at our Boutique, we have several ‘goodies’ now available directly in our online store.

Please consider purchasing our BFK window decal (one for each bichon you own). You can also make a donation to help a deserving FurKid. And you can choose to sponsor a specific FurKid, if you are so inclined.

The items below are the first ones in our online store – and we invite you to sit back, relax.. and order from us, please! Your donation will be applied to saving a life!

Note: Some items are available for local pickup within San Diego county. Call 858-408-1937 if you would like to inquire about an order for local pickup. If the item is available locally, we will let you know and arrangements to pick it up can be made at that time.

Shop and BFK Benefits!

Whenever you click on the shopping links on the BFK website, a portion of your purchase will be automatically donated to BFK. So, if you are a regular shopper, please start your shopping trip by clicking on one of the many links you will see on our website.


Bichon Window Sticker

This 2″ x 3 1/4″ die-cut vinyl window sticker is designed to go on the outside of your car window.  Order one at $5  for each Bichon in your family.

BlackWing Farms Products – A Natural Approach For Animal Behavior

Separation Anxiety Disappears — Fear Is Replaced By Confidence — Stress Is Reduced Panic Is Gone — Focus Increases — Co-operation Improves — Chronic Phobias Cease To Exist

Flower Essences have no side effects, no chemicals, only plant-based products. Remedies are extremely easy to use: A few drops in dogs, cats or horses’ drinking water, food, treats, on pets’ bedding, toys, crate, carriers, kennel or mist the animals’ environment — IT’S THAT EASY!

Veterinarians, trainers, groomers, competitors, rescue organizations, equine dentists, farriers, animal shelters and sanctuaries use BlackWing Farms’ products with incredible results helping modify behavior permanently.

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Shelter Blend — Created originally for Katrina victims, this is now their #1 selling product. Proven extremely effective for separation anxiety. Dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, rabbits, birds, reptiles were all helped post-Katrina adjusting to new surroundings, conquering fear, trauma, stress, and loss restoring emotional well-being. Feral cats (some not touched in 10 years) are now happy house cats.
$22 plus $5 Priority Mail shipping.



Drama-Trauma — Fashioned after Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy, this remedy was created exclusively for helping animals and pets by adding Star Tulip essence to Bach’s original formula and doubling the Star of Bethlehem. Calms fears, relaxes, settles the animal while focused on the task at hand whether trailering a 1,400 pound horse for the first time or a 14 pound dog going to the groomers or a cat accepting someone new in the house or a new house. Good choice for dogs prone to motion sickness.
$22 plus $5 Priority Mail shipping.



Confidence — Pets’ shyness or bravado is tempered enabling balanced personalities. Puppy mill victims, abused, rescued, aggressive animals often just need to find a safe place in the world.  This remedy offers this stability. Balance learning and confidence levels — not too shy and not too bold — imperative in establishing trust.
$22 plus $5 Priority Mail shipping.



Aftermath — Stress, strain, trauma and its aftermath are eased cleansing the emotional system and improving mental outlooks. Weeklong firestorms swept through California burning areas twice where animals and pets had been left behind or set free creating the worst kind of psychological damage for an animal — watching others suffer while feeling hopeless and abandoned. Effectively used post-surgery, after strenuous work-outs and competitions. Many leave it in the drinking water 24/7.
$22 plus $5 Priority Mail shipping.



Home Alone — A combination of Shelter Blend and Drama-Trauma
$22 plus $5 Priority Mail shipping.



Calm Balm
$22 plus $5 Priority Mail shipping.


$10 each plus $2
First Class Mail shipping. 

Colors and patterns will vary.

fits 8-10 inch waist and is about 12″ long
fits 10 -12 inch waist and is about 15″ long
fits 14-16 inch waist and is about 20″ long
fits 18-20 inch waist and is about 22″ long
BFK Belly Bands

Belly Bands are for male dogs who are “marking your home”, are incontinent or just need help with housetraining. Our Belly Bands are made of cotton for a comfortable fit and are easy to wash. Place a sanitary pad (not included) inside of the band so you can dispose of the urine caused by accidents and then re-use the belly band before needing to wash it.

We recommend having two belly bands so that while one belly band is being laundered, the second belly band can be worn. If you have more than one male furkid and are not sure which boy is your “marker,” we suggest putting one belly band on each boy and frequently check their pads for urine. This can also give you peace of mind that your male furkid is not urinating in the house while unsupervised.

To figure out what size belly band your furkid needs, wrap a measuring tape (or piece of string) loosely around his belly, just in front of his hind legs and over his penis. A loose measurement will give you the allowance needed to have the pad inside the belly band.


Small Slicker $12

Miller’s Forge Designer Series
Doggyman Slicker Brush
These slicker brushes are specially designed to maintain a healthy coat by removing dead hair and preventing mats. Soft, light, highest quality stainless steel pins set in a flexible soft pad and designed for maximum effectiveness and comfort. Small is 3 1/2 in x 2 in$12 each plus $5 shipping.

Make a Donation



Bichon FurKids Rescue Donations

Did you know it costs a minimum of $260 to rescue and foster a bichon and get them ready for their forever home?

The staff of Bichons FurKids is paid only in the love of what we do. Your contribution will be used to offset expenses and rescue the next group of furkids who will show up, most predictably, each week- to steal our hearts once again. Your donation is tax deductible so please contribute whatever you can. We, and future bichon furkids, thank you!